Beauty Cream Bar
Size 100g
Skin Type All skin types
Skin Concern Dryness, Dull/Lacklustre
R12 - Available at all leading retailers

The secret to beautiful skin is moisture, and no other bar hydrates skin better than Dove. That’s because Dove isn’t a soap bar, it’s a Beauty Bar. While ordinary soaps can strip skin of essential nutrients, Dove beauty bar has mild cleansers to care for skin as it cleans. With our ¼ moisturising cream, Dove Beauty Bar leaves your face and body feeling soft, smooth, and more radiant than ordinary soap. You can see why we call it a beauty bar.

Dove Beauty Bar leaves your face and body feeling soft, smooth, and more radiant than ordinary soap.

No other bar hydrates skin better than Dove.

Dove is committed to help all women realize their personal beauty potential by creating products that deliver real care.


  • Sthembile
    love it - 16 Aug 2018
    I would suggest everybody to try it not only on your face but whole body as well
  • Sinayo
    My dove soap - 16 Aug 2018
    I absolutely love this soap, it does wonders for my skin. It leaves my skin feeling moisturised and smooth
  • Mandisa
    Dove Soap - 16 Aug 2018
    I love this is amazing on my face. I've been using it for years...and it still does the job...I love it.
  • Lauren
    Dove body soap - 15 Aug 2018
    One of the best soaps to use as I have extremely dry skin. Leaves my skin moisturised and smelling good after a shower
  • Mbali
    Best for sensitive skin - 14 Aug 2018
    Whenever winter hits my skin tends to get dry. But mom has been using this since I was a kid. I tried other products but guess who came back within a matter of days? None can replace this in my bathroom
  • Mercia
    Best Beauty Soap Ever! - 14 Aug 2018
    I am a loyal and happy fan of this product since forever.

    Dove is truly love for the skin. I used to have the dryest skin especially during winter and this soap would instantly add moisture to my skin no matter the environmental factors. I love its shape, texture, smell and feel and it truly caters to the four senses (except taste of course).

    Im most impressed by its impact on my face... I’m prone to breakouts and usually have an oily skin and since using this product I have such a soft touch to my skin and it adds all the necessary moisture to the skin.

