Vanilla Buttercream
What’s this?
Available at Clicks, Dis-Chem and most leading retailers - R24.99

Enjoy the extra care formulation with Shea Butter and Natural Oils which delights with Vanilla aroma.

Labello Vanilla Buttercream will immediately care for your lips and leave them deeply moisturised and smooth

- Immediately cares for your lips

- Delights with vanilla aroma

- Leaves your lips deeply moisturised and smooth

- Skin compatibility dermatologically approved

- Doesn't leave any colour on your lips

- Contains Shea Butter and Natural Oils


  • Carike
    Kissable lips - 14 Mar 2019
    This a great , affordable lip ice .
    It is very moisturizing and has such a delicious scent .

    It also has no color in that a lot of the labello's have ...I love that as you can also use it prepare your lips for lipstick .
  • Dineo
    Labello Buttercream - 19 Feb 2019
    i am a regular user of Labello products but i must say i'm not crazy about this flavour. i think it is too thick and leaves a sticky mess on my lips.i definitely wont be buying it again.
  • Joelene
    Like butter on my lips - 11 Feb 2019
    i need more, its so yummy i want to lick it off my lips :) My lips are soft like butter! smooth and silky and so kissable
  • Eutricha
    Soft lips - 11 Dec 2018
    I have tried this product and still have a bit left. It really comes in handy when my lips get dry or damaged when I'm in the sun for too long. This is a great product and you actually get value for your money!
  • Tshepiso
    Labello is a great lip buttercream, I love the texture it leaves on my lips. It leaves my lips feeling so soft and nourished.

    Great product I would recommend everyone to use labello.
  • Dudu
    Amazing - 19 Oct 2018
    I love this product. This is my new babe and go-to saviour. My friend introduced me to it,I gave it a try and within the same week my lips felt new. They ate soft,moisturized and I wish I could kiss them. I constantly have to put something on my lips because they get dry but this Labello saved me. I love it
  • Pearl
    Butterkissed - 18 Oct 2018
    I love this labello. Pity i forgot it in the car and it melted on me....
  • Nomfundo
    Vanilla lips - 16 Oct 2018
    I actually didn’t like the texture at first but as I use it more and more I’m in love with this product my lips are so so soft and shiny.
  • Kgauhelo
    The best - 2 Oct 2018
    My friend introduced me to it and ever since I've never looked back. Within two days of using it the results were already visible and I love how it lives my lips soft.
  • Victoria
    Buttercream - 29 Sep 2018
    At first i didn't like it, i hated the texture it left on lips but then i gave it a break and decided to try it again after a while. Not sure what really changed lol but i tried it out again and to my surprise my lips felt really soft after i used it. I love the fact that they are left feeling soft but not too shiny
  • Akhona
    Vanilla Buttercream - 21 Sep 2018
    my lips have been soft and shiny with this lip balm, and I must say I just love the smell of it! Very affordable price and its a must have.
  • Abigail
    Kissable Lips - 19 Sep 2018
    This is the only lip ice that doesn't leave my lips feeling tight and flaky. And it's such great value for money. It's a real win!
  • oratile
    Labello Vanilla buttercream - 14 Sep 2018
    This labello leaves the lips softer from the first application. The scent is also great and delicious
  • Nikita
    Saved my butt - 29 Aug 2018
    This winter was horrible to my lips, always cracking and dry.... I wouldnt kiss myself if I had a choice but this product saved my life. Was given to me by a friend and could kiss her cheeks nw without hurting her, actually I get more kiss requests nw :-)....
  • Tamsyn
    Soft and sweet smelling lips - 21 Aug 2018
    Bought this product a few days ago and can already feel the difference. Softer and sweet smelling lips
  • Allison
    Dry lips be gone - 20 Aug 2018
    I've always suffered from dry flaky lips. I just love this new labello because it keeps my lips moisturised for longer and yummy
  • Mandisa
    My days of having dry lips are gone - 15 Aug 2018
    I've always suffered from dry lips and labello has done wonders. I also love the fact that I don't have to reapply it, it stays on my lips longer than some product I used to use. Oh and it's also not shinny on the lips, I hate shiny lips
  • Joey
    Labello is best - 15 Aug 2018
    I love Labello, always have and this addition is super, it smells yum and feels so nice on the lips, its always in my bag so I'm never without it and in the winter months it works overtime to keep chapped lips away.
  • Snakho
    Best thing for lips - 6 Aug 2018
    I have always been the labello cherry flavour person for years but tried this new one it really good for my lips and they are bot cracking in this winter it the best
  • Belinda
    Labello never fails you - 4 Aug 2018
    The Labello Vanilla Buttercream is just perfect for both the dry, cold, windy season and the scortching summer days. The moisture level it gives is just perfect and vanilla buttercream, what more can I say?!
  • Gomolemo
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 31 Jul 2018
    this product is keeping my lips moist even in the product
  • Kay
    labello lipz - 31 Jul 2018
    the best in moisture especially for those hot summer days, beauty at its best, moisture, and protector in one, all year round, helps keep my lips in shape
    Labello Butter cream - 30 Jul 2018
    Great for my lips - keeps them moisturized the whole day, and the butter cream scent smells good.
  • Lucille
    Labello Rocks! - 26 Jul 2018
    I absolutely love all the Labello products, Labello is my go-to for lip hydration. This Vanilla Buttercream is absolutely fantastic!!!!
  • Salma
    Deelish! - 25 Jul 2018
    I have always loved using Labello, ever since it was available on the market! And there are different makes for each of my "lip ailments". This vanilla buttercream was good enough to eat lol!
  • Frankie
    Not so impressive - 23 Jul 2018
    Well well... to say unimpressed would be an understatement. I've literally tried every flavor of Labello and the buttercream has been my least favorite to be honest. I already knew it was going to be a mess the first time i put it on my lips - the texture is lumpy, it feels thick on my lips, but to top it off, it leaves my lips feeling crusty the entire day. So definitely a big miss by Labello, sorry x
  • Keamogetswe
    Scent - 14 Jul 2018
    I really love the scent of the product, definitely worth getting.
  • kea
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 11 Jul 2018
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream works wonders I love it, it smells divine, it leaves my lips nourished and moisturised and it's long lasting
  • Chante
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream lips - 2 Jul 2018
    My lips felt like a baby's bum. This product has a real nice smell and touch to the lips.

