You’ve lost your job, now what?

Jeepers if this pandemic wasn’t stressful enough on its own, now we have to have the additional stress of a potential job loss. Can’t a girl catch a break?

We know losing your job can be shocking and devastating. A lot of us tend to link our self-worth to the work we do. How can we blame you, it is a vital factor of what makes us happy? So, when someone loses their job we do tend to blame ourselves and what we did wrong to end up unemployed. Even if you are a strong person your self-esteem and mental well-being can take a dive when you find yourself jobless.

So how can we cope with this setback and what tools can we use to help us bounce back?

Look after yourself

Finding out that you have been let go is not easy so it’s important for you to give yourself some time to absorb what has happened. Stay calm and do not start job searching immediately. This will lead to unnecessary anxiety. Take enough time for yourself to realize what has happened and how to manage it but also make a point of moving on and deciding to no longer dwell on the past. It is what it is.

Review your finances

Debts, expenditures and taxes don’t stop when losing your job. We wish this was the case but unfortunately not. However, with that being said its very important to review your finances immediately and re-evaluate your monthly expenses to cut down any and all unnecessary expenditure. Best way to do this is to create a budget that considers your new situation. Feel like you need more advice seek professional help just so you don’t unintentionally live beyond what you can afford.

Focus on what you can control

Remember and remind yourself that you are only able to control so much after having lost your job. A perfect example would be that you no longer have any control over your income, you do however have control over your budget, your mental health and your physical health.

Create a plan of action

Get your cv and referrals in order, once you have given yourself enough time to process everything. Update your CV and LinkedIn profile. Let recruiters know you are seeking a new job on your social media pages. Have a browse at what’s available online and ask any friends if they know of anyone hiring. Word of mouth is super powerful. Make sure your skills are up to date and it not bounce back and get more informed about newer technologies and upskill.

Remember to network – by reconnecting with friends, professors, former colleagues and recruiters. There’s no harm in reaching out and letting them know you are looking for something new. Also focus on building professional relationships by attending events by events put on by organizations within your industry.

Stay positive

Keeping a positive mindset can make or break your success when it comes to managing job loss or creating your next career step. It’s so easy to slip into a worst-case scenario outlook but remember to keep empowering your thoughts and positive energy to pursue new opportunities. Just think sometimes retrenchments can be a blessing in disguise and open up possibilities that you might never have considered. We know it’s hard but always try to stay future-focused, believe in yourself and your abilities and set yourself up for success.

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Let us know in the comments below if this article has helped you and if any of you are currently searching for a new job?

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9 thoughts on “You’ve lost your job, now what?

  1. Natasha S. says:

    The Pandemic has really had some disastrous effects on employment in General. Thankfully I was not affected by retrenchment but reduced hours and therefore had a drop in salary. This affected my finances drastically through Gods helping hand myself and family have made it. Supportive family members is very important in times of need we were Blessed in this aspect. Reviewing one’s finances is definately an important factor as bills still have to be paid. “Focus on what you can control” some great advice there. Keeping a positive mindset is crucial at a time like this. Awesome Tips Rubybox👍☺

  2. Mathapelo M. says:

    I resigned July 2018 because Id recently moved into a new department and didn’t like the culture on top of it a very toxic unprofessional leader. Since than I have been in n out of temp positions I’m starting to think I’m not employable.
    Lately I find it hard to sleep or even eat properly. I feel like I’m sinking into this whole and the is absolutely nothing I can do to change my situation. Watching my 2 kids having to understand that life is no longer the same just kills me.

  3. Cynthia A. says:

    I believe staying positive is really important honestly because your mindset has the potential to either make or break you. Thank you for this article.

  4. Buhle M. says:

    What a touchy subject! I was retrenched in September 2020, after 2 years with a company. For the first time, in over 20 years, I found myself facing a very uncertain future. 5 months later, I still don’t have a job, and the “we regret that your application was unsuccessful ” emails are becoming a daily thing.

    As a mom with 2 young kids, my worry is how am I going to get through this as at some point, my savings will be depleted. On top of that, I have a bond to take care of.

    On a positive note, I did manage to finish my Degree last year, with quite a few distinctions. I had a lot of time to study and prepare for my exams. I also got confirmation again that I could never be a teacher, as my patience with my Grade 4 “student” is close to NIL.