October Newsletter

Hello there beautiful rubies,


As the weather warms up we will be coming out of Spring with a bounce in our step and looking fab; ready for the summer season.


On a more serious note, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and this is a topic which resonates very deeply with women across the world, and with rubies of all ages. The most important thing to remember is to get checked as early as possible and regularly. (See further below for how to do a self-examination)


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Have a great October and remember to love your tatas and get them checked!


Love the rubybox team xx


Signs and symptoms. (ALL new and unusual lumps or breast changes should be evaluated as soon as possible by your physician.)

– New and unusual breast lumps (Most women have lumps in their breasts.Check your breasts monthly for changes)
– Change in nipple appearance: the shape or the skin may change.
– Unusual nipple discharge: especially stained with blood
– Change in the skin of the breast
– A lump or swelling under the arm

How to do your monthly self-breast examination