    It does not leave a white colour but it does give a slight shine to the lips, but do not apply too much because less is more.

    I would highly recommend this product to people who struggle with dry lips. It would definitely help.

    I have been using it since forever and it will stay my absolute favorite.

    There are a wide variety flavours to choose from and that's what is really nice as well.

    It is inexpensive and would suit anyone's pocket. On cold winter's day when your lips tend to dry a little quicker you do not have to hesitate because labello got it all.
    All the nice natural ingredients as well.

    So grap yourself a labello and you would not regret it. Labello a day keeps the doctors away.
  • Mo
    New favourite! - 15 Jun 2018
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream not only smells divine, but leaves you lips nourished and moisturised for longer without having to constantly reapply
  • Nondumiso
    Labello - 7 Jun 2018
    My friend gave me this lip balm and its soo amazing,i had dry lips but ever since i started using it my lips are always mosturized and smooth. I love this product. Ill definetly buy it!☺☺☺
  • Comfort
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 6 Jun 2018
    I loved the products. Moisture stays longer on the lips and also repairs cracks which I really enjoyed as I use matte lipsticks from time to time. I feel the vanilla scent didn't come through as I expected but one the less this product gets a thumbs up from me.

    Ohh and the fact that I don't get colored lips makes it a plus for my night time lip application :)
  • Muchaneta
    Moisturising, nice after effect - 28 May 2018
    Love the effect of this lip gloss on my lips. It's not too sticky and leaves my lips soft!
  • Lungiswa
    Labello Vanilla Butter - 23 May 2018
    Not as good as i thought, is a little heavy.
    Maybe a more distinct taste/smell.
    and does not last on the lips.
  • Kamohelo
    Great product - 22 May 2018
    Glides on easily and has a very nice smell. I love how moisturising it is but I find it a bit too thick and waxy sometimes.
    Luscious Lips with Labello - 21 May 2018
    Glides on with a soft touch to the lips, leaving you with moisturized supple lips lingering with a hint of vanilla, an absolute must have to your beauty routine.
  • Asheeqah
    Can't get enough - 18 May 2018
    Labello has been my go to lip balm since primary school days. It gives your lips that moisturizing feeling with a delicious smell. I especially love labello in the winter season for my sensitive lips
    My Best!!!! - 18 May 2018
    From someone who was not a Labello fan, this has won my heart.
  • Kenastacia
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream Lip Balm - 17 May 2018
    Labello has always been a lip caring brand that I've trusted and used. That's why I got so excited when I received the new labello buttercream lip balm to review. Not only did it make my lips feel soft and moisturized, it smells so good. I love wearing matte lipsticks,but it dries out my lips a lot and let's not even get started about how dry my lips get during winter. Labello Vanilla Buttercream lip balm is perfect to moisturize my lips and help me have soft, kissable lips all year long.
  • Aneesah
    Labellolicious - 17 May 2018
    Been loving this brand since 12y/o. I’m one hella loyal customer when it comes to Labello
  • Janine
    OBSESSED - 14 May 2018
    LOVE IT. the smell, the way it applies, the moisture. love love love. And as per usual I am having to hide this product from my 2 girls
  • Noah
    My ultimate moisture surge. - 9 May 2018
    I love this product so much. its the best Labello I have tried so far. its soft to the lip, smells amazing and eliminates those rough edges o my lips ( crusts and dead skin cells). Like Rita Ora would say Im I LOVVEE!!!
  • Esmarie
    Butter soft lips - 5 May 2018
    Totally inlove with this one! Leaves your lips super soft and the smell is amazing would really recommend it to anyone young and old.
  • thabile
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 3 May 2018
    it something to die for the softness it leave for a very long time I will switch to it for so long was using cherry
  • Bianca
    Absolutely a must - 18 Apr 2018
    I would definitely recommend the labello vanilla buttercream to everyone. It’s an amazing product that leaves your lips feeling moisturized and soft + the vanilla aroma is to die for.
  • Stephanie
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 18 Apr 2018
    This is really a buttercream vanilla and it makes your lips very soft and nice.
  • Kayla
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 17 Apr 2018
    I absolutely love this product. It's so amazing, it leave my lips feeling soft and silky for hours.. It stays on:)
  • Lolita
    Long lasting & wonderful - 13 Apr 2018
    I have been using the Labello Vanilla Buttercream for a while now and can definitely say that it is super yummy. It smells delicious. Some lip balms don't have a nice taste, but the Labello VB taste great too. I gym often and in the process I get chapped lips. This range from Labello allows my lips to stay moisturised during workouts and it even stays on after you have had something to eat and drink. Really value for money!!!
  • Wafieka
    Labello Never Dissapoints. - 13 Apr 2018
    I have been using Labello products for so long now, and not once have I been disappointed. The Labello Vanilla Buttercream does not disappoint either. It feels great on my lips, the smell, its just a really great product!
  • Melissa
    Found A New Bestie - 11 Apr 2018
    I recently started using Labello Vanilla Buttercream. I am always very irritated with any type of lip care. But I find myself constantly applying it and it makes my lips sooooo soft and repaired my flaky lips within a few days. Will definitely continue buying this product. :)
  • Rachelle
    Great texture but requires constant reapplication - 9 Apr 2018
    This is most definitely my favorite Labello product, I am a sucker for vanilla! It's a great product and works wonders when it has been applied. I did find that unfortunately it does not contribute to long-term moisture, it is a short term solution that requires constant reapplication. I have in the past found that this is not product specific but instead specific to Labello in general. If you do not have any major dryness issues I would most definitely use this as a moisturiser throughout the day. It smells amazing and has a great texture!
  • Nicole
    Miss the shine - 9 Apr 2018
    I generally love Labello products. I do feel that this product is missing the 'gloss' or 'shine' element. If Labello could incorporate a shimmer element to the new product, I will definitely prefer it to other Labello products.
  • Carey-Ann
    Labello Vanilla buttercream - 9 Apr 2018
    This product is amazing, it leave my lips feeling soft and silky for hours.. It stays on:)
  • Jenny
    extraordinarily good - 6 Apr 2018
    I Love this product , still using it , long lasting and extraordinarily good with smoothing of the lips and taste is fabulous .

