We caught up with singer Amy Jones to chat more about how she fell back in love with her hair.


RB: Which products from the John Frieda® range helped you fall back in love with your hair?

AJ: Dream Curls which I have been using since 2016 when I heard about it via a friend.


RB: What made you decide to try another brand?

AJ: Before I used Dream Curls, I literally tried more than 6 different products, and my hair curls naturally but somehow always ended up being dry and too fuzzy and brittle etc. So, I tried Dream Curls, the Frizz Ease range (Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling Spray) and it changed my life.


RB: We have to confess, we ‘stalked’ you a little online and see you were not always blonde?

AJ: I colored my hair at the end of 2016, I just wanted a different look, other than the dark brown and ever since I’ve been goldy locks haha


RB: How did your hair handle this colour change?

AJ: I started to change it up between the Sheer Blonde range of John Frieda® (Hi-impact shampoo, conditioner and the Vibrancy restoring oil elixir, along with the amazing conditioning treatment mask.) My blonde highlights literally went from brittle and dry to feeling so soft and absolutely amazing!


RB: How did John Frieda® help you fall back in love with your hair?

AJ: I now walk in malls and shopping centers, and people stop me to just ask what I use and also if it’s my real hair haha! Sometimes some women can’t help but ask if they can touch my hair, and it then gives me an opportunity to let them too know about the amazing products of John Frieda®, which is the reason for my amazing dream curls.


RB: Ok, so what does your typical hair care week look like for you having blonde hair and gorgeous curls?

AJ: I wash my hair about twice a week and depending if I have events/gigs, etc, I always wash it a night before as it makes the curls even more tighter and defined the next day. I also apply the conditioning mask once a week. After washing my hair with Frizz Ease Dream Curls Shampoo, I apply the conditioner on my hair and I always try to comb my hair, whilst wet, to get out all the knotty bits, because my curls are so small and defined, it can become a mission with a tangle here and a tangle there haha!

I then rinse the conditioner off and I leave my hair to sun dry if it’s a pretty sunny day or I make use of a hairdryer, and when my hair is semi-dry I apply the styling spray and I then style my hair to how I’d like it to be when it’s fully dry and then off I go!


RB: Why do you think our rubies should try John Frieda® products to fall back in love with their hair?

AJ: For me, Dream Curls of John Frieda®, is one of the best if not most amazing product I’ve come to know. And I’m always so happy to see those who I inspire regarding #hairgoals as they call it, too make use of John Frieda®. It’s pretty surreal!


RB: Is there one other thing you would like to share as a woman with our female rubies?

AJ: As I too aspire to motivate teens and adults to be their authentic selves and that going natural shouldn’t be a shame, but an honor. Life is too short to be anything but YOUR TRUE SELF!


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Amy not only has beautiful hair, but a beautiful voice to match! Take a listen to Amy’s new single called ‘Forget the Day’: