John Frieda®
Size 250ml

For Lighter, Brighter, Bolder Blonde. Bring out your blonde with Sheer Blonde® Highlight Activating Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner’s Salon-inspired formula containing jojoba oil, sunflower & white tea complex to bring out glistening highlights for maximum blonde impact. Moisturising formula amplifies mega-watt shine without adding or depositing colour. Gently removes dulling build-up & residues that can make blonde look dark & dull. Leaves you with a full spectrum of blonde tones.

Directions for use: Begin by applying Sheer Blonde® Highlight Activating Moisturising Shampoo to wet hair. Gently massage & work into a rich lather, then rinse. Repeat if necessary. Follow with Highlight Activating Moisturising Conditioner. Massage throughout hair, from root to tip, then rinse thoroughly. Towel dry. Style as usual.


    John Frieda Sheer Blonde does wonders - 19 Jan 2018
    Sheer Blonde is perfect for my hair, it highlight the blonde in my hair and makes it stand out with a shine without weighing my hair down, i will recommend it to anyone who wants that extra kick with blonde hair.
  • Lesna
    Best Blonde Product - 16 Jan 2018
    This product is great for blonde/highlighted hair.
    Your hair shine after every use.
  • mari
    highlight activating? - 24 Dec 2017
    Not too big a fan of this one,didn't see any noticeable change in color,however did leave my hair feeling soft and manageable.
  • Johanni
    Go Blonder - 27 Oct 2017
    I really loved this product. It made my hair lighter without damaging it and it made my hair feel so soft and great smelling!
  • tasneem
    Oh baby I love this range! - 27 Oct 2017
    First things first the shampoo and conditioner has an amazing smell
    Secondly after using the product twice i fell inlove with how soft and healthy my hair felt i mean after going blonde my hair was very course BUT NOW now my hair looks dazzling its shiny and healthy
    I absolutely love this product
  • Chantelle
    Blonde brilliance - 26 Oct 2017
    I love love love the shampoo. I could see a immediate difference yet it didn't get lighter but seemed to make my hair grow faster.

    If it wasnt so expensive i would continue using it.
  • Lizette
    Highlight activating range - 26 Oct 2017
    I love this shampoo and conditioner. This is my best one from the John Frieda range. Love my colour hair after washing with this shampoo a few times.
  • Natasha
    Great Product - Does What it Says! - 26 Oct 2017
    I found the products to be very moisturising and they smelled amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed using them and definitely noticed a difference in the colour and texture of my hair. The colour was brighter and my hair was much shinier and easier to handle. Really enjoyed using these products!
  • Leandri
    Interested - 26 Oct 2017
    I have been using John frieda sheer blonde highlight activating shampoo and conditioner for three weeks regularly.
    Smells really good. Love that.
    As far as the highlight activating goes; I did not notice a big change in the appearance of my blonde.

    But, I do however feel this product makes my hair feel really healthy and nourished. I love this factor.

