Where they’ve come from
The story of Eucerin began in 1900 when chemist Isaac Lifschütz started a medical revolution. The researcher created a very smooth basic ointment used as a vehicle for stable emulsions calling it Eucerin – the beautiful wax. Dr. Unna, father of modern dermatology with the highest standards for skincare products, lauded the innovation when he euphorically wrote: “Eucerin is agreeable for the pharmacist due to its stable and smooth consistency, easily prescribed by the doctor and it creates a good feeling for the patient due to its smoothness and cooling effect.”

After the popularity of the Eucerin powder and soap, the next milestone came in 1950 with the birth of pH5 Eucerin Cream, the first product of its kind to focus on the importance of the skin’s own natural protective acid barrier in maintaining skin health. Today, this aspect still plays a key role in medical skincare and in international research circles. In the 1970s, Eucerin achieved all-round success with its medical body lotions pH5 Eucerin Intensive Lotion and Lotion, followed by the success of their Laceran range for dry skin in 1988.

Where they’re going to
Since the late nineties, Eucerin has focused on rapid innovation and on offering quality medical skincare products for a variety of skin types designed for prevention, as well as treatment.

Today, Eucerin is the preferred medical skincare brand among dermatologists, designed to fulfil the needs of various skin problems, such as ageing, acne and dryness. Through extensive research, collaboration with leading skincare professionals and the use of modern technology, Eucerin delivers reliable and highly effective product innovations with high dermatological standards, to over 40 countries worldwide.