What Is Monoi Oil?

One of our recent test & review products, the NEW NIVEA Coconut & Monoi Oil Body Care range, has an ingredient that some of you might not be familiar with.

In this article, we find out more about this special ingredient that makes the NEW NIVEA Coconut & Monoi Oil Body care range so great!


It’s a centuries-old remedy that originated from soaking Tahitian gardenia petals in pure coconut oil. This means that while monoi oil isn’t the same as coconut oil, it does maintain some of the same benefits.

Oil can only be considered monoi if sourced from the French Polynesian region.

Gardenia flower which is the base of the fortifying Sacred Tiare Collection is rich in vitamin E and is responsible for the oil’s scent.

The coconut oil that it’s infused into has anti-inflammatory properties and is highly moisturizing. Together the combo not only helps rehydrate dry hair but can also protect it from harsh environmental conditions.

Monoi is a soothing and protective oil that deeply hydrates skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

The people of the South Pacific have traditionally used monoi as a full-body moisturizer to protect their skin against the damaging harsh winds, intense tropical sun, and drying saltwater of their environment.

Monoi oil contains coconut oil, which has been shown to have tremendous moisturizing benefits for the skin and hair.

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23 thoughts on “What Is Monoi Oil?

  1. keycie says:

    Had no idea what Monoi oil was until I read this article. Very insightful, thank you rubybox.
    I didn’t get to test and review but I will definitely be purchasing it especially since I have dry dehydrated skin..

  2. natashastewart2014 says:

    Wow very interesting facts of how Monoi Oil originated and what it’s contents is, being added into a NIVEA product could only make it excellent☺