Pilaten Face Mask

The Pilaten Face Mask is one of the latest revolutions from the cosmetics industry. The Pilaten Face Mask is designed to pull blackheads and other skin impurities out from the root. Able to be used daily, we also recommend weekly or bi-weekly usage, to keep your skin clean and looking fresh, day in and day out. Please note that the fine hairs on the selected area will be removed with the mask when pulled off.

Wonder ingredients:

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) is the magic in the formulation of the Pilaten Face Peel-Off Mask. This is the magic ingredient in the mask which binds it to blackheads and other skin impurities to grip them, and pull them out at the root.

Glycerol is the lubricant that allows the POVH to get thin enough to stretch across the offending areas. Glycerol also provides extra moisture as it is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs moisture and disperses it evenly.


  • Mechelle
    Brinea Pilaten face mask - 25 Apr 2017
    Its easy to apply and awesome that you can only apply to problem areas loved the visible results and would reccomend it and purchasing mine online now!!!! Xoxo
  • Nicole
    This is amazing! - 25 Apr 2017
    I tried this just last night with my fiance and it worked so great for both of us.
    We were both skeptical because thought "Why not" and let me tell you, it worked out so well for both of us, my skin is so clear, smooth and so much softer. 10/10 would recommend.
  • Jamie Lee
    One of the best masks I've tried - 25 Apr 2017
    I had been looking for a mask like this for a while now, having seen many women on Instagram trying them and I was so excited to try this out. The application was slightly messy - I felt like I was doing an art project at school - and taking it was felt like having a full face wax as it removes EVERYTHING, including fine face hairs. Overall though, I absolutely loved it! My skin feels so soft and smooth I can hardly believe it. Will definitely use it again and recommend it!
  • Patience
    Loved it! - 24 Apr 2017
    I was really excited when i received my sample. I love the results after and the way my skin felt afterwards. It was painful though when peeling off and the process was a bit long for me.
  • Ra'eesah
    Miracle Mask - 21 Apr 2017
    I was a little sceptical about this product. I was convinced it would hurt way too much and not take too much.

    Boy, was I wrong.

    It was actually quite a refreshing experience and surprisingly the results were amazing.

    Definitely worth trying at least once.
  • mapolo
    GREAT - 21 Apr 2017
    I recieved a sample and was very excited to try it out. Application is very easy and fast, it took about 25-30mins to dry. The results were GREAT only problem is that it came out with my facial hair and it felt like I had a facial wax, it was too painful.
  • Angelique
    Amazing - 20 Apr 2017
    We ALL have black heads... but how we choose to remove it varies and sometimes lead to infections under the skin. This mask is a clean and easy way to peal away those blackheads!
  • Elle
    AMAZING VALUE - A MUST BUY! - 19 Apr 2017
    I was super excited to try this out when I saw it online. I was suspicious at first and then when I saw the results I was just blown away! I can't believe how much of a difference it made to my pores and nose! I would recommend this as a gift to a friends if you don't know what to get and want to give them something cool, or even just as a spoil to yourself!

    Thank you rubybox. I will definitely buy this again and I shared one with my sister who also loved it!
  • Aneesah
    Blackhead Remover Review - 16 Apr 2017
    A really good product to try out . I just found it to be a long process . It's a value for money
  • Tayla
    Amazing - 10 Apr 2017
    Inloved it , my skin is so much better. A bit pricey.
    But the quality is amazing , and I did see some difference in my skin
  • Janine
    Peel away! - 26 Mar 2017
    I saw this product on instagram and I was like OMG I have to try this!! And so I did!

    It takes a while to dry, I suggest you eat before putting the mask on! (I was super hungry and could barely move my jaws once the mask was dry!) But the results!!! AMAZE BALLS! (Minus the pain that is...) skin felt SOOOO smooth afterwards.

    Tip:make sure to moisturise afterwards
  • Lourensa
    Pilaten Face Mask "AWESOME" - 23 Mar 2017
    This is one of THE best facial masks i have ever indulged. We had a ladies treat day/evening event and had this in the surprise bag... WHAT A WANDERFULL TREAT!!! NO sensitivity, NO day after break outs, NO extreme dry skin.... just feeling refreshed and renewed.
    This is a must try for every lady!!!


Brinea Beauty Products utilises scientific research to ensure that their products contain high quality ingredients that enrich and nourish the skin. The result is a beautifully enriched product that is safely compatible with virtually every skin type. Brinea begins by looking to Nature for the natural solution they desire to enhance your beauty. Their in-house scientific team then formulates a product that benefits the user unlike any chemically formulated imitation. Their goal is to provide healthy, natural eyelash extensions.