    I'll continue recommending this product to others because it extraordinarily good !!!!!
  • Michelle
    Labella Vanilla Buttercream - 5 Apr 2018
    Packaging is key, and the gold caught my eye immediately. IT smells delicious and it glides smoothly onto my lips. I love that it has added Shea butter, as it has so many healing properties. I'll definitely be searching the isles for this one in the future.
  • claudia
    great product - 5 Apr 2018
    love the smell of this lip balm. stays on long and keeps your lips nice and smooth and smelling good
  • Jenna
    New Vanilla buttercream Labello - 4 Apr 2018
    I am so impressed by this product, it moisturises your lips and lasts a very long time. The scent is to die for as I am a vanilla fanatic. It doesn't leave any colour on the lips which is a plus in my opinion. I am just overall super impressed by this. My new go to lip ice!
  • Taylor-Ashley
    Labello lip balm - 3 Apr 2018
    This leaves your lips feeling very smooth and light with a aroma of vanilla and on the sweet side tastes like buttercream.

    Their is no after effect of any dryness or flakiness on your lips when they are well taken care of
  • Belinda
    Moisture Rich - 3 Apr 2018
    I just received my share box of Labello Vanilla Cream lipbalm. The product is quite thick and very moisture rich. Great product to keep your lips hydrated and looking plump.
  • Lerato
    It is with great regret - 23 Mar 2018
    It saddens me to say that Labello my lip care brand of choice. Once my former lippie of choice, it no longer moisturises and is too oil heavy. Labello now wears off very quickly. I wouldn’t mind this if it actually moisturised- but it doesn’t.

    Not sure if the company changed the formula or what, but this is not my original go to lippie anymore that I grew up on.

    Regardless, I sm still rooting for them.
  • Margaret
    Too Buttery - 22 Mar 2018
    I don't like how extra thick it is. That's just too much butter.
  • Lungile
    Labello Vanilla - 21 Mar 2018
    Not enough moisture for me. Doesn't leave a shiny look after applying.
    I didn't like it. Sorry.
  • Namhla
    Labello luscious - 20 Mar 2018
    Thank you to my friend @Sharon Lekgau. From all the matte lispsticks we use, I was suffering from cracked, scaling and dry lips. I have been the product for about two weeks now on weekend and before I sleep to moisturize them. The butter effect is mind blowing. Bae loves it cause it smells good. You know what happens next
  • Sarah-Lee
    Vanilla Buttercream for the WIN! - 20 Mar 2018
    i've tried out this product a long with my friends and we are all so pleased with it. Not only for the amazing scent of it (actually makes you want to eat it, it smells THAT good!) it also has such a phenomenal effect on the lips. My lips are soft and luscious and i'm loving it! Definitely a product i will always have on my shopping list!!
  • Lesego
    Great Moisture Great Lustre - 19 Mar 2018
    Great to use as a day and night lip cream. Plumps up the lips and softens them preventing those flakey morning lips. I also use it to prime my lips for when I'm wearing matte cream lipsticks. Only one friend gave me feedback, she loved it. I sure will be purchasing more of these. XO
  • Jeandre
    Luscious Lips - 19 Mar 2018
    I was so excited to share this product with my friends and family!! Everyone loved it as much as me!! Its packed with moisture and has such a smooth soft application.. It kept my lips hydrated and soft all day!! Definitely a must have in everyone's purse!!
  • Marlene
    Lebello Vanilla Buttercream - 17 Mar 2018
    I have received my box, I have shared with all my maids , All came back and ask for more. Myself have test it and love it. Even got myself more from Dis-chem.
  • Clarah
    Labello Lips - 16 Mar 2018
    My lips have never been this beautiful in a while, my friends and family loved it too. This is probably the best product i have tested.
  • Eliana
    Best Labello - 16 Mar 2018
    I am really enjoying using the Labello Vanilla Buttercream. It is so moisturizing and last for a really long time.
  • Manus
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 15 Mar 2018
    This product has the best smell ever, and it makes your lips feel smoother within a day or two. A great quality product!
  • Janine
    LabelloVanillaButtercream - 15 Mar 2018
    I love all vanilla flavoured products, so the Vanilla Buttercream is right up my alley, it leaves your lips feeling soft and well moisturised.
  • Jonathan
    New vanilla labello - 15 Mar 2018
    Great vanilla scent and smell. Just with one application a day my lips feel smooth and moisturized, no more dry lips :)
  • Musa
    Looooved It - 14 Mar 2018
    I had very dry and cracked lips from using matt lipstick's and never moisturising my lips. I STOPPED USING LIPSTICK FOR A WEEK, started using Labello and my lips are smooth and soft.
  • Janine
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 14 Mar 2018
    I love Labello the smell the moisture my lips look alive.Thank you Rubybox and Labello
  • Gugu
    Labello - 14 Mar 2018
    I absolutely love this product, it makes my lips super soft and it smells absolutely divine. Definitely a good one
  • Terri
    Hello Labello - 14 Mar 2018
    A friend got chosen for this campaign and I was one of the lucky friends she had shared this amazing product with. Labello has been around forever and always been amazing. This time they've really hit the nail on the head! I constantly have problems with my lips being dry and under moisturized no matter what I use, finally I've found something thats inexpensive, known brand and it actually works! Loving the way this formulation is leaving my lips feeling so soft. Hello Labello I see you!
  • Lameez
    Labello - 14 Mar 2018
    What an amazing lip balm...
    Soothing on my chapped lips...
    Delightful smell of vanilla...
    Rich and creamy on the lips...
    Keeps my lips soft and kissable whole day everyday....
    The best lip balm that I have tried so far...
    Its a lady's must have...
    Handbag and purse Necessity...
    I would greatly recomment Labello Vanilla anytime....
  • Zimkhitha
    LIP MIRACLE - 14 Mar 2018
    I dont really use balms at all, i am more of a lipstick kind of girl , but I have days i ditch my lipstick for my labello its so smooth and smells amazing , it makes me feel good and taste good :) lol
  • Mellissa
    Labello a true miracle - 14 Mar 2018
    I love the way it feels on my lips, it offers long lasting protection and i could immediately see the difference. i suffer from very chapped lips which peel and this product has been truly amazing and the small is divine.
  • Jaime
    Golden Gem - 14 Mar 2018
    So I usually have dry cracked lips which no product thus far could eliminate.

