We've got a newly launched product in South Africa which we are sending out for test & review.

We will be sending 10 products, 1 for you and 9 extra to share with friends so please be sure to have these email addresses on hand before you click the link below. Once you have submitted these email addresses you cannot go back and edit or change them.

NB - these friends need to be people you see regularly as you will need to pass the pack on to them within a few days of receiving your box.

We suggest selecting the ladies in your office as you will easily be able to pass the pack on to them day of delivery.


So, once you have your 9 friends email addresses ready, CLICK HERE to login and take our opt-in survey.


(Not a rubybox member yet *gasp, click here to join for free then take our opt-in survey once logged in)

We will be selecting and notifying the final group within the next 7 working days.