With global warming rising and temperatures changing it is time for us to do our part in saving the planet.

So here are some recommendations of small switches you could make to help protect the environment.

1. Can't go without your daily coffee fix on the run? Buy a beautiful reusable takeaway coffee cup. You can find them online at Ecoffee Cup.

2. Say NO to straws! Invest in reusable straws which can be found online at Steel Straws. You can also get your hands on bamboo straws which also come in handy when traveling. (Quick ruby tip: Ever land at your destination to find your necklaces tangled, well thread them through a bamboo straw to keep them separate.)

3. When at a restaurant say no to plastic straws if you are given one. Many restaurants are leading the way for change and have already banned plastic straws such as WIMPY, Ocean Basket and EVEN the 100 Tsogo Sun hotels!

4. Take your own reusable shopping bag to the grocery store. It can be quite a schlep but what we find works is if you leave the reusable packets in the boot of your car.

5. Buy loose fruit and veggies, and ditch the plastic wrapping.

6. Opt for mints instead of chewing gum - Did you know, most gum has plastic in it!

7. Don't buy water rather refill glass water bottles from a purified water source.

8. If you are getting takeaway food to eat at home rather opt for no plastic cutlery with the meal - you already have cutlery at home that you could use instead.

9. Say goodbye to sandwich bags and hello to Stashers.

10. Not sure where to start or how to make changes? Start small - like simply switching from your normal plastic cotton ear buds to a bamboo cotton ear bud. There is no price difference - actually they can be cheaper! 200 Cherub bamboo ear buds cost R13.75 VS some brands charging R13 for 100 ear buds. Click here to purchase yours Cherubs Eco Cotton Buds.

11. Recycle, recycle and recycle where ever you can. Even if that is separating plastic and glass jars/bottles at home. So you want to recycle BUT you are not sure where to take your plastic or glass etc? Visit My Waste and simply select the type of material/recycling and enter your area to see a list of nearby places where you can drop off your waste/recycling.

Let us know any of your easy eco-living hacks? x