    After trying the new Labello for a few weeks i could instantly see the difference compare to normal lip products I've tried it. With a scent that is not overpowering but subtle enough to make a kissable difference , I would highly recommend this golden little gem that has now become a handbag essential.

    Compact & easy to apply with everlasting results.

    Thanks Rubybox & Labello for making my pout game strong xxx
  • Nicole
    Labello vanilla and buttercream lip balm - 13 Mar 2018
    I absolutely love the product, it makes my lips super soft and it smells beautiful. Definitely a good buy
  • Balungile
    A great buy - 13 Mar 2018
    I'm a loyal member of this brand. I have been using it ever since I was a teenager. What I love about it, is that it gives one that smooth feel on ones lips without tinting them. I love the fact that it stays forever in ones lips, keeping them moist all the time. The sweetness it has is a plus, it's not just flavored. Oooh yah my son ate half of it.
  • Kgomotso
    issa NO from me... - 13 Mar 2018
    This Labello is not glossy, it’s dry and heavy on your lips. It feels like I have actually moisturized with butter. It’s thick and not a “nice feel” on your lips.

    Labello Blackberry for me anytime any day...!
  • Gwendalyn
    Yummy Vanilla Buttercream - 13 Mar 2018
    Tried this product today and I love the softness and smell, without it being overpoweringly sweet. Definitely a new favourite Labello for me
  • Nina
    sticky balm - 13 Mar 2018
    prefer their other lip balms. this was too sticky for my liking. smells good though
  • Shannen
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream review - 13 Mar 2018
    I was very happy with the results. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. One thing that I love about it is that it leaves no residue so I always wear it before I wear my lipstick, so that my lips can still be soft and moist. It doesn’t wear off early and it is also affordable. I really love this lip balm and I will definitely purchase it again!
  • Yuly
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 13 Mar 2018
    This is truely a treat for your lips! Not only does it go on so smoothly it smells just like thee most delicious vanilla cupcake. It leaves your lips feeling so moisturised and smooth.
  • Khadija
    Labello - Vanilla Buttercream - 13 Mar 2018
    I received my labello from a Ruby box friend and my oh my was i impressed with the look... it looked pretty not your everyday rose gold.... the package was vibrant and so was the actual balm.

    I used it while in Durban and because of humidity my body was not moisturised but my lips was on point.

    so thank you labello for launching an amazing new flavour that moisturises and nourishes my lips without having me to be trend conscious.

    Thank you Ruby box for having this platform.

  • Elray
    Love my Lips :) - 13 Mar 2018
    My lips not only feel completely moisturized and soft, but smell great too. Definitely a "must buy" product for me.
  • Lavanya
    Received from a friend on Rubybox - 13 Mar 2018
    I think it really does moisturise the lips however it isnt really something i would buy. It is overly sweet and abit too thick. i prefer labello strawberry and cherry which i use daily.
  • Magdeline
    Labello Vanilla buttercream - 13 Mar 2018
    My lips just love the feeling of the Vanilla Buttercream, leaving my lips soft and moist for longer.
  • Bianca
    Pudding for your pout - 13 Mar 2018
    This lip balm smells amazing. If you are craving sweet stuff but want to stay a good girl, just pop some of this on your lips and fake it till you make it. It is soft and creamy and feels very luxurious on the lips. The packaging is cute and elegant to match any makeupbag. There is a lot of product so this will last you a long time. Stock up on this before winter so you avoid getting chapped lips.
  • Lindsay Pearl
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 13 Mar 2018
    I love the feeling Labello but never tried the labello buttercream. They others that i use makes my lips really soft. I have extremely dry lips.
  • Tarryn-Jade
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 12 Mar 2018
    Loved the smell of the new Labello Vanilla Buttercream.

    It does however go on very thick but not uncomfortably so.

    Labello Vanilla Buttercream does moisturize but not enough for someone who has very dry lips.

    Would recommend the product to other because it is an overall good product
  • Lois
    My review on the new Labello - 12 Mar 2018
    Delicious smell, not oily, keeps lips moisturised for a very long period of time - i loved the product and my lips feel and look spectacular. Thumbs up for this one.
  • Saidat
    Supple Moist Lips - 12 Mar 2018
    I love how Labello Lip Balm made my lips soft and supple for hours. It keeps my chapped and dry lips at bay :)
  • Melisizwe
    Labello - 12 Mar 2018
    I didnt enjoy the feel on the Labello on my lips. It felt too thick. However I liked the way it smells.
  • Julia
    Labello Vanilla - 12 Mar 2018
    It leaves my lips feeling soft and the vanilla smell makes it even special. Will continue using it , love it
  • michana
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 12 Mar 2018
    Very Nice i just love it, keeps my lips moisturised and soft!
  • Annet
    Great lip care - 12 Mar 2018
    Love love loved... Its a great lip moisturizer. My lips were beautifully soft and i didnt experience any dry chapped lips throughout the day.
  • Samantha
    Smoothly, satisfying outcome - 12 Mar 2018
    What a great product, not only does it smell great, it feels great and serves its purpose. Smooth, soft, moisturied lips, Feels natural and not build us with continuous use!
  • Olyn
    labello vanilla buttercream - 12 Mar 2018
    the labello smells nice and last on the lips.It makes the lips smooth and protect from direct sunlight
  • Nompumelelo
    Smooth and long lasting - 12 Mar 2018
    I just love the Labello Vanilla Buttercream, its smooth on the lips and everlasting, the smell is great and long lasting on the lips.
  • Belinda
    Labello - 12 Mar 2018
    Love it!