    I am very interested to try the other John Frieda sheer blonde products.
  • Lorien
    70% convinced - 25 Oct 2017
    I love the smell of the John Frieda Highlight Activating range. It made my hair super soft and I was very excited to see them Highlight activation at work. After 3 weeks I can see that my natural colour at my roots is visibly lighter but the part of my hair that was previously bleached didn't really lighten. I enjoyed the experience. Thanks John Frieda.
  • Leandra
    Bronze gone - 25 Oct 2017
    It is a nice product. It smells really nice and it works rather good.
  • Tiné
    Didn't believe my hair could get any blonder. - 25 Oct 2017
    Wow! This is amazing. Can't believe my hair looks this good without toner and still be super blond. Well done to John Frieda. Would definitely recommend it to anybody.
  • Mary
    Satisfied User - 25 Oct 2017
    So I've used this product quite regularly and love the smell and the feel it gives my hair! However, I have not noticed much of a difference in terms of highlights being "activated". The bottom half of my hair has some highlights in my brown hair and these do look more noticeable after washing my hair with this product regularly for 3 weeks, but the top half appears more or less the same. I'd like to use these products for a longer period and see if it becomes more noticeable! But all in all, nice high quality product.
  • sherriann
    Best product - 25 Oct 2017
    I loved it. My hair felt so much healthier and felt cleaner after every wash. I have recommended it to all my friends!
  • Samantha Ashley
    John Frieda Highlight Activating Impressions - 24 Oct 2017
    I wrote a first impressions review in the first week of using the product, and my feelings from that review haven’t changed three weeks in - it makes my hair feel unexplainably soft and treatment healthy! Like no other product I have tried over my many blonde years! Which is the most wonderful thing because everyone knows how damaging being blonde can feel! It also smells AMAZING, and all day long, with every little breeze, like you’ve just walked out of the salon! The other so wonderful thing is that you only use minimal amounts, which makes it value for money! It is a lovely, quality product!

    However, after my over three weeks use, if there was any change in my blonde, it was more yellow - which for me is generally the opposite of what I desire for ‘being blonder’ - I generally want to use a product that reduces brassy, yellow tones and creates a sheek, overall, light, silky blonde.

    So my final impression, is that this product is the most wonderful yet for the associated effects, and if you prefer yellower shades of blonde then this is the best product you could probably get! However, I am definitely devastated that such a wonderful product doesn’t give me the blonde I generally go for!
  • Anneli
    Lux and Lovely - 24 Oct 2017
    I've been using the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Shampoo and Conditioner for about 3 weeks now.

    The consistency and look of both formulations is very luxurious and silky. The liquid feels light but is quite rich. I have light blonde hair and find that I get build up really easily. My hair felt light but nourished using this range.

    In terms of colour, I wouldn't say it accentuated any highlights but because it left my hair feeling light and clean, it gave the illusion of brighter blonde hair.

    I liked that the shampoo didn't make my hair feel like straw. I had to use quite a bit of conditioner but it worked well and made my hair feel soft and silky.

    Overall, this is a great range for blonde hair, I would definitely recommend it.
  • Joy
    Love this product - 24 Oct 2017
    I have very long blonde, thick hair. I spend a lot of time and money on my hair making it lucious. I have always been a big John Frieda fan and this is a top product. My hair is always left with a glow and softness. 100% recommend this product.
  • Tanja
    Highlight Activating - 24 Oct 2017
    I really enjoyed using this product.
    My highlights are definitely much brighter. Amazing smell and the conditioner worked wonders. Very impressed.
  • Kim
    It's working - 24 Oct 2017
    Since I've been using the product i have seen a significant difference not only in the shine and colour but in the texture of my hair. It feels softer and lighter. I'm impressed, definitely a product i will continue using.
  • Anthea
    Lovely! - 24 Oct 2017
    Beautiful product, results are almost instantaneous. Loved the trial, definitely worth the price.
  • Joande
    Love! - 24 Oct 2017
    From the first wash, my hair felt so much softer and manageable. My highlights have also not yellowed as quickly, it's as if my colour has been "lifted". And the fragrance is to die for.
  • Tamryn
    John Frieda HighlightActivating - 23 Oct 2017
    I am so thankful I got the opportunity to test this product! My hair has never been so soft and healthy looking for a long time because I've been struggling to find the perfect fit! I'm completely sold and I'll never be using this from here on out.

