How to Use a Concealer Brush Like a Pro

If you find yourself admiring the flawless complexion of another woman, don’t despair. It’s more than likely that her handiwork with concealer is what you’re coveting. What this means? A beautiful, even complexion can be yours too, with a little help.

Most of us have had the unpleasant experience of an unsightly blemish (or two), patchy, uneven skin and dark circles that we’d love to erase, and thanks to the magic wand that is the concealer brush, now you can! Stop using your fingers to apply concealer and swap over to a concealer brush that gives you the natural-looking coverage you’re after, without the mess.

After applying your foundation, use your concealer brush to press concealer onto the areas that need extra coverage, dabbing gently until it blends in completely, for a seamless finish.

Concealer Brush How to

  • When it comes to tools of the trade, opt for a brush that’s been crafted using synthetic fibres, which blends well and absorbs less product then a brush made from natural hair. Our fave? rubybox Tools Concealer Brush.
  • When shopping for concealers, select one that is a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. We love Stila Perfecting Concealer.
  • Neutralise redness caused by rosacea and acne using a concealer with green undertones.
  • You can dot concealer directly onto the face and then blend using the brush, or apply concealer to the brush first.
  • For more natural-looking coverage, forget the windscreen-wiper technique, instead gently press and dab the brush over the area you want to cover, until the concealer has blended.
  • Pick up a dual-tone concealer, use the lighter shade to counteract and brighten dark circles, and the darker shade to conceal blemishes and imperfections. TRY Jemma Kidd Colour Match Concealer Duo.