    Makes my lips feel extra moisturized
    and soft and smells nice.
    Lips feel much more protected and cared for
  • Rashiedah
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 12 Mar 2018
    The results and comfort is immediate.

    I love the scent and am amazed at how my lips transformed when using this product. I normally have very dry lips. This is my everyday emergency remedy.

    Now it is just smooth, comfortable irresistable lips :)
  • Alice
    Loved it - 12 Mar 2018
    I loved this new Vanilla one. I was using the other Labello Hydrocare and thought it was the ultimate until i tested this one. It keeps my lips mosturized for much longer añd i love the smell of freshly baked cookies the vanila gives it. New favorite lip mosturizer for sure.
  • Antoinette
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 12 Mar 2018
    Wow, I really love it. It's not like the other Labello lip balms. It's much smoother, smells amazing and definitely moisturises for longer.
  • Harriet
    Buttery goodness - 12 Mar 2018
    I love how this Labello, it so moisture rich and doesn't leave a stain on your lips.It smells do damn good
  • Harriet
    Shea awesomness - 12 Mar 2018

    I just love this product, of all the Labello's this is my favourite, I leaves a gorgeous shiny glow, and keeps my lips moisturised.
  • kim
    Labello My friend - 12 Mar 2018
    thank you soo much I love me some labello this stuff is so soft and smells sooo amazing i loved it , still love it cant wait to purchase my Vanilla Buttercream At dis-chem ,
  • Donovan
    Kiss Me Labello - 12 Mar 2018
    Labello Is and has always been the no 1 Brand ! We all know that much and Vanilla Buttercream is once again top Quality that we expect from :Labello , wonderful Great job with the Surprising Flavor Vanilla buttercream :) :)
  • kim
    Labello Vanilla ButtercreAm - 12 Mar 2018
    Smells Devine , Magically magnificant lips are Softer Then Ever ! Dis-Chem Watch out !!!!
  • Shaakira
    Smooth and Silky - 12 Mar 2018
    This product has been so amazing! It keeps your lips smooth, soft and hydrated at all times!

    I even started putting it on before I go to sleep and when I wake up it feels as if I have just applied the product! What is even more amazing is the fact that you can use it on sensitive skin and not have any reactions :)

    I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for moisturized and soft lips.
  • jackie
    Labello high Five - 12 Mar 2018
    High Five Guys !!! Great Product , Seriously i loved this ,
  • Kim
    Awsome Labello - 12 Mar 2018
    Guys , my minds Bloiwn :) :) :) Love it Love it , Soft Smells Awsome its a must have , Dont leave my house without my labello , makes my lips soft and feel super Puffy like i just feel like my lips are fuller (I have the tiniest lips ever )
  • Kgomotso
    Nice and smooth - 11 Mar 2018
    Really enjoyed using this product. I loved how soft it made my lips feels. I’ve always had insecurities walking around without lipstick but Labello has given me the confidence to do it. I’ve also given it to my boyfriend to use, he loves it.
  • Safiya Hassen
    Labello vanilla buttercream - 11 Mar 2018
    It is really amazing. It is better then the hydro care and original which i use.
  • Livuse
    I have been testing this yummy @labello_za lippy for almost a week and I'm inlove with the #VanillaButtercream aroma, nourishing shea butter and natural oils.
    Didn't irritate my skin and has no pigment making it great for using over or under mystifying lipsticks or even on it's own for a natural healthy look.
    Retails for R24.99 at leading retailers.

    Thank you #LabelloZA & #RubyBox
  • Chante
    Labello - 10 Mar 2018
    Amazing product! It is difficult to find a product that works for my lips and i can truly say this labello is amazing! It literally feels like butter on my lips and it smells great too! Chapped lips was gone in two days! I would definitely recommend this to everyone! Thank you rubybox! Xx
  • Khanyisile
    Gorgeous lips - 9 Mar 2018
    I loved everything about this lip cream. It leave the lips so smooth and moisturizer. It reduced my cracky lips and doesn't just dry onto the lip.Instead it melts in throughout the day. It has an amazing scent that makes you wanna eat it. It also last up to 6 hours after application. It's just amazing
  • Jola
    Such Van of some Labello Buttercream - 9 Mar 2018
    I am really enjoying my new Labello buttercream. It has such delicious and natural smell and it is so smooth on the lips. I really recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their lips smooth and all balmed up but with no colour.
  • Gillian
    Love the smell! - 9 Mar 2018
    Im not a fan of putting products on my lips unless they're chapped, but the smell of Labello Vanilla Buttercream is so good that i think it has swayed me! It also makes your lips look and feel softer. Its great!
  • Marion
    Deliciously Soft - 9 Mar 2018
    I absolutely love this product. I can feel it nourishing my lips from the very minute i apply it. I love the smell and my lips looks and feels soft.
    I will definitely continue using Labello Vanilla Buttercream :)
    #happytester #deliciouslysoftlips
  • Robyn-lee
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 9 Mar 2018
    I love Labello!!! I've been using it for about 15 years. The Vanilla Buttercream one is now by far my favorite one. Its value for money and has just the right amount of shine. I would soooooo recommend this to my family and friends.
  • Cheryl
    Labello oh so sweet vanilla buttercream - 9 Mar 2018
    I am in love with this product and so are all my friends. we all agree that it shall be bought again... it smells amazing and makes lips soft and moisturized!!!
  • Marthie
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 9 Mar 2018
    It smells AMAZING! It it truly a great product, just not as moisturising as I hoped, since I have very dry lips.
  • Prudence
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 9 Mar 2018
    I swapped my lipstick for 2 weeks using strictly the labello, i have to say it repaired my lips and the texture has improved tremendously. I would recommend this to anyone who has chipped lips. I would definitely repurchase.
  • Zoleka
    Yummy lips - 8 Mar 2018
    I enjoy this lip balm. Its so moisturizing and encouraged me to reuse because I miss the delicious scent lingering on my lips. I could eat it it smells so cupcakes good.
    I just wish it had SPF
  • Aybrial
    Buttercream kisses! - 8 Mar 2018
    This labello had me impressed from the first application! Good consistency, smells like absolute heaven and keeps my lips moisturized. Not to mention my boyfriend loves the buttercream kisses! I love this product <3
  • Annie
    Awesomeness - 7 Mar 2018
    I tried the Labello Vanilla Buttercream it so smooth on the lips and the fact that it leaves no color is a bonus because sometimes you just want to keep your natural look. I love it and will continue using it.
  • Gizela
    Labello vanilla buttercream - 7 Mar 2018
    I love the new labello it can be used by everyone.I gave it to my daughter since she has problem with dry lips and my boyfriend is loving it cause i don't have to stain his lips with a lipstick but leave his lips with a lovely vanilla smell and moist lips.

