Essential Steps To Summer Ready Feet 👣

Summer is here! Which means out with the boots and in with the sandals. But what happens if your feet have been cramped up in closed shoes for a couple of months?

The good news is we have put together some tips and tricks to have your feet looking beach ready in no time.

Prep those toenails 

If your nails have seen better days, we know how tempting it is to just keep on lathering on the polish. However, by doing so you are preventing your nails from breathing. Making it extremely important to prepare your feet so that they look their absolute best with just one coat. We suggest before you get painting, that you remove all nail polish, soak your feet for about 10 minutes and then follow up with a cream if your feet tend to be dry.

Treat discoloured nails 

There are a number of reason as to why you may have discoloured toe nails, but the good thing is that this can be fixed. We advise you to see a podiatrist in order to establish the cause of the discolouration on the toenails, as it could be due to a fungal infection, which may require antibiotics to treat it.

Soften dry, cracked heels

If you suffer from dry skin or cracked heels, use a natural exfoliator on your feet once a week, such as a rough stone or a foot pumice which you can use together for a foot exfoliating scrub. Another great way to keep your heels from drying out is to moisturise on a daily basis using preferably a foot cream opposed to a normal body cream.

Have you heard of the go to tip when it comes to cracked heels? Well if not here we have it, before you head to bed at night apply vaseline to your foot and wrap each foot in clingfilm, followed by a sock. Do this for a few evenings and just wait until you see what a major difference it makes.

Shape your toenails

Cutting your toenails honestly just doesn’t cut it (get it), but honestly it is better to follow the natural curve of your nail shape with a file rather than cut straight across, which could cause you to cut too deep.

Soothe sore feet 

We tend to forget the beating our feet take whether that be from dancing, hiking and walking barefoot on hot summer days. So we suggest you soak your feet in warm water with some salt at the end of a long day to relieve the soft tissue and allow for relaxation. Follow this up by massaging your feet with a foot cream, from the heel up to the toes, to help improve circulation.

Grab that polish 

Now that you have groomed your feet and got them looking fab all round, treat yourself to a pedicure or even just a paint at your local salon.

rubies let us know in the comments below if you are going to try any of these tips? Remember to always cream your feet before bed 😉

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103 thoughts on “Essential Steps To Summer Ready Feet 👣

  1. Julie Beneke says:

    I struggle with in grown toenails on a regular basis, I tried your tip and filed them curved instead of straight and it has helped me so much, how I wish I did this sooner, thanks for the tip Rubybox 🙂

    • klmakhooe says:

      The tip on how to soothe sore feet really stood out for me because I’ll ignoring my feet when they cry for help. I’m gonna see to it that I take care of my feet and give them better circulation

    • nakamangwe says:

      Will definitely try im always wearing shoes that cover all my feet because I’m shy about how my toe nails look they always dry and flacky will definitely try soaking and moisturizing very often thank u for this ruby

    • louisahephesia says:

      I am m used to using Vaseline and wear socks but won’t mind trying other ways to keep my feet clean… Thou I have ugly feet 😛 but they deserve to be treated nice🤣