    Thank you!
  • Angela
    Loved The Product - 23 Oct 2017
    I was fortunate enough to be a tester for the product. Not only does smell absolutely incredible, but i noticed a change after the first use. It was almost as if it lifted all the new highlights as if i had been in the sun! I was so surprised. I will definitely continue using the product as it is saving me from getting my highlights redone every 4 weeks at the salon! A true winner product!!
  • Rita
    John Frieda sheer blond - 23 Oct 2017
    Since i started using sheer blond, my hair feels softer and lighter. My hair does not look as yellow as before.
  • Tricia
    Amazing! - 23 Oct 2017
    Amazing shampoo & Conditioner! Really made my hair super soft and made my highlights stand out. I am really impressed and will definitely buy it again!
  • Alyssa
    This brand is EVERYTHING!!! I must admit , because I'm not a "natural blonde" I was quite hesitant to use the product. But boy did it blow my mind! From the first wash , I could feel how silky smooth my hair was feeling. The Shampoo is feather light on your hair and left it smelling fresh for days! The Conditioner has to be made of unicorns!!! It's amazing , left my hair feeling so soft and smooth and oh so feather light.
    I could definitely start seeing my blonde hair looking more radiant from the second wash.
    It's official I'm obsessed with the John Frieda Range.

    Love me some blonde:)
  • Justine
    Best buy - 23 Oct 2017
    This shampoo really has an exceptional fragrance and works really well! I am definitely going to purchase it again.
  • Mona Liza
    Fantastic product! - 23 Oct 2017
    Absolutely love the highlight activating range. My hair instantly felt more moisturized and softer- and what a divine smell!! I will definately be adding the shampoo and conditioner to my toiletries list. Thanks John Frieda & Rubybox!
  • izelle
    Lovely product. - 23 Oct 2017
    Its been 3 weeks since I started using the highlight activating shampoo and conditioner. It brings out a very natural blonde. It removed all silver, ashy tones out of my hair. So if you like a natural blonde this is definitely the product for you! Love the smell of the product and it leaves my hair feeling very soft and moisturised.
  • Taryn
    Highlight activating range - 23 Oct 2017
    After using the John Frieda shampoo and conditioner the first time, I definitely saw a difference. My blonde was brighter,my hair was moisturized and looked great. The products smell Amazing! I love the thick creamy texture. Will definitely purchase this product.
  • Hayley
    John Frieda highlight activator - 23 Oct 2017
    I am so impressed with both the shampoo and conditioner. My hair has really never looked better! I can highly recommend John Frieda Highlight Activator to all with highlighted hair. Try it and you will soon see the difference!
  • Sarah
    John Frieda Highlight Activating - 23 Oct 2017
    After the very first use of the shampoo and conditioner, I noticed an immediate difference in my highlights . They were vibrant and much brighter . It's been a few weeks and my shampoo is finished now but have some conditioner left, I am happy with the product and it's benefits .
  • Jamie Lee
    Better, Brighter Blonde - 19 Oct 2017
    I've always been a fan of John Frieda, and this product did not disappoint. While I didn't see a bolder blonde, it did maintain my colour and kept it a vibrant hue. Plus it was so moisturizing that my hair was soft and silky after each wash, and smells amazing! Will definitely keep using and recommend.
  • Tersia
    John Frieda Highlight Shampoo & Conditioner - 19 Oct 2017
    This is an amazing product. You use only a little bit at a time. The smell is great and u can see an immediate difference in the shade and condition of your hair.
  • salma
    Hair Colour on FLEEK - 16 Oct 2017
    I have an obsession with trying out different shades of blonde whether dying my hair, highlights, low lights or streaks. Generally after a few washes the shade of blonde especially on Indian hair turns dull and copper.
    After trying out John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlighting Shampoo and Conditioner my blonde hasn't been more blonder, bolder, healthier and shinier. Thank you RubyBox for introducing me to my new fav hair routine!!
  • Suerine
    Sheer blonde highlight activating shampoo and conditioner - 29 Sep 2017
    The shampoo and conditioner smells lovely and made my hair much softer than usual, I haven't noticed a significant change in colour but I don't wash every day so I'm still hopeful that this might be one of those life changing products