    I love how its packaged and the colour of the lid reminds me of the song by Jill Scott-living my life like it is Golden.The colour of the cap its bright that it stands-out in my make-up bag.i work for an insurance company and most of the time we busy on the phones and our lips turn to dry up and everyone was pleased too have the labello
  • Tania
    Labello <3 - 7 Mar 2018
    Can be a bit thick on the lips and i wish it was more moisturizing, BUT the smell is amazing!

    Really enjoying it.

  • Susie
    Labello Vinilla Buttercream - 6 Mar 2018
    I really was surprised at how good this smelled! Also noticed that the product is very moisturizing and stays on longer than others do.
    Only downside to it - it can make you really hungry!
    Would definitely recommend & buy it in the future.
  • Mahlatsi
    New Labello Balm - 6 Mar 2018
    I enjoyed using the lip balm, its easy to apply and convenient to have in your bag as a moistiriser. thumbs up!
  • Meagan
    Honey on the lips - 6 Mar 2018
    Amazing, amazing freaken amazing. My lips are soft, smooth and taste amazing lol. Vanilla buttercream flavor is amazing.
  • Zane'
    Split in half - 6 Mar 2018
    Love the smell of the vanilla buttercream, but it doesn't stay on for long. So I need to re-chap my lips constantly. The look of this flavor is very attractive though, everybody loves gold.
  • Blaine
    VIM FOR VANILLA - 6 Mar 2018
    Started using this product about 2weeks ago and I definitely feel that is VALUE FOR MONEY. it fells god and smells good too. I enjoy the fact that it is not necessary to Rea play to often in the day as apposed to other lip balms. I recommended this product for those who want a good level of moisture to their lips.
  • Natalie
    Smooth and creamy - 6 Mar 2018
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream Balm is absolutely beautiful and keeps my lips moist and glossy ..loving this product.
  • Dimakatso
    Amazing - 6 Mar 2018
    The smell
  • Emelia
    Labello is the best!!!! - 6 Mar 2018
    The Vanilla smell is the best, makes my lips so soft, last so long... Thanks to labello for amazing lip care products.
  • Jihaan
    Amaaazing - 6 Mar 2018
    The new vanilla buttercream flavored Labello leaves your lips incredibly smooth within minutes.
  • Nomcebo
    Labello - 6 Mar 2018
    I was caught by its aroma before I even applied it, i just wanted to eat it. It last longer on da lips so you dont have reapply all da time, dats what I loved most. The moisture is enough to turned an chapped lip into a glossy lip. Amazingly incredible!
  • Courtney
    Crack to moisturizered not juicy - 5 Mar 2018
    I love the smell of balm.
    At first when I tried it I wasn't sure about it. Because i used labello in the past so my expectations were very high. It faded with my first application (no shine or colour ) but the more I used it the better things got. Eventually my lips where smooth and moisturized and i could apply it before applying my regular lipstick
  • Victoria
    Labello Vanilla - 5 Mar 2018
    Lovely subtle flavour and smooth texture on your lips. Leaves your lips feeling moisturised for the whole day.
  • Matlhaku Samuel
    Vanilla lips - 5 Mar 2018
    Always had a problem with dry chappy lips but that’s a thing of the past thanx to labello. Definitely buying it
  • Jacqueline
    Labello - 5 Mar 2018
    Recently brought this lip item.Good value for money, smells great and it keeps your lips moist all day.I would advised anyone to get one of these.I LOVE IT.
  • Kim
    Buttercream goodness - 5 Mar 2018
    I have always been a fan of the Labello Med repair, i dont often test the fragrant lip balms but the Labello Vanilla Buttercream had my lips tasting good and feeling soft.. Thank you Ruby box for the spoils, my lips are happy
  • Rufaro
    i love how moisturising and long lasting it is. bye bye sore, red lips
  • Letisha
    My Lips Taste Like Buttercream Cake - 5 Mar 2018
    Thank you @rubybox_beauty for gifting me with 10 delicious Vanilla Buttercream Lip Balm's from @labello! If you want to deeply moisturise and delight your lips at the same time then this product is a winner. It contains Shea Butter and Natural Oils and leaves your lips feeling smooth and soft with a delectable vanilla aroma. Product is dermatologically approved.
  • Kaelyn
    Impressed - 5 Mar 2018
    After using this product i can finally say goodbye chapped lips. I love how my lips felt softer after just 3days of using it. The scent is asbolutely amazing & i must say i was tempted to take a bite of I definitely will be buying more of this product
  • Ntando
    Labello Vanilla buttercream - 5 Mar 2018
    I love the scent, it makes me feel like eating it but it kinda feels a bit too thick on my lips. Apart from that i love how soft & less chapped my lips felt after using it.
  • Letisha
    My lips taste like buttercream cake - 5 Mar 2018
    Thank you @rubybox_beauty for gifting me with 10 delicious Vanilla Buttercream Lip Balm's from @labello
  • Danien
    Great Flavour - 5 Mar 2018
    I honestly enjoyed the flavour, it also made my lips super smooth, however I noticed that using it made me constantly need to use it because my lips started getting dry much quicker
  • Limbani
    Luscious lips - 5 Mar 2018
    This is my first time using a Labello product & i love it. My lips feel softer & the scent..Omw!
  • Zandile
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream review - 5 Mar 2018
    I received my labello and immediately I was attracted by the packaging. It has a beautiful vanilla fragrance. I loved how it made my lips so much softer. My lips remain smooth even when I'm not wearing it.
    My lips used to be ashy and this product helped with that problem immediately when I started using it. I look forward to purchasing and encouraging others to do the same.
  • Rushannah
    Too thick - 5 Mar 2018
    I love the smell and the fact that my lips feel super soft after just a few minutes of wearing.
    My only gripe with Labello is that it goes on so thick, that it makes my lips feel a bit uncomfortable.
  • Mikela
    Smells nice but weird formula. - 5 Mar 2018
    I really enjoy the other glossy tinted flavours from Labello and hydro care, but my husband and I felt like this was just sitting on the lips, and actually balled up and peeled off after a few minutes. It smells nice and is affordable, but has a very strange thick texture and did not help for dry flaky lips after 2 weeks of use. Will however continue using other flavours from Labello we enjoy very much.
  • bonisani cindy
    Labello Vanilla Butteecream - 5 Mar 2018
    First I love the smell of vanilla and it's good in moisturising my lips and there's no colour in it l love to be natural sometimes
  • Kwandile
    The lip balm that makes me wanna eat it. - 5 Mar 2018
    Okay, so this labello has thee best smell ever. Everytime I apply it the smell is just so amazing. I like that it has a thicker texture than the others, it was more buttery and as always with labello leaves the lips soft and moist.
  • Lebogang
    Great base for lipstick junkie - 4 Mar 2018
    My days get quite hectic and with every layer of lipstick I apply to match my makeup look for the day, I have to make sure that my lips are nourished underneath. This works like a charm and is quite nifty to take along to my meetings for the usual corporate run!
  • Tamzyn
    Great product! - 3 Mar 2018
    I received this product to test and share with friends and family. This is a great product! It stays on longer than the other labellos that I have had. I have no complaints, will go to the shop to buy it and will definitely reccomend fam and friends to do the same!!! Thanks for the opportunity to test it.
  • Robyn
    Moisturising and Smells Great - 3 Mar 2018
    I love the smell of this flavoured labello.
    The lip balm keeps your lips moisturised as it doesn't easily wipe off. The skin retains the product well. Good for super dry lips.

