The Perfect Red For You

A red lip can give your outfit a whole new look turning it from every day casual to smart stylish. Red lipstick comes in many shades for many different skin tones, take a look at the guide below when you are shopping for your next red lipstick.

Fair skin – 

If you are fair skinned with a pink undertone you should opt for a pink based lipstick, this will compliment your skin tone. If you are a fan of a slight orange tone then opt for coral shades. If you are fair skinned with a yellow undertone you should opt for orange based red lipsticks. Orange based reds will compliment your skin and bring out a natural glow.

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 12.29.09 PM


Medium skin – 

If you are medium skinned you tend to be tanned in summer and fair in winter. During summer you can pull off a classic red lip which will pair perfectly with your tan. During colder seasons you should opt for a orange red to brighten up your skin, this will not only make your tan look darker but your teeth whiter. If you are medium skinned with a green-yellow undertone.

The best red for this skin tone is brick reds. If you have a medium skin with a yellow undertone. You should opt for reds with orange or brown undertones as this looks subtle, also opt for cherry red or true reds if you would prefer a more bold and glamorous look.

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Dark skin – 

If you are dark skinned with a light under tone you should opt for either orange or red tones. Orange tones in the shade of tangerine will give you a bold glamorous look. If you want a more subtle look opt for red wine shades. If you are dark skinned with a dark completion you should opt for a classic red lip with a shimmer to highlight you skin tone more.

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Let us know which red lip you will be wearing on your next night out. x

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