Handbag Hygiene

Handbags are a girls best friend and tend to go everywhere and anywhere with us. We often forget the health risk of having a handbag.

It is known that a woman’s handbag could house more bacteria than a public toilet. So in order to avoid this we have put a list together to ensure your handbag is clean.

  1. Wipe it down regularly with sanitiser wipes
  2. When out and about refrain from placing your handbag on the floor rather place it on a able or chair
  3. Cleaning out the inside of your bag remembering to wipe down the inside as well as the items inside
  4. Wash the inner material with a detergent
  5. Use a bag organiser

With these 5 tips you will no longer be carrying around a health hazard!

Let us know what the item is that you always carry in your bag.