Lets Take Our Relationship To The Next Level….

We love hearing from you, our rubies, especially when you receive test & review products.

That’s why we’ve made it easier for you to find our social media pages. (*Annnnd maybe cause we’re going to be running a few surprise competitions on our social media pages which will go live at anytime and we’ll be spoiling a few ladies with products. After all, we love surprises!)

In this article we’ve included the links to all our social media pages plus we’ll show you hashtags to use when sharing products received, reviews, before and after photos, or if you simply have a beauty question you would like to ask.

Scroll further down to see links to our social media pages plus some of our rubies who have connected with us already on each platform.



rubybox INSTAGRAM PAGE CLICK HEREΒ  (@rubybox_beauty)

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rubybox TWITTER PAGE – CLICK HERE (@rubybox_beauty)

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rubybox FACEBOOK PAGE – CLICK HERE (@rubybox.co.za)

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We can’t wait to see and hear from you rubies x