Tip Tuesday #31

Hi Rubies,

Here are ten great and sexy tips to make you feel even more confident and beautiful than you already are in the month of love!

Tip 1

Concede the towel fight in the morning, and blow-dry your hair and do your make-up naked (remember to put on a killer backtrack while doing so). Experts claim that ladies who are comfortable with their bodies when they’re nude have an enhanced sex lives. Yes please!

Tip 2

Open the curtains in the a.m. The burst of sunlight will instantly wake you up and make you feel alive. Plus, the chance that the neighbours may see you in all your naked glory will give you a bad-girl buzz. Hello Rihanna…

Tip 3

Download Calvin Harris’ “how deep is your love”. Studies have shown that listening to music pumps up your energy.  Remember that you don’t get a boost by listening to the same old tunes on repeat – you have to update your playlist.

Tip 4

Want to get extra saucy? Grab that Leather bra and g-string set you have been hiding at the back of your closet. Rock a bicker inspired sexy two-piece with your sweetest party dress for a naughty-but-nice look. Your man will not know what hit him when you both get home.

Tip 5

According to colour therapists, lavender and turquoise hues calm frazzled nerves. If you need to relax to feel sexy, slip into lingerie or a satin slip, in one of these shades at the end of a long day…

Tip 6

Learn how to shake-it JLo-style. Instead of flipping on the TV at the end of the day, watch a salsa tutorial on YouTube, and show your man you know how to get loud.

Tip 7

Change your cotton pillowcase for a satin one. Your hair will thank you, as satin won’t damage your cuticles the way cotton does.  The slinky texture is also much more pleasurable against your skin and is also gentle on your skin, so you have the bonus of wrinkle prevention while you sleep.

Rubies we hope that you enjoy these sexy seven tips – we know that they will get you into the mood and bring out that inner sexiness we hope you have not been hiding!

Until next time…


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