Restore Your Natural Skin Tone & Reduce Dark Marks

Restore Your Natural Skin Tone With NIVEA Perfect & Radiant SPF 15 Day Cream.

The advanced formula contains NIVEA Eventone Pure Active® and Vitamin E. The ingredients work in harmony with the skin’s own natural repair functions to restore the even skin tone of your youth. The SPF 15 in the day creams protects skin from further dark marks and premature skin ageing.

The result: your even skin tone of your youth is restored.

• Dermatologically approved.
• A silky-smooth formula that melts into skin.
• Enriched with Eventone Pure Active and Vitamin E.
• Gradually enhances skin complexion and restores its natural, even tone and radiance.
• Visibly reduces the appearance of dark marks.
• Skin feels super soft and smooth.
• SPF 15 prevents new dark spots from appearing and helps reduce premature skin ageing.
• All Perfect & Radiant products are scientifically proven to be skin compatible.


We’ve sent this product to a group of profiled rubies to test with their friends, we will keep you posted on their reviews and ratings over the next month.

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63 thoughts on “Restore Your Natural Skin Tone & Reduce Dark Marks

  1. Busiswa Ndlovu says:

    I have just started using the product a few days ago and I must say I can feel the smoothness on my skin already. Its so easy and feels silky to apply on my face.
    #rubybox #rubyboxPR #CaredforbyNIVEA #NIVEAPerfectAndRadiant

  2. Cynthia Duduzile Shangase says:

    An amazing product to use, I have been using it for 7 years now from face wash the 3in1, day cream but the 30 SPF because I am a fieldworker so I am more exposed to the sun, night cream and serum. I also use nivea wipes and Nivea Perfect & Radiant Micellar 3in1 cleansing water and ever since I started using these products I have smooth uneven skin.
    #rubybox #rubyboxPR #CaredforbyNIVEA #NIVEAPerfectAndRadiant

  3. khabonina mnguni says:

    I love the product NIVEA,Restore Your Natural Skin Tone & Reduce Dark Marks” it is committed to the needs of African skin, launching its new Perfect & Radiant face care range, for a more even, youthful and radiant complexion the best.

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