Brow Wax & Styling Session [FREE VOUCHER]

Drop in now, walk out WOW! Pamper yourself pretty & treat yourself to a FREE Brow wax & styling session on us! *T&C apply

Where the girls in the know get brows on-the-go! Our beloved brow experts will wow your brows, get you glowin’ and so much more! You’ll leave looking & feeling more gorgeous than ever before!

We're giving all rubybox members a voucher for ONE FREE Brow wax & styling session to the value of R145 at any Brow Bar in selected Edgars & Red Square stores (see further below).

How To Redeem Your Free Session Voucher:

1.Find your closest Brow Bar (selected stores below)

2.Call and say you would like to book your free rubybox Brow wax & styling session with Benefit.(*NB to say this as the switch board will need to put you through to the Benefit counter or Brow Bar)

3.Print the voucher image on this page and take with you on the day of your booking

Selected Stores:

Cape Town:

Edgars Canal Walk 021 529 1900

Red Square Canal Walk 021 529 1936 (Brow Bar)

Edgars V&A Waterfront 021 823 8942 (Brow Bar)


Edgars Sandton 011 028 0801 (Brow Bar)

Edgars Mall of Africa 010 596 1470 (Brow Bar)

Edgars Clearwater 011 025 8996 (Brow Bar)

Edgars Mall of the South 087 820 1817 (Brow Bar)

Edgars Centurion 012 663 1400 (