    I am inlove with this soap and will recommend it any day!!!
  • Letlhogonolo
    Wow!!!! - 14 Aug 2018
    This smooth milky bar soap is amazing. I struggle with dry skin in certain seasons and this has been amazing to use. Leaves your skin feeling very smooth. The difference can be felt almost immediately
  • Malebo
    Value for money!! - 13 Aug 2018
    I have been using the Dove beauty cream bar for over three months now. I honestly love how it makes my skin feel, it restores moisture and has a pleasant smell. I have already recommended it to my friends and family and will continue to recommend it further.
  • Xolisile
    One of the products that are kind to my skin. - 11 Aug 2018
    A friend recommended it to me after I had a bad reaction to my previous soap and I have not looked back since.
  • Yabo
    Best product. - 11 Aug 2018
    I've been using this product for 2 years now specifically the coconut milk, I really love the smell. My skin has been the best since I mostly use it for my body rather than my face. And definitely do recommend has I haven't had any bad experiences great skin! It's worth it.
  • Amanda
    Absolutely amazing - 8 Aug 2018
    The Dove Beauty soap bar has left my skin smoother and clearer. I've always struggled with my skin from cleansers, masks but Dove just did the things.
  • Sharon
    The best - 7 Aug 2018
    I used this beauty cream bar I won't like my face was always smooth no pimple but now I used both my face and body by it most my body best decision I made ..Even my family use this bar
  • omolemo
    Good - 7 Aug 2018
    I have oily skin and I feel like this product adds on more moisture. I used it during winter because my skin tends to get dry, but during summer I wouldn’t use it cause my skin gets super oily. Other than that it’s a great product, I use it for the whole body as well at times.
  • Lethukuthula
    Love this - 7 Aug 2018
    Initially had this recommended by my dermatologist as a cleanser instead of your usual cleansers, and i have never turned back, its gentle on the skin and not drying. My all time favorite and awesome for acne prone skin.
  • Thato
    Best Buy - 7 Aug 2018
    This product has been a family favorite all my life, my grandma used it and so did my mom and after seeing how gorgeous their skin looked I knew it would work wonders for me too, 12 years later I know why this bar cream is a 3 generation favorite. Thank you dove
  • Snakho
    Dove cream bar - 6 Aug 2018
    This is the best my skin feels like it a baby skin so soft and so light my whole family use it now even my dad prefer to use after shaving says it make the skin to be smooth
  • Udheera
    Dove Creamy Bar - 6 Aug 2018
    This is such a soft, beautiful smoothly soap bar. It feels like silk on your skin - the coconut milk bar is even lovelier. I converted to this beauty bar and will never go back.
  • Candice
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 1 Aug 2018
    This product is a must-have! It is so versatile and luxurious. I use it for face and body and the whole family loves it too. Its gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling cleansed and hydrated.
  • Karen
    Love Dove - 28 Jul 2018
    This is one product that I will never not have in my home. I LOVE Dove beauty bar. My skin is left feeling soft and clean and beautiful. It is gentle and my whole family use it.
    I highly recommend this product.
  • Shakierah
    Dove Bar - 27 Jul 2018
    Dove bar is the must have in my household. Lovey on the skin and smells wonderful.
    There are Days i can go without moisturising after a shower, because of using Dove Bar Every evening.
  • Londeka
    Dove beauty cream bar is the BEST - 26 Jul 2018
    I tried the 7day test and it made my skin feel more smooth and refreshed , the best thing about dove is that it leaves your skin moisturized and it also leaves you smelling fresh and amazing
  • Sarla
    Love Dove - 25 Jul 2018
    Love that its not just a soap but a moisturizer and doesn't leave my skin dry.
  • sadiyya
    wins the test - 23 Jul 2018
    I did the 7 day test with the beauty bar, and was amazed. I have really dry skin and it was not feeling tight or rough anymore. my skin is more happy now. It wins the test.
  • Cindy
    softer skin - 19 Jul 2018
    This product does wonders for any skin type. Definitely recommend this product its great
  • Palesa
    Excellent - 19 Jul 2018
    Dove beauty cream bar is the best when it comes to my problematic skin. It leaves me moistured and not oily at the same time. I love the fact that it has less soap scums. The price is also good, available in all major retailers. I usually buy a pack of four because I use it for my entire body too.
  • Nikita
    DOVE BEAUTY BAR - THE BEST!!! - 12 Jul 2018
    I absolutely love Dove beauty cream bar. It is gentle on my skin with a clean, soft scent. It does not strip your skin of it's moisture like other soaps! Gentle enough to use on my toddler (when I run out of his baby soap) :)