  • Lelanie
    I received the shampoo & conditioner to test & review.
    I did see a difference in the colour of my hair. The down side of this product is that you hair doesn't stay clean. I normally wash every second day & while using this product I needed to wash my hair every day because it became extremely oily. Because it makes my hair oily I would unfortunately not purchase this product in future
  • Natalie
    SHEER BLONDE - 26 Sep 2017
    After only two washers, i noticed that my hair was lighter, but my hair does not stay clean for a long time, i have to wash almost every day.
  • Justine
    My current favourite favourite! - 26 Sep 2017
    I have only used the shampoo and conditioner (John Frieda highlight activating) once and it REALLY makes a difference. The smell alone makes it worth trying! My hair is really much smoother and softer!
  • Samantha Ashley
    First Impressions <3 - 26 Sep 2017
    So far I have only used the Shampoo&Conditioner twice, a little early for significant colour change, but my first impressions are already 5 stars - it smells amazing! Wherever I go people ask me what shampoo I use that keeps my hair smelling so sweet&clean! It also makes my hair softer&more moisturized than any of the many products I have used for my Platinum-coloured hair - treatments included! &the biggest bonus is how a little goes a long way with this product! The bottles may be smaller than some other brands of shampoo&conditioner, but a small dollop is more than enough, I use about half the amount than other brands to get even more cleanliness&moisture than others can give me - value for money 100%! Very excited to see the colour change in about a week from my first use!
  • Carla
    Brighter! - 26 Sep 2017
    Loving this range, helps keep those brassy tones away and my hair looks brighter and my colour clearer. Such a great salon shampoo alternative
  • Ohna
    Wow! - 26 Sep 2017
    This product is amazing. It smells soo good and you can feel the quality of the product when applying. Have used it for a week now and can see the difference alreay, my hair is as fresh as when I left the salon.
  • Jeanine
    John Frieda High-Light Activating Shampoo and Conditioner - 26 Sep 2017
    I am so elated :) The John Frieda High- Light Activating Shampoo and Conditioner has left my hair feeling softer, silkier and brighter! I can't wait to see the colour change over the next few weeks..
  • Andrea
    John Frieda sheere blonde activating shampoo and conditionrr - 25 Sep 2017
    I started using this product two days ago. I find the product has a very refreshing smell to it. You dont alot on your hair to clean and wash. I find that the conditioner also has a fruity smell and leaves your hair soft. Once you dry your hair i can already see my blonde highlights stand out more which is brilliant as they seem to be faiding... will get new hoghlights month end, but for now this product is def helping me look great!! Def will recommend this product to all my friends and family... worth the price for the results i am getting even after just two washes.
  • Tanja
    John Frieda - 24 Sep 2017
    I have only used this product a few times but I am loving it. Great smell and the conditioner is amazing. My hair definitely feels softer.
  • izelle
    John Frieda - 23 Sep 2017
    My hair is deffenitely softer and more managable. It doesnt give any ash tones only golden tones. The smell is amazing and only a small amount of product is needed to cover yoir entire head.
  • Hayley
    John Frieda Sheer Blond Highlight Activator - 23 Sep 2017
    Been using the shampoo and conditioner for only 3 days now and must say I love it!
  • Mary
    First Use - 22 Sep 2017
    I've only used this product once so far, so I cannot comment on the lightening just yet, but I'm really loving how soft and strong it makes my hair feel! And the scent reminds me of fresh salon-done hair, it's great so far!
  • Anthea
    Shine Bright - 22 Sep 2017
    Gorgeous Product! After 2 washes, lighter, softer hair, with beautiful highlights - certainly see the difference, will definitely purchase in future.
  • Sarah
    Amazing - 22 Sep 2017
    I noticed a massive difference after the very first use ! Can't wait to use it some more
  • Angelene
    great products - 22 Sep 2017
    What a great product. After 3uses my hair is already softer, lighter and more radiant.
  • Joande
    Happy so far - 22 Sep 2017
    I've only used the products once, but have noticed that my hair is a little less dull, and really soft. Time will tell!

John Frieda®