8 Most Asked Vagina Questions Answered

Who enjoys lying back on a bed with your legs spread before the eyes of some complete stranger. No takers? We thought as much. A trip to the gynaecologist is hardly at the top of any woman’s bucket list but it is a necessary procedure for anyone who is sexually active, or over the age of 25.

We are sure you have plenty of vagina related questions so we thought to shed some light on questions that you might be too shy to ask during your next gynae visit.

  1. Is discharge normal?

Take a sigh of relief ladies, because yes discharge is completely normal. In fact, it’s a very good sign of your vaginal health- clear or milky discharge is completely normal. Discharge keeps the vagina clean and helps prevent infection. That’s why internal douching of the vagina actually isn’t recommended as this can alter the natural bacterial balance you have in your vagina.

The amount and type of discharge you pass can depend on where you are in your menstrual cycle. It can vary between being thick and jelly-like to thin and sticky. If you experience a persistent change in colour, consistency or smell then it’s definitely worth getting it checked out.

  1. Vaginas can smell

It’s okay to have a slight odour, as long as it isn’t unpleasant. But remember your own vagina’s smell could be dependent on your body chemistry and what you eat can influence it too.

  1. Any idea what’s causing super heavy periods

Remember the duration and frequency of periods varies from person to person. It’s always good to make a record of the number of sanitary products you are changing and if you are leaking through the. Also, the type of sanitary wear you are using may make a different too. For example, period cups are great for monitoring your flow.

But if you are struggling and having long heavy periods we would suggest going to the gynae to have it checked out because the cause could be anything from fibroids to polyps that grow inside your womb.

  1. No sex won’t make your vagina loose

Despite all the myths out there, sex won’t loosen your vagina. If you have experienced childbirth in your late teens and twenties there may be some looseness in the first few months but things should return to normal within six months or so.

If you have given birth a couple times the elasticity in your skin is less likely to snap back. Kegel exercises are a great way to help with this.

  1. Weeing a lot?

If you find yourself going to the loo 8 or more times a day. We’d suggest having a look at how much alcohol or caffeine you are consuming, along with water of course. It could also be a sign you have a urinary tract infection or an overactive bladder.

  1. Why do I bleed between periods or after sex…

This can be for many reasons but in order to help you clarify the cause note down when you get the bleeding, how heavy it is and how long it lasts for in relation to your actual period. It’s not uncommon to get bleeding if you have changed your contraception to a new pill or coil and some women actually bleed during ovulation.

STI’s may also cause bleeding, along with stress or pregnancy. Either way it’d important to make sure you have an up-to-date smear.

  1. Is sex supposed to hurt?

It’s common to find sex uncomfortable at some points in time and the possible causes are endless. If you are having sex for the first time with a new partner, feeling stressed or even trying a new position. It might feel more uncomfortable at certain points of your menstrual cycle.

Other reasons could be lack of arousal, dryness caused by menopause or oral contraceptives, infection like thrush or over-sensitive nerves at the base of the vagina.

  1. Do I wax before I visit the gynaecologist?

There is no need to shave or wax before making a visit to the gynaecologist. They can happily examine you with or without pubic hair the choice is yours. The only time they will ever consider removing hair is when performing an operation on the skin of the vagina but even then, they will only remove hair in the operating zone.

Well rubies we hope this could help answer some of the burning questions you have. Let us know in the comments below if you found the article insightful and when you’ll be booking your next gynae check-up.

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52 thoughts on “8 Most Asked Vagina Questions Answered

    • Natasha K. says:

      Dearest Yoshabelle, I know it can be stressful to go to the gynecologist, but as woman we do not need to be scared to check out what’s going on down there, even if nothing is wrong, a gynecologist always makes you feel comfortable and safe.

    • Palesa L. says:

      The article was very insightful, I’ve never been to a gynae before but things are gonna have to change now at least once in a while go for a checkup even if there is nothing wrong..

  1. Kathy W. says:

    Very insightful, thank you for this article. Gynae visits are very important, I recently visited mine and I was diagnosed with PCOS. It’s really important to go for check ups regularly.

  2. Queen B. says:

    Very insightful article, as women we tend to put pressure on ourselves because we want everything to be “perfect” as opposed to it being normal.