June Newsletter

Hi Rubies,


“Winter is coming”. Oh no wait, that is Game Of Thrones. Winter is here!


This month is all about warriors, how they are made and the incredible tasks they can achieve. You are our warriors! Embrace the strength you have inside.

For us, Winter is all about snuggling up at the fireplace,drinking hot chocolate AND finally being able to wear those gorgeous boots we found on the “last of the best sellers” rack last summer!

BUT this is also the time to remember that Summer bodies are made in Winter and your skin will need that extra TLC as the cold weather conditions can be harsh on your skin.

Stock up on face masks (preferably hydrating), be sure to keep drinking water, keep
healthy food close by (we love a good soup here at rubybox HQ) and put your feet up.

We look forward to bringing you some amazing campaigns this month as well as some great beauty advice and tips. So remember to keep a lookout for our emails and be sure to keep your beauty profile updated. (We know that skin concerns and hair colour changes just like the seasons. )

Remember to share your feedback with us via email, social media or phone – we love hearing from you. So please comment on posts, share your recommendations and best kept secrets because there may be one of our rubies out there who is looking for just that advice! ‘Friends in beauty’ is what we love about our rubybox community.


Lots of love,

The rubybox team

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