  • kea
    Dove bar soap - 11 Jul 2018
    This is my favourite brand of soap, I've been using this soap for as long as I can remember and I love it... its good for my skin, it makes it soft and clear
  • Afton
    Dove Beauty Bar - 10 Jul 2018
    Love the rich lather it makes and how soft and silky my skin feels afterwards.
  • Kayla
    Beauty in a bar - 28 Jun 2018
    Amazing soap. Cant love without it. I use it daily just to clean and also to remove make up. It is gentle on the skin and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft as can be. I recommend this any day.
  • Siyabonga
    My fav - 27 Jun 2018
    This is my favourite brand of soap... its good for my skin and body, it also makes my sons skin soft and clear, i would love to get samples
  • Mpho
    Baby Soft - 21 Jun 2018
    The dove beauty bar is a good soap. I think we tend to overlook it more often than not. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and clear. There is no irritation on my skin when using it, its like washing your face in Milk. Love it
  • Saafia
    Great - 21 Jun 2018
    It’s really nice . Gentle on the skin and doesn’t dry it out
  • kershnie
    Dove Cleansing Bar - 20 Jun 2018
    Now , here’s the thing about this cleanser bar - usually it’s used for the face . So my kid had issues with her skin so the dermatologist recommended this bar . I used to use the normal protex, detol all these protective soaps but ever since my kid started using this for showering .The entire family is now using it. No lie!! This is pure pleasure as soon as it is on the skin . Exfoliation on this soap is a bomb!!! It just leaves the skin soft , smooth and radiant. The smell is indescribable as it has this scent that is so beautiful. I love ! I love this product and will not stop using it ! Thanks to the Dr who recommended
  • Tasniem
    Beauty soap bar - 20 Jun 2018
    The dove beauty soap bar really does make a difference on the face
  • Marieka
    Silky soft skin - 12 Jun 2018
    Dove left my skin feeling Silky soft, clean and refreshed. By just using dove daily my acne is less and my face is less oily!! thank you DOVE!!
  • Aamirah
    The best beauty cream bar out there! - 11 Jun 2018
    OMG! I absolutely love love this product. It is perfect for any skin type! It works really well as a moisturising creamy soap that allows it to even be used as a face wash. It is also great for very sensitive skin especially for down under. This is my go to cream bar and would recommend it to anyone and everyone!
  • Danayi
    Ultra moisturising - 11 Jun 2018
    I love this soap! It cleanses well but also moisturising. It is a definite staple for winter !
  • elvina
    Baby's Bottom - 11 Jun 2018
    Dear Dove Beauty Bar
    Never ever had I have an love affair with a bar of soap before- every minute I spend with you a day you leave me all soft and sleek.
    I need you to know that I love you endlessly and sure hope that only death will seperate us.

    Soft and Smooth Skin
  • Noluthando
    dove - 7 Jun 2018
    I love it,its amazing the soap good for the skin my skin never felt so moisturized and smooth.
  • LEAH
    Nivea Perfect and Radiant 3 in 1 - 4 Jun 2018
    It works like a magic too gentle on the skin and remove makeup with ease. I felt good on my face no sticky no spilling and no need to rinse such a good product and is time consuming.
  • ntombenhle
    I love it - 1 Jun 2018
    for deep cleansing and skin purifier i definitely recommend it for you... no specific skin type oily or dull its the best and so much help
  • Mahlatse
    Soap is amazing - 30 May 2018
    I love how flawless and soft my sklin became, and my complexion got more even. this bar is creamy and smells amazing, although too strong for my nose.
  • Gugu
    Dove soap - 30 May 2018
    I am amazed at how soft and supple my face has two weeks of using the dove soap.

    It is also doing wonders my 5 and 10 yr old daughters, especially now that winter is here.
  • Antoinee
    Excellent product. - 29 May 2018
    Cleanses,nourishes and leaves my skin feeling moisturised and refreshed! I buy Dove's Beauty Cream Bar in bulk and use twice a day. I would definitely recommend this product.
  • Priyanka
    EXCELLENT - 29 May 2018
    literally mind blow at how soft my skin feels after just one use.
  • Nomasonto - 29 May 2018
    Hi I am so happy about this product , normally my face it's dry in winter, but after using this my face got that moisture in it , my every year problem was solved. thank you
  • Buhle
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 29 May 2018
    Now that it's winter, I have actually swopped my usual face wash for the Dove Beauty Bar Cream. The results? Softer and more beautiful skin. It's very gentle on the face as well, and it seems to work very well with removing make-up too. I don't get that typical "tight feeling" I usually get after washing with a cleanser. This beauty bar definitely delivers on it's promise.

