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Alicia Keys Shares Her At-Home Beauty Routine

“You just need to open your heart, open yourself, just be ready to receive all the good intentions.” – wow, this must be one of the most calming, beautiful beauty routine videos we’ve ever watched. Alicia Keys shares her at-home beauty routine.

Now more than ever we needed this video to remind ourselves to allocate some time in the mornings and during the day if we feeling overwhelmed by anything. Alicia offers her advice and tips that she uses, she says in her video “Just take that time for yourself and if you feel overwhelmed, if you get to a part of the day and you just feel overwhelmed, escape to your bathroom and just take some breaths in. Do that about 10 times.”. 

Alicia we love you. Thank you for this video and for not only sharing your morning beauty routine, but for opening your home and heart to share your calming energy. Click below to watch Alicia Keys at-home beauty routine.

This video was shared directly from the Vogue YouTube page here.

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3 thoughts on “Alicia Keys Shares Her At-Home Beauty Routine

  1. lerato.motsam says:

    Alicia’s face care routine does not only include skin products, but it also has to do with drinking lots of water, and candles for feelings. And I love how she wraps her scarfs on the head, I learned a few things.

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