October Fearless Female: Winnie Harlow

At the age of four Chantelle Brown-Young (professionally known as Winne Harlow) was diagnosed with the chronic skin condition, vitiligo, where portions of her skin lost their pigment. Throughout her childhood she was victim to bullying by other children and as a result changed schools numerous times. Eventually Winnie dropped out of school at the age of 16. This fairytale however had not yet begun for this dynamic woman.


Winnie’s dreams may have exceeded what most thought were possible, yet her courage and determination pushed her to heights every girl dreams of. Despite being rejected from local modeling agencies, Harlow was discovered by Tyra Banks on Instagram in 2014, and featured on reality tv show ‘America’s Next Top Model’. She ended up placing sixth in the show after being brought back from an elimination round through viewer votes.


Her debut on America’s Next Top Model lead Harlow to modeling for Spanish clothing brand Desigual. She thereafter walked the catwalks of London fashion week – a dream many models would kill to experience. Her pure self-belief and gorgeous, yet unconventional look changed skeptics to fans and won hearts all over the USA . This year she has modeled for Italian clothing brand Diesel, as well as Glamour magazine, Complex magazine and Cosmopolitan magazine.


In 2011 she posted a YouTube video titled “Vitiligo: A Skin Condition, not a Life Changer”. In this video Harlow shares her story and answers questions about what it’s like to have vitiligo.

Winnie Harlow is definitely a ‘Fearless Female”! Even after being bullied while growing up and being turned down by agencies, she is comfortable with her appearance and ignores negative opinions of others. In 2014 she stated there’s no reason to fit into societies moulds, as “there is beauty in everything.”


We salut you Winnie! Thank you for inspiring us to face our fears and follow your dreams



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