Does Lemon Water Really Help With Weight Loss

Have you ever taken part in the craze of downing a glass of lemon water in the morning because it apparently acts as a jumpstart for your metabolism and promotes weight loss?

Well we have.

So here is the truth behind this myth of chugging back hot water and lemon every morning it sadly doesn’t aide in weight loss. It however will if you are replacing it for beverages you usually drink with a high kilojoules, such as fizzy drinks or fruit juice.

Lemon water could also aide in weight loss when it comes to staying well-hydrated throughout the day, our bodies interpret thirst as hunger so often when you are actually thirsty causing you to reach for that extra snack when in fact all you needed was that glass of water.

One thing to keep in mind is that lemons are rather acidic. So if you suffer from heart burn or acid reflux, stay away! Some people also think that lemons will erode your teeth enamel but no need to worry about that as you are only adding a slice or two to your glass of water.

Therefore at the end of the day drinking lemons in your water will only give it flavour and maybe get you to drink more water. But it won’t directly lead to weight loss.


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