    It also smells great - sometimes I just use it for the smell.
  • Zodwa
    Lucious Labello - 3 Mar 2018
    The labello gives a long lasting effect, I don’t have to apply it every 2 minutes. It smells devine like I can eat it. My friends are raving about it and will definitely buy it in the near future.
  • Jana
    Yummy mummy - 3 Mar 2018
    I absolutely love the new vanilla buttercream labello. The smell is amazing, I understand why kids love eating it! The moisture it gives is incredible and lasting! I only use my CBC Labello about 4 times a day. The color of the lid makes it look so fancy
  • Boitshepo
    Love it - 3 Mar 2018
    Usually I struggle finding the correct lip care, but I think those days are no more. This Labello is great because it doesn't leave a white layer on my lips after applying. And it keeps my lips moisturised for a long while.
  • Rozanne
    My lips love Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 2 Mar 2018
    I absolutely love this product. It moisturizes my lips and stays on for long, keeping my lips soft and smooth during the day. And the vanilla aroma is a added bonus!! #love
  • Nalinee
    Moisturising Lipbalm - 2 Mar 2018
    I absolutely love the vanilla scent! The new Labello Vanilla Buttercream has saved my dry cracked lips by giving them much needed moisture, smoothness and softness. I love the creamy texture of it, I wear this lipbalm alone or sometimes under my matte lipsticks as it prevents my lips from drying keeping it moisturised all day long.
  • Annay
    Best - 2 Mar 2018
    Nicest lip balm I have used in a very long time. Lips are soft and baby smooth
  • Bianca
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 2 Mar 2018
    I absolutely love the new Labeloo Vanilla Buttercream, it not only smells devine but it gives my lips a feeling of being moisturized and cared for.

    Vanilla is one of my favourite fragrances and to have that on mythe lips all day long is amazing.

    Another plus is that my husband also loves the smell and doesn't mind kissing me with the Labello on because it doesn't make his lips feel funny like some other lip care products do.
  • Octavia
    Light and Moisturising - 2 Mar 2018
    The new Vanilla Buttercream Labello, has a heavenly vanilla scent and it is extremely moisturising.
  • Monteniqe
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 2 Mar 2018
    I am an avid user of Labello, however I would never try the flavors but I am highly impressed with this flavor. It is very moisturizing and does its job. I would definitely consider buying it.
  • Leche
    lOVE IT! - 2 Mar 2018
    I love this product! It is really amazing, and I will recommensd to all my friends and family!
  • Chanel
    Lips will love it - 2 Mar 2018
    I really enjoyed the scent and the soft feeling left on my lips. Really worth the buy.
  • Mercy
    Labello review - 2 Mar 2018
    I love the smell and how soft my lips feel.
    I actually keep licking my lips to have a taste lol it's yummy
  • Livuse
    I have been testing this yummy @labello_za lippy for almost a week and I'm inlove with the #VanillaButtercream aroma, nourishing shea butter and natural oils.
    Didn't irritate my skin and has no pigment making it great for using over or under mystifying lipsticks or even on it's own for a natural healthy look.
    Retails for R24.99 at leading retailers.