    And at the price it comes in, who wouldn't want to stock up on this and use as an all-body wash?

    Try it. I have.
  • Jabulile
    Dove beauty soap - 28 May 2018
    It is the best cream bar for the face. Leaves the skin soft and supple .
  • Ilsa
    Love Dove Soap - 28 May 2018
    I have used this soap all my love as i have a very dry skin. Dove leaves ,my skin feeling soft and it smells great. No more dry skin for me.
  • Florence
    Best decision - 24 May 2018
    I have used the Dove beauty cream bar and its the best. It leaves my skin soft and smooth. It also smells great.
  • Amanda
    Dove Beauty Bar - 23 May 2018
    I am using this product and it was recommended by my dermatologist, its so neutral and natural.Leaves skin soft and moisturized and also good for newborns.
  • Hlengiwe
    Soft skin with Dove - 22 May 2018
    Since i have a very sensitive skin, ever since i started using Dove - my skin is as soft as a baby's
  • Kagiso
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 22 May 2018
    This soap leaves my skin silky smooth after using it. Love it
  • Khanyi
    Works well sensetive skin - 20 May 2018
    It a very good product. My son has eczema since birth and we have been using this product since then. Yhe bar last for a long time.
  • Lindiwe
    Dove facial bar - 18 May 2018
    Been using it for years!!! With 1/4 moisturizing milk, definitely does wonders to my skin. I have recently introduced it to my teenage son as well and his skin is soft and well moisturised even during this harsh winter season!
  • Thandiwe
    dove - 18 May 2018
    my skin is more softer and i love it i will recommend it to everyone i know i love it
  • Kenastacia
    Dove Beauty Bar - 17 May 2018
    dove 7 day test.....and it was the best decision I could've made. My skin has never been this good, all this because a inexpensive beauty bar. I have very sensitive and dry skin,so finding a product that works without burning my skin is really hard to find. During the 7 day test, I only used the dove beauty bar to cleanse my face and I used my facial oil as well. I can definitely feel the difference in how my skin feels. My skin is soft, smoother and looking more radiant. I will definitely recommend the dove beauty bar to be a part of every women's skin care regime, your skin will thank you for it. And it only costs R12, so you have no excuse not to take the dove 7 day test.
  • anushka
    Only brand i trust - 15 May 2018
    My kids and I have super sensitive skin and Dove bar is the only brand I trust to help alleviate our skin and prevent rashes and outbreaks. Well done Dove
  • Michelene
    Such an excellent brand - 11 May 2018
    Absolutely love the soft feeling that Dove soap leaves on my skin! Would recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin like mine. I actually use the entire range of dove products as they suit my needs. I have so much love for this brand and have been using Dove products for years. Thank you Dove for being a great brand.
    dove = love - 9 May 2018
    love it love it love it
    i dont need to really use moisturiser! its smooth soft and silky on your skin. conditions and leaves skin fragrantly clean and moisturised.
    love whole dove range! shampoo, treatments, bodywashes, lotions... love it! and it's for my baby now too!
  • Nazli
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 8 May 2018
    I use it for my face and body, I just love the product! I buy it because the whole family can use it including hubby and little one. No complains from anyone.
  • Yentl
    Love it - 5 May 2018
    I use it daily, absolutely soft yet cleans amazingly. I have mild eczema on my body and Dove is one of the few soaps out there that doesn't irritate my skin at all.
  • Gomolemo
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 5 May 2018
    After seeing my fellow rubies' reviews about this beauty bar, I decided to get one for myself and try it out. I have never used soap on my face, I always use face wash but this soap does wonders to my face. It leaves your face feeling smooth, fresh and looking brighter. I love it and I'll be definitely trying out other dove products
  • Bongeka
    The best soap ever - 5 May 2018
    I started using Dove soap earlier last year because of a referral, from then on I have never regretted the decision. It leaves your skin super smooth and fresh, it doesn't hurt that it is beautiful to look at too. I love how it tones my complexion, especially since I had an uneven looking skin before, also you wont believe that it minimised the stretch marks that I had on my behind (they are not pronounced anymore), on a serious noteI love that it lasts for long. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
  • thabile
    Dove - 3 May 2018
    I have tried so many soap bars without any lucky and finally I used dove it been 2 months now alredy I can see the difference
  • GWEN
    MY DAILY SOAP BAR - 26 Apr 2018
    Another reason people ask me why my skin is smooth. This may be inappropriate but instead of using vaginal soap wash, dove can replace that. it's amazing, it keeps your peach smelling fresh.
  • Precious
    Flawless skin - 23 Apr 2018
    I've been using Dove sope since 2013 and haven't turned back since. My skin is always smooth and ance free. It helps maintain my skin's beauty. LOVE IT!
  • Nokuphila
    Dove beauty cream bar - 21 Apr 2018
    Honestly I love Dove cream bar ,my skin is so smooth because of this product.
  • Zanokuhle
    the best for dry youth skin! - 19 Apr 2018
    excellent price and a superb work on the skin! trust me on this one, this cream bar literally moisturizes whilst you wash. what's even better is that it's not made with harsh chemicals so all with sensitive skin can hop right in and use this fantastic product!
  • Lungile
    Dove beauty soap - 18 Apr 2018
    I've been using this product for a year now. It's done wonders for my skin. I have very dry body skin so I use it on my body as well. It's soo kind in the how much moisturizing it's been doing for me since the time I starting using it.
  • Danielle
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 18 Apr 2018
    I grew up with this soap and would def recommend it!
