Step-By-Step: Writing A Review

Step-By-Step: Writing A Review

As you all may have noticed the rubybox website had a glamorous makeover – How exciting? We’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide to help you find your way around, how to write reviews, upload images/videos and engage with your fellow rubies.

Step One

At the bottom of the product image you will be presented with a “Let us know what you think” tab. Make sure you have selected “Leave a Review.”

Step Two

Hover over the stars and give an overall rating out of 5 stars. 1 star begin disappointed and 5 stars being amazing. Once you have selected your rating the rest of the form will appear.

 Step-By-Step: Writing A Review -1


Step Three

Write a short description of what you thought. For example “Loved it/ Really works/ Not for me.”

Step Four

Share your experience! To write an helpful review you can include things like:

    • Start with a bit more about you – I.e. if it is a skin product, describe your skin type. If it is a hair product, describe your hair type, etc.
    • What results did you get in the end?
    • Would you use it again?

Step-By-Step: Writing A Review -2


Step Five *New feature*

Add an image/video – If words aren’t enough, snap us a picture or record a video showing us how much you are loving/not loving the product.

We hope you are as excited about this feature as we are!

Step Six

Tick the “Notify me of replies” to get notified when someone has replied to your review and of course hit the save review button to submit your review.

Step-By-Step: Writing A Review -3


Have a question?

Kindly leave your question/s under “Ask a Question” for your fellow rubies to answer and to give a helping hand!

Step-By-Step: Writing A Review -4


Post a video/photo:

Get snapping/recording and show/tell us how you have experienced the product/event.

*Please note that all videos have to be linked to an URL.

Step-By-Step: Writing A Review -5


Rave with other rubies:

Spark conversation and interact with your fellow rubies by liking or adding a comment to their review! Tick the “Notify me of replies” and get notified when someone has replied to your comment.

Step-By-Step: Writing A Review -6



We hope you love our new fresh look and you learnt something new – Why not give it a try yourself? Share your review of a product you have tried on your own or through rubybox.

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