    Thank you #LabelloZA & #RubyBox
  • Jessica
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 2 Mar 2018
    Being both a vanilla and lip ice lover - receiving my box of lipices from Rubybox was just the best. From personal experience, and according to friends who also received it, I love it. It is perfect for dry and chapped lips as it is thick and does not need to be applied often. The vanilla smell(which is amazing) is so prominent, you can even smell it when it’s on your lips. I will definitely be buying a second one once mine is finished. Thank you so much Rubybox and Labello for my freebie ❤️
  • Livuse
    I have been testing this yummy @labello_za lippy for almost a week and I'm inlove with the #VanillaButtercream aroma, nourishing shea butter and natural oils.
    Didn't irritate my skin and has no pigment making it great for using over or under mystifying lipsticks or even on it's own for a natural healthy look.
    Retails for R24.99 at leading retailers.

    Thank you #LabelloZA & #RubyBox
  • Dineo
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 2 Mar 2018
    I like the pleasant smell but It is too thick for me, I wouldn't buy it
  • Lorinda
    Labello Does it Again - 2 Mar 2018
    I am a HUGE fan of the Labello range. I don't think any other brand of lip ice lives up to the Labello Brand so I am extremely excited about the new Vanilla Buttercream labello. I love the fragrance (who doesn't like vanilla cake???) and I love how soft and smooth it leaves my lips feeling even after not applying for several hours. I am extremely satisfied with this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone who suffers with dry lips or anyone who just needs a good lip ice
  • Anja
    Interesting - 2 Mar 2018
    It's amazing. I struggle to find a lip balm that doesn't make my lips oily, but the Labello Vanilla is finally the one I've been looking for! So happy
  • Nwabisa
    Labello Vanilla - 2 Mar 2018
    Totally love the amazing smell of the Labello, very moisturizing lips look a lot healthier and amazing. Soft lips are the best thanks to Labello
  • Cleopatra
    Impressive Formula - 2 Mar 2018
    Usually when I try lip care products without a colour or tint I almost always get an ashy, pale or white finish which is not ideal - especially because of all this melanin. The Labello Vanilla Buttercream (although I received my pack in the nth hour and still need to pass on the other samples to my chosen 9 friends) has surprised me in all the best ways. My lips are moisturised, the scent is amazing and, more importantly, subtle. I wont have to carry an emergency case of vaseline anymore when I need simple moisture on my lips without colour because this Labello has both my lip care needs covered. Thanks Rubybox and a special to thanks Labello!
  • Stephanie
    Fairly Good product - 2 Mar 2018
    Good product that smells great, and provides intensive moisturizing, although for a short period. The product however, feels too thick on your lips and tends to dry it out if used for too long, almost making your lips dependent on it.
  • guglethu
    vaanilla buttercreame - 2 Mar 2018
    the aroma is awesome, I found it to soft and mushy I didn't like it.
  • Sianne
    Vanilla Buttercream by Labello - 2 Mar 2018
    Smells so amazing you just want to eat it.... Leave your lips lovely and moisturised... feels a little thick on application but you forget about that with how lovely it feels on...
  • Dudu
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 2 Mar 2018
    Love love it, the scent and its smooth on my lips....thanks #Rubybox
  • Paulina
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 2 Mar 2018
    Thank you Rubybox for the samples, my friends and I loved it. Great product with great aroma.
  • Lisa
    Inlove with Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 2 Mar 2018
    I absolutely love this Labello. I shared it with a couple of my guy friends and they absolutely love it and take it with them everywhere they go. The smell of it is amazing, it tastes nice too :P
  • Olivia
    Excellent Lip Moisturiser - 2 Mar 2018
    Love the new Labello Vanilla Buttercream! Its feels luxurious and smells great! Would use it all day!
  • Carmen
    Love the smell - 2 Mar 2018
    I love the smell of this Labello but the scent does not stay on long enough - would purchase this in the future :)
  • Elizabeth
    Fantabulous Lips - 2 Mar 2018
    Love, love this product. Not only does it give my lips the moisturizing feeling all day but I love the smell. I could smell it all day. My lips are soft and smooth and ready to face Winter. Definitely buying this product again for the whole family to use.
  • Andrea
    Everyone loves it! - 2 Mar 2018
    Everyone that I have given the new Labello Vanilla Buttercream to, absolutely loves it. It's application is smooth and tastes delicious.
  • Louise
    Labello Vanilla Buttercream - 2 Mar 2018
    Love this product, it does go on a little thick, but i feel like this moisturised my lips even more. Vanilla is one of my favorite fragrances and i could smell it on my lips the whole day. I will buy this product in the future.
  • Denise
    Amazing product - 2 Mar 2018
    The vanilla buttercream not only smells great but makes the lips soft, smooth and moisturised. I love this product, I will definitely purchase it in the future and recommend it to friends and family.
  • Carla
    It feels as good as it smells - 2 Mar 2018
    I received mine Labello from a friend of mine a few week ago and I've got to say, I haven't stopped using it ever since!!! Definitely keeps my lips moisturized and makes them feel as good as it smells.
  • Naeema
    Labello vanilla Buttercream - 2 Mar 2018
    i love this product leaving my lips moiste and the smell is divine
  • Chene'
    Smooth Sensation - 2 Mar 2018
    It just glides onto your lips and leaves them feeling so smooth! The fragrance is my favourite!
  • Simone
    What more could you want!! It smells amazing, almost good enough to eat!! - 2 Mar 2018
    The Vanilla Buttercream lip balm contains Shea Butter and natural oils and definitely moisturizes deeply - not to mention it lasts a long time without having to re-apply.The Labello Vanilla Buttercream spreads beautifully. it if weren't for the fact it was meant for my lips I would have gobbled it up in seconds - smells just like ice-cream - what a treat!!

  • N
    Labello - 2 Mar 2018
    Just love the smell of this amazing balm. Does a fantastic job of protecting.