    I love the smell, I feel clean and using Dove Body Cream afterwards is a good combination!
    I wouldn't use it on my face though, it dries out my face...
  • Chaela-Ann
    Shaving - 17 Apr 2018
    Perfect soap for shaving since it's moisturising and like a cream. Leaves the skin feeling soft and smells amazing.
  • Kayla
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 17 Apr 2018
    I have been using the Dove beauty cream bar for a while now and the results are amazing. The cream bar forms part of my daily face care routine. It leaves my skin feeling so moisturised and silky soft
  • serishka
    Dove beauty soap - 17 Apr 2018
    Dove beauty soap is super creamy and nourishing. This product contains 1/4 moisturizing cream. It replenish my skin. This beauty soap was accommodating to my skin. Any other soap always leaves a reaction. Plus this does not leave a tight feeling on your face after washing, instead it made a visible improvement on my skin especially around my mouth/chin area .if you have super sensitive skin and looking for an afforable beauty soap then this is the best! I can't recommend it enough
  • Yolanda
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar for Eczema Sufferer - 17 Apr 2018
    I have always used Dove on and off over the years as a face wash so when i developed eczema I decided to give it a try after many failed attempts with various other products. I liked the creamy consistency and that it doesn't leave my skin dry unlike other soaps I've used in the past. I use it in conjunction with aqueous cream as a body was. I prefer the plain one as I feel the other variety are just like other ordinary soaps and they tend to make my skin break-out. I wish Dove could make a bigger bath bar as mine tend to finish quickly as I use it as a full body wash.
  • Chante
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 17 Apr 2018
    If you want to smell and feel soft for the rest of the day get yourself an Dove Beauty Cream Bar and you would not have any problem. This soap makes you feel so soft and can be beneficial to all skin types.
  • Helen
    Dove Cream Bar - 12 Apr 2018
    Feels like you are washing your face with aqueous cream, didn't even need to moisturise afterwards! Great to find a product that does what it promises.
  • Prenola
    Hubby and I Both Swear By It! - 12 Apr 2018
    After seeing my GP about Eczema, He advised my husband to try Dove. It is softer and much more gentle on skin compared to other bar soaps. leaves skin feeling amazing.We have both been using it for just under a year now and would not change to anything else. highly recommended.
    Dove - 10 Apr 2018
    So I am totally loving the Dove soaps especially the original beauty cream bar. I not only use it on my face but on my body too and when I am in need of a little exfoliation I use the exfoliation bar easy as that. My skin loves it just as much as I do. Go get some you will thank my later.
  • Jenniqua
    Go-to face bar - 10 Apr 2018
    Dove is my go-to face bar if I feel my skin needs a general good clean without feeling my skin is stretching over my face afterwards!
  • Amogelang
    Value for money - 10 Apr 2018
    Struggled wit oily skin. My face is now oil free and feels smoother, which is a bonus.
  • Nicky
    Surprise in a box - 6 Apr 2018
    I honestly thought "what could a R12 little soap do for my skin?"
    I tried it and was blown away with the results. I have no breakouts. As in super clear skin. The only other time my skin looked like this was when I was on medication for acne. So this is most definitely part of my skin care routine from now on.
  • Nomsa
    LOVE IT!!!! - 6 Apr 2018
    leaves your face feeling soft and smooth. there is a difference on my face now that I have switched to Dove..
  • Merlyn
    Moisturing - 5 Apr 2018
    I use this cream bar all over my body, and it really helps my skin from becoming super dry. (as I hate using body creams)
  • Kwandile
    Dovey Dove - 4 Apr 2018
    It fits perfectly in my hand. It feels awesome on my skin and it keeps it so moisturized. Love Dove they don't deposit as always
  • Tatum Chyaan
    Dove Beauty Bar - 3 Apr 2018
    I have been using the Dove beauty cream bar for a while now and the results are amazing. How? Firstly, the beauty bar forms part of my daily face care routine and I use it once in the morning and once at night and the bar lasts me just over a month. Secondly, it leaves my skin feeling so moisturised and silky soft apart from the usual soap bars that dry out the skin. Dove has perfected the formula in such a way that my skin is left nourished and has me feeling good. The retail selling price is R12 but I buy a set of 4 which allows me to save even more! You can't go wrong with this beauty bar. Your skin will thank you!
  • Mbalenhle
    Love it - 3 Apr 2018
    This has been my favorite and everyday soap. its very gentle to my skin and it leaves my face feeling smooth and fresh.
  • Mariza
    Very impressed - 2 Apr 2018
    I have tried this bar soap and still using it and it honestly is amazing. If people have problems with their face they should try this product.
  • Farzaana
    Dove Bar - 26 Mar 2018
    I have used Dove bar on and off for a while and find that I need to use it consistently to notice a difference.
  • Rubina
    Love Dove - 24 Mar 2018
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar is really an amazing product. I love the scent of it, and the rich, luxurious lather it produces, which cleanses and moisturizes your skin. There’s no tight, rough feeling on the skin after bathing or taking a shower, which is great!
  • Leslynne
    Shape is Great - 22 Mar 2018
    Love the smell and shape it is one of a kind. Leaves my skin smooth and refreshed.
  • Ntebogiseng
    Beauty Cream - 20 Mar 2018
    smells good, I am loving it, skin feels so good and I am glowing. Love Dove Beauty Bar
  • Lesego
    Softer lather - 19 Mar 2018
    My mom uses dove soap as a face wash all my life she doesn't use anything else, I've always been sceptical to try it, I used it as a body soap on those days when the household ran out and never actually took notice of the effects it has on my skin.

