Limited Edition Lip Boxes [Shop Now]

It’s officially the month of love – and with Valentine’s Day around the corner it’s the perfect time to pamper your pout!

Luckily we have got you covered. We have introduced 8 Limited Edition rubybox lip boxes.

The lip boxes come in the following 4 shades: Pinks, Purples, Nudes and Reds. We also have 2 boxes in each shade, one ‘save’ version and one ‘splurge’ version – so there is a box for every budget.

Take a look below at what we have to offer and purchase yours now while stockist lasts.

Not sure which box is best for you? Click here to read which lip colours would best suit your skin tone.


PINKSClick here to shop now



PURPLES – Click here to shop now


NUDESClick here to shop now



REDS – Click here to shop now



Which box are you treating yourself to this Valentine’s Day? x