Nikki Loots: Ignite Your Life

Fall In Love With Your Life

Ask yourself this:

  • Are you overwhelmed by the voice in your head questioning everything you say, think, and feel?
  • Do look at yourself in the mirror and constantly think “I AM NOT ENOUGH!?”
  • Do you have desires and aspirations and want to live a more exciting life… But you feel unworthy to live a life of your dreams?
  • Are you ready to shift from feeling like a victim in life to taking control over your mind, thoughts and emotions?

Well, meet Nikki Loots, your guide, cheerleader and friend that walks hand in hand with you to show you that you are ENOUGH, you CAN, you WILL and you are in CONTROL!

Nikki is an international travelling self-love and transformational coach. She is obsessed with sharing the message that you can FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR LIFE every single day, by learning to love yourself first!

Nikki helps women break free from their fears and evolve into their highest, most confident selves.

Her passion is to shine a light, spread the love and show you that the life you so badly crave and desire, does not have to be a dream anymore, but you can start creating it now!

Nikki runs a 6-week self-love group coaching program called ‘Ignite Your Life’, where women living all over the world come together to learn, evolve and transform their lives.

The 6-week intensive self-love program is for women ready to:

  • Stop playing the victim, feeling unworthy or self-sabotaging and
  • Finally, take their happiness into their own hands!


“Nikki is the best friend we all need in our lives and the work she does has been life-changing for me. You take yourself everywhere you go and into everything you do – Now imagine if you could do that while fully loving yourself, believing truly in all of your abilities and doing it with the confidence that was always inside of you and just needed a necessary push outside of your comfort zone. Working with Nikki was exactly this for me.”


“Ignite Your Life has changed my life! Nikki Loots is magic and the self-love skills and experience I’ve had through taking this course is indescribable. I recommend this program for ANYONE and EVERYONE who is seeking to reclaim love for themselves and their life!”


“Nikki has a wealth of knowledge to share and is a huge inspiration with her abundance of positive energy.  Ignite your life gives you the opportunity to not only learn from Nikki but also learn from the other amazing women from around the world with experiences of their own.  It felt like a safe, non-judgemental haven to share and listen to the experiences of the group. I would highly recommend this course as a start to your self-love journey.”


If you want to learn more about and see more of Nikki, give her a follow on Instagram. She frequently shares advice on certain topics and tips on how to handle certain situations in life! Follow her here:

@nikkiloots on Instagram

If you would like to sign up for the Ignite Your Life program or make contact with Nikki regarding her other programs, check out her website:

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6 thoughts on “Fall In Love With Your Life

  1. natashastewart2014 says:

    From reading the testimonials ‘Ignite Your Life’ sounds very interesting. I will definately follow Nikki Loots on Instagram to see what this program is all about. Thanks Rubybox for always bringing us insightful articles like this☺👍💝

  2. tnjawuke says:

    Women are the strongest and most caring in the human species we go through a lot without even showing the strain hence we need to be taken care of sometimes.

  3. itumoshoa says:

    Loving and taking care of yourself really is important as we lose ourselves while taking care of others. This intensive self-love program is really important and good to teach and remind one that they too are important