    So when I received my Dove hamper and it said I have to use it on my face u can imagine the doubt.

    So i used it on day one, I received it when I got home in the evening and I applied my night moisturiser. The next morning I washed my face and didn't tone my face i couldn't help but notice that it dries quite bad, gave my skin that cracky feeling, so I applied my moisturizer and make up and went about my day, I repeated this for almost 10 days, 10th day being today and I must say up until day 5 of usage I really wanted to stop, using it, but I really loved the soft lather and how every wash felt like I was using both a face wash and exfoliating with one wash i still prefered toning my skin and im yet to see major results but with everyday use I hope to see results. Maybe this is my mom elixir of youth cos she's 55 going on 35.
  • Zi
    Softer Skin - 19 Mar 2018
    I've always been a fan of Dove deodorant but had never tried the beauty cream bar until recently. I love how it doesn't leave my skin dry.
  • tasneem
    amazing - 18 Mar 2018
    its amazing it makes ur skin feel so perfect and soft and stops all the acne
  • Mkateko
    Dove beauty bar - 17 Mar 2018
    Bar soap left my skin feeling softer and moisturized as well. Its TOTALLY AMAZING!!..
    Product is good for sensitive skin because of its subtle fragrance.
  • Lawrence
    Beauty Cream Bar - 17 Mar 2018
    I have really enjoyed using the test dove soap. It has made my face very smooth and reduced dark marks. My face is shiny and less oily.
  • Rudo
    Dove hit or miss? - 16 Mar 2018
    I am one of those lucky women who have very few breakouts but has very very dry skin.

    The Dove bar unfortunately caused me to get pimples over the course of my trial period.

    It worked perfectly, however for my sister who has much oilier skin than I do.

    For me it's a well priced option for those with oily skin
    dove - 16 Mar 2018
    i feel so bright and radiant!

    awesome product for my face as i have always had skin problems but i pick up changes in 3 days
  • Mkabayi
    An all-time Fav! - 15 Mar 2018
    The Dove cream bar has always been an essential to my beauty routine. True to its purpose, it nourishes and cleanses the skin. I love that it does the the job of cleansing without stripping away my natural moisture. it accommodates my sensitive skin and extra sensitive face with its delicate formula. It will always get a thumbs-up from me!
  • Manus
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 15 Mar 2018
    The soap made my skin feel smoother and softer than before. I really love this affordable product and would highly recommend it to friends and family.
  • Tebogo thokozile
    Thoko - 15 Mar 2018
    Bye dry skin hello smooth and mosturised skin with a glow and silkiness
  • Bazil
    Dove cream bar - 15 Mar 2018
    Being the man in the house, I don't have much say over which toiletries we use. I will tell my wife though when I don't like a certain product or it doesn't agree with my skin. My wife came home with the Dove cream bar, to me it was just another bar of soap, But after using it I was pleased with the smell and how soft it makes my skin feel. We only use Dove cream bars now
  • Taryn
    Dove cream bar - 15 Mar 2018
    Coming from someone who suffers from ecsema,finding a soap that agreed with my skin when I had a flair up, was a mission in itself. The Dove cream bar really does moisturize your skin and smells so great. The smell lingers on my skin for hours and I love it.This is now a must have in the trolley every month.
  • Anna
    Dove Beauty - 15 Mar 2018
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar is a wonderful product leaving your skin smoother, softer and more radiant. I will definitely recommend this to all my friends and family.
  • Katherine
    Dove Beauty Cream bar - 15 Mar 2018
    the soap is nice, however i miss the exfoliating properties of my usual face wash
  • lemuel
    Good product - 14 Mar 2018
    Does what it says and works well. No difference from previous products
  • Hudson
    Super Impressed - 14 Mar 2018
    This is simply the best, have already switched to dove permanently
  • Ayanda
    Dove beauty cream bar - 14 Mar 2018
    I love this beauty bar soap for its mildness, creamy texture and for affordability.
    Give skin a soft and smoother feel.
  • Ryan
    I used Dove a few years back but never used it as its intended. I used the beauty bar for 7 days and after that I had softer and more radiant skin. I have heat rash sometimes but the soap helps ease it tp the point where it's gone. Love love it.
  • Belinda
    Dove Beauty Bar - 14 Mar 2018
    Dove has been a regular in my shopping trolley for the longest time. I simply love the fragrances.
    The deodorant is a new favorite of mine :)
  • Patience
    Soft skin - 14 Mar 2018
    i dont usually try new things on my face but after receiving the dove bar i wanted to see for myself if it really worked as they claim on their 7 day test... and then i was blown away, my skin felt smooth, soft and clear after the test that i actually ended up switching to dove. thank you for the tester it lived up to its expectations.
  • Khanyisile
    Dove Beauty cream - 13 Mar 2018
    Just the touch and the smoothiness and the scent. My skin is moisturizes and soft always.
  • Nqobile
    Dove - 13 Mar 2018
    I loved it and I will be using it from now onwards. My skin feels amazing.
  • Hannah
    Dove beauty bar is best - 13 Mar 2018
    I've tried many facewashes and taking the 7 day dove challenge was the best thing i could have done for my skin. Not only has it become much clearer, its also smoother and softer. Amazing product
  • Julie
    Impressed Beyond !! - 13 Mar 2018
    I am so impressed with this dove range, I received a trial pack for myself and a few of my friends, everyone was happy, couldnt say anything bad about any of the products, I especially love the hand cream and soap! thanks rubybox and dove !
  • bongiwe
    Dove beauty cream bar - 13 Mar 2018
    I love the beauty bar, is makes my skin soft and smooth.. I was scared because I have sensitive skin but i didn't have a problem at all, with the Dove beauty bar... I love it, even my son loves it
  • Andrea
    Dove Beauty Bar - 13 Mar 2018
    The dove beauty bar makes my face feel smoother and silkier. It also smells nice and makes my skin look so much clearer.
  • Magdeline
    Dove: velvet smooth skin - 13 Mar 2018
    I loved the effect of Dove on my skin especially the beauty cream bar and the hand lotion, it left my skin feeling velvety smooth and renewed.
  • Bianca
    Softer every time. - 13 Mar 2018
    This is a great beauty staple for everyone. With a non drying formula you can feel soft yet fresh every day. It is gentle enough to use on your face every single day. It is very creamy and smells delicate and feminine.
  • Siziwe
    Dove beauty cream bar - 13 Mar 2018
    I love it,its smooth and gentle on the skin.I like the fact that it doesn't dirt on the bath tub like other soaps.
  • Elsabe
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 13 Mar 2018
    I like dove very much, however it left my face very dry after I have washed with it. I would rather suggest that it be used for body and not face.
  • Helen
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 13 Mar 2018
    Lovely fresh fragrance that leaves my skin silk smooth. Love it!
  • Justin
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 12 Mar 2018
    So much value in such a small pack.I Love Dove and i Love Rubybox.Thank you for the sample.I will be switching to DOVE. Soft on my skin lovely smell rich and foamy.
  • Johan
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 12 Mar 2018
    Thank you Rubybox and Dove for the sample and to be part of the survey.I love the smell and the softness on my skin.Defnetly value for money
    Fabulous Dove - 12 Mar 2018
    Dove is just Fabulous on my skin , makng it soft & gentle ... I love the fragrance of Dove ! So sweet & soft :) :)
  • Sanga
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 12 Mar 2018
    First of all, the smell alone speaks beauty. Its not strong and irritating, just perfect. Skin feels so soft and moisturized. Dove is definitely my body soap of choice.
  • Maeve
    Issa Movement - 12 Mar 2018
    The dove beauty bar was a great experience... I’m going to recommend it to as many people, seeing as it is a movement. Everybody needs to get in on this. Plus it is quite affordable. And it makes you feel good when you use it .i would really really really advise people to use it... Why does the review have to be so long thooooo?
  • Nikita-Leigh
    Dove Beauty Bar Is Incredible - 12 Mar 2018
    My skin was certainly more radiant and alot smoother in 7 days.

