rubies talk: Jobs & Careers

rubies talk: Jobs & Careers

Our topic for this weeks #rubiestalk: Jobs and Careers

The global pandemic has brought about a stigma that companies are firing, not hiring well that’s not the case, don’t be discouraged. 

Have you fallen into a negative trap, constantly feeling despondent as if nothing good ever happens or your qualifications are not what companies want?

YOU have to remember that you are in control of your own destiny, only you can limit your greatness.  

We as women especially have to take every opportunity to apply for a position, even if it something out of the norm. Take the leap to get out of your comfort zone and do something that is going to challenge you. This will allow you to learn and aid you as a strong woman to become wiser and greater.

Always remember as rubies, ‘WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS.’

Please comment any questions below, let us know if you have any tips that you have used to apply for jobs, coping mechanisms on how you have been staying positive while finding a job OR entering into a new, yet challenging job position. 

Stay connected by responding to another rubies comment if you have some advice.

Lasca De Kock ♥︎

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38 thoughts on “rubies talk: Jobs & Careers

  1. Buhle Mbatha says:

    Thank you for a great article @Rubybox.

    For the first time in about 20 years, I am unemployed. I was retrenched in September as business hadn’t been doing that well partly due to COVID. Yes, I’m facing such uncertainty, but this has given me time to focus on my 2 boys, 9 and 3. The 9 year old goes to school one week on and one week off, and it will be so until the end of the year. The little one was meant to start Daycare in June but due to COVID, he’s only going to start in 2021. These months at home have given me time to focus on what’s really important, being with my adorable children, and also to spend more time with my mother who started chemotherapy and radiation 6 weeks ago – she was diagnosed with cervical cancer (ladies, please get tested as often as required).
    I’ve also managed to focus on the last 4 modules of my BComm Marketing Degree, and as I write, I am only left with one exam to write then fingers crossed, I will graduate.

    So yet, it’s been a helluva time to to get used to. Things have been upside down. I’ve woken up feeling soooo depressed, especially on Mondays (I guess my body is still trying to adjust), but I am of the belief that every single thing that happens, happens for a reason. We don’t necessarily have to know the reason right away, but everything under the sun happens for a reason, and no matter how bad things get, there’s always that silver lining.

    So I am sending love and light to every Ruby that needs this today. You will get through this. You will rise up stronger. And remember, it’s only a matter of time – THIS too shall pass.

    #Rubytalk #RiseUpBeautifulYou

    • Nqobile Mkhwanazi says:

      Hi Buhle, your story is very touching and at the same time, it gives hope that it will change it won’t always be like this. God always has a plan. All the best doll.

  2. Busisiwe Hadebe says:

    Yeah, it’s been very hard to deal with unemployment and receiving regret letters and emails. I keep on believing that, there has to be a better job for me out there. Those jobs weren’t mean’t for me so Rejection is not a Denial but a not now. I live in hope, in faith and trusting God’s timing. So I say to others hold on, don’t give up, there is a light at the end of the tunnel

  3. Belinda Mokhanda says:

    I was unemployed for close to 5 years and I just got a job this month. When I was unemployed, I used to be depressed, angry and feel worthless but luckily I have a supportive husband that always showed me not to give up and that things will be okay, and they are.
    Don’t give up ladies, I know its hard but don’t give up.

    #Rubytalk #RiseUpbeautifulYou

  4. lebzaiza says:

    This topic rings so close to home. I also lost my livelihood due to this pandemic and, battling to find another job. I am actively applying for jobs and remain positive that something will come up. It’s just very hard to be positive everyday when you don’t know when things will look up again! But, we soldier on and try again tomorrow. #RubyTalk #RiseupBeautifulYou

    • thembisathethani says:

      Hey Ruby’s fortunately I’m lucky enough to still have my job during these tough times, another thing that I’ve noticed, people were being creative, they started manufacturing their own products, distributors were wanted, people at salons that were opened were also wanted so by them manufacturing their own products jobs were created. 🙏🏼

  5. JUDY says:

    It has always been a struggle to find a job… The pandemic just made it nearly impossible. I think that it is important to APPLY consistently, know that it’ll take time maybe longer than you’d hope. But, women should learn to start their own businesses… We need to collaborate ideas and grow an empire. Because we can.

    Stay positive ladies!