    I'll definitely continue using the Dove Range.

    Thank You Rubybox for introducing this awesome product to me.

  • Elmien
    Dove is amazing - 12 Mar 2018
    I absolutely love the dove bar soap. It truly doesn't dry out your skin. I am amazed at how good it works. I will always recommend Dove to everybody.
  • Tshego
    Smooth luxious skin - 12 Mar 2018
    I absolutely love using the Dove cream bar. It feels good on my skin! It really does what they claim it does: it moisturises and hydrates the skin leaving it feeling smooth and soft
  • Rashiedah
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 12 Mar 2018
    This is the most amazing beauty bar I have ever used. It is even more appreciated and valued during the colder weather when our skins tends to go drier.

    I have used it for more than a week and my face and skin on my arms feels so comfortable and smooth. No tightness and my skintone has changed for the better too.
  • Chalan
    Labello Vanilla BC - 12 Mar 2018
    I used the new Vanilla buttercream and It tastes amazing but I did find that it only keeps lips moisturised for a shot time, then you need to re-apply very often.
  • Lusanda
    Beauty cream bar - 12 Mar 2018
    The dove beauty cream bar soap it's a great product got it from a friend to try it and I loved it, the results were great my skin was soft and clear and I love the smell of it.I definitely recommend it to the ladies out there to try it you will not be disappointed.
  • Melisizwe
    Dove Bar - 12 Mar 2018
    The soap feels good on my skin, I will use it in future, great product.
  • Gabriella
    Best Bar Soap - 12 Mar 2018
    I always keep backups of Dove bar soap, it never dries my skin out and leaves my skin feeling soft
  • Tayla-Dene
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 12 Mar 2018
    Generally, bar soaps leave my skin feeling dry and rough, but Dove's beauty cream bar leaves my skin feeling smooth and silky. I would recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin.
  • Olivia
    Dove Soap Bar - 12 Mar 2018
    The bar definitely left my skin feeling a lot softer and smoother. I am not sure yet how effective it is at completely cleansing my skin. However I would still recommend this product as it doesnt dry your skin out.
  • Robyn
    Good for Cleansing - 12 Mar 2018
    This product did not do much for my skin. It cleansed my skin well and left it feeling smooth but did not have any visible change on my skin after 2 weeks of everyday use. However, it could do wonders for the next person and skin is intricate and the care thereof should be personalised to your specific needs. I would use this again but would not change from my current cleanser. Additionally, travelling with a bar of soap is not the most convenient.
  • Beverly
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 12 Mar 2018
    My girls and I have been using this soap for a while, the result, soft and smooth skin
  • Rebecca
    Dove beauty bar soap - 12 Mar 2018
    No other bar hydrates skin better than Dove- I have never used a bar soap on my face until now and I must say I am impressed with the results I got
    Dove beauty soap is the best
  • Roeloff
    good title - 12 Mar 2018
    makes my skin soft and smooth
  • Marna
    Dove Family - 12 Mar 2018
    Having 2 little ones in the family and a husband that loves lotions and products that smells nice (getting in touch with his feminine side), I can truely recommend Dove's beauty bar. Not only does it keep your skin moisterised, it also smells great! We buy this every month. Job well done Dove.
  • Jeanette
    Dove beauty cream bar - 12 Mar 2018
    Dove are the best ever! I will never buy any other bar soap again! This is a miracle bar soap!
  • Marvin
    good product - 12 Mar 2018
    I received my Dove beauty bar soap and gave them to my wife and her friends to test. I've received positive feedback. She always complaints about dry skin and tightness when she washes with soap, but this one leaves her skin feeling soft and smooth without the tightness.
  • Tshegofatso
    Dove Beauty bar - 12 Mar 2018
    Ever since I've started using the dove bar soap, my skin feels so soft and I do not experience any tightness after washing my face. And the dove beauty pack that I received was amazing... I've also fallen in love with their hand lotion.
  • Stephanie
    Dove Beauty Bar - 12 Mar 2018
    Makes your skin softer that any other bar of soap, usually when you use a beauty bar your skin feels dry and weird afterwards like it takes out moisture, Dove Beauty bar puts it back!
  • Lesego
    Dove beauty bar - 12 Mar 2018
    im so in love with the dove beauty bar, it leaves my skin hydrated and smooth
  • S
    Dove - 12 Mar 2018
    The silky feeling on my skin is amazing. So is the softness and fragrance
  • Monicque
    IN LOVE - 11 Mar 2018
    Don't tell my hubby, but I think I am in love!! WOW, what a difference I felt after the first use of my Dove pack!! LOVE LOVE LOVE
  • Andrea
    Great product - 11 Mar 2018
    Great product and good value for money. Leaves my skin feelings soft and moisturized and helped reducing eczema flare ups
  • Bridget
    Dove Bar - 11 Mar 2018
    I saw changes after 3 days of using Dove Bar soap. My skin felt softer and less oily. Patiently waiting to see the dark spots fading away for a more radiant skin
  • Rebecca
    Dove - 11 Mar 2018
    The best soap that I can also recommend to my family and friends
  • Linda
    Dove Beauty cream bar - 11 Mar 2018
    I am 48 now and my skin is extrememly dry. Dove beauty cream bar leaves it soft and hydrated after every wash. I would highly recommend it
  • Zembo
    SOFT TOUCH - 10 Mar 2018
    Atlast i have found my,dove is the only one for me face to my body i just love it thank u so.much.u made my year....
  • Sinenhlanhla
    Dove review - 10 Mar 2018
    Dove made wonders on my skin, it always leaves my skin smooth. I can use it on my face my body and as promised it leaves my face moisturised.
  • Masentle
    Dove - 10 Mar 2018
    Dove has brought my confidence back my skin is even radiant and smooth now. I think Dove is the product I have been waiting for. Thanks Rubybox for introducing me to Dove. I think I will also buy baby Dove range for my son.
  • Brute
    Great - 10 Mar 2018
    Very moisturizing. You can use it in your face as well and leaves it feeling smooth and moisturized. I've been using it for three years now and very pleased everyday.
  • Jo-Ann
    Love it - 10 Mar 2018
    It smells good, soft on skin and good value for money. I have always loved using Dove and will contine to use their products.
  • Winnie
    Dove Beauty BAr - 10 Mar 2018
    I love it I would give it ***** and I'm not going to stop using it I saw a very big difference after the 7 day challenge it smells good and my face is so soft and smooth now
  • nonkululeko
    dove beauty cream bar - 10 Mar 2018
    wow what an amazing soap its speaks for itself, one wash, your face becomes soft, smooth and feel fresh, I will never go back, dove its the way to go
  • Jonathan
    The Dove Man Beauty Bar - 9 Mar 2018
    I'm a man who does not like complicated cleansing routines so the Dove Beauty Bar is ideal for a quick and effective cleanse. Plus it's a real bonus that's its so economical too.
  • Monki
    Great product - 9 Mar 2018
    Before I started using dove soap my skin used to feel dry after a wash, leading to discomfort and irritability. Now my skin feels moist even before i put lotion on. Dove bar soap also helped with skin pigmentation, not completely but it’s getting there.
  • Silindile
    Flawless face - 9 Mar 2018
    My 2015 pregnancy left me with a darker face and neck. Thanks to dove, now I have my complexion and smooth face.
  • Popsy
    Best beauty bar ever! - 9 Mar 2018
    I absolutely loved the way the Dove Beauty Cream Bar left my skin feeling so soft and it smells amazing too :)
  • Nondumiso
    smooth face - 9 Mar 2018
    I usually have pimples that leave spots but since I tried Dove it feels differend I ended up washing my face more offen just to enjoy that feeling it last long but was so overwhelmed by this experience
  • Chantel
    Loved the smell - 9 Mar 2018
    Absolutely loved it. My skin is radiant and soft. I have always loved Dove products. Thank you Dove
  • Constance
    Moisturiser - 9 Mar 2018
    All my friends I have shared the product with, have shifted to dove from all other products that they were using. Thank you dove manufacturer
  • Mkateko
    Dove Bar Soap - 9 Mar 2018
    Oh my word,where do i start..This product is simply Amazing,though its a bit pricy for its size no regrets this bar soap does wonderful things to my skin,its subtle fragranced ,good for sensitive skin..

    Its wonderful having a bar soap to use from face to toe.
  • Andries
    Dove products - 9 Mar 2018
    This is lovely products, most of them i have not used before but now that i have, i can say with confidence that this is a wonderfull product.
  • Constance
    Only dove - 9 Mar 2018
    My family No longer want to hear of any other soap except Dove. My 2 year daughter never used to like bathing but ever since we tried Dove soap, she is now enjoyìng bathing time.
  • Constance
    LIP CARE - 9 Mar 2018
    I never knew I can have soft and smooth lips untill i tried labello vanilla buttercream. I have seen a huge different and now all my friends and family goes for it.
  • Constance
    DOVE THE ONLY WAY - 9 Mar 2018
    I have used dove products for a week now and have seen a huge change at my skin. I'm glowing and have a soft skin, the DOVE bar soap leaves me feeling fresh than ever before.
  • Robyn-lee
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 9 Mar 2018
    Most soaps leave my skin feeling dry, but with the Dove Beauty Cream bar my skin was left feeling hydrated. The smell is amazing and I can use it on my entire body.
  • Lindiwe
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 9 Mar 2018
    This product is amazing. I was reluctant to buy it before but I’m convinced & transformed. I love how gentle it is on the skin. It smells nice and the price is not too steep. Thank you Rubybox & Dive for this opportunity to test!
    Dove beauty cream bar - 9 Mar 2018
    I received my product from a friend of mine.
    Not only is the dove beauty bar excellent to use on your face without drying the skin but it also leaves the body feeling fresh clean and nourished. I find that since I am using it it has also moisturized my underarms which in turn minimizes the dark shadow that regular shaving leaves. I’m very happy with this product and will continue to use it.
  • Tharine
    Smooth fragrance - 9 Mar 2018
    I love the fragrance! And bonus, it makes my skin feel so soft
  • Akona
    Dove beauty cream bar - 9 Mar 2018
    Really hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling softer and looking more radiant.
  • Annie
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 9 Mar 2018
    It leaves my skin feeling and smooth. It also helps a bit to control my oily skin.
  • Mardiyah
    Dove never disappoints - 9 Mar 2018
    This product is more quality leaving my face feel fresh and had a pleasant smell.
  • Leticia
    Dove beauty bar - 9 Mar 2018
    It feels rich, smooth and luxurious as it lathers up to a soft cream. It smells divine and clean. Softens your skin as it cleanses. my entire family using the soap, shampoo & conditioner.
    Thanks DoVe !!!
  • Mardiyah
    Not really fond of it - 9 Mar 2018
    I'm not really fond it. I personally like I little colour and this is why it's not for me. It doesn't smell much like vanilla. My sister loves vanilla but she did not find the vanilla smell that she adores in this product. If you like clear lipice then this is the product of you but if you into a little colour like myself then I don't recommend it for you.
  • Boitumelo
    Dove beauty cream bar - 9 Mar 2018
    I will always us the Dove Beauty Cream because since I used it really I do not have to use foam bath anymore. I will recommend this cream bar to my friends and relative.
  • Snqobile
    Simply Amazing - 9 Mar 2018
    Its gentle on my skin, with a soft but relaxing scent that makes me feel clean and rested.
  • Lethu
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 9 Mar 2018
    I love the feel of my skin after using it and the fragrance is lovely
  • Busisiwe
    simply amazing - 9 Mar 2018
    This product is great, my skin is definitely smoother and softer.
  • Buyiswa
    Dove beauty cream bar - 9 Mar 2018
    My skin is more smoother and lighter.

    Would recommend it to any one who need it

  • Sindisa
    Dove Refreshing - 9 Mar 2018
    Its not just's a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. All in product especially for busy mornings..... Dove is the best in the gets a 10/10 from me.
  • Angelique
    Lovely product - 9 Mar 2018
    This soap is the best soap i have ever used. It is so creamy and keeps the skin moisturised. I Love it.
  • Olivia
    It's soft and smells so good! - 9 Mar 2018
    I started using Dove when I was house sitting for someone. It smells nice and is super soft. My skin feels really clean after washing and I smell fresh. it's an all round good bar which lathers nicely.
  • Robyn
    Overall a Good Product for Glowy Skin - 9 Mar 2018
    I enjoyed trying this product; I have really problem skin with regular acne flare ups. The soap is good to have your skin feeling clean and soft, but not dry. Although there is a visible difference after a week, it did not appear to make my skin more radiant in the sense of even tones. However, it is worth a purchase for softer and moisturised skin in a bar. Also seems to be sensitive enough for all skin types.
  • lethu
    My dove experience - 9 Mar 2018
    It was all like a farytale how my skin feels silky and soft all day after using dove face bar. My face has been smooth and full of moister and it's radiant and beautiful.
  • Thabisa
    Dove Soap - 9 Mar 2018
    I'm so happy that I have used Dove, my blemishes and dark marks are starting to fade away. Thank you Ruby Box Team
  • Kgakgamatso
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 9 Mar 2018
    The beauty bar is excellent. My skin is glowing and feels radiant. Would recommend it to others.
  • tracy
    Dove Beauty Cream Bar - 9 Mar 2018
    I loved the smell and how soft it made my skin feel.

    I've been using it on my children as well and they love it too.
  • Fezeka
    Dove beauty cream bar - 9 Mar 2018
    I've been using it for the past month now and the results are impressive... I mean I get all sort of gud comments about my glowing face, 7day trial for me is my forever I'm never gona trade to anything cos dove beauty cream bar did me some justice. A must have to any female
  • Landu
    Velvety feel - 9 Mar 2018
    I love how the hand cream keeps my hands moist and has a velvety smooth texture. The beauty bar soap as well, but it dried out my skin a bit on the 4th day. The shampoo and conditioner are divine...feel good and lives hair fresh.
  • Nicole
    Dove Beauty! - 9 Mar 2018
    The only beauty product that really works! Really love this soap and will keep using it- As for the other products, wow they are just as magical- Really Love Dove. Thank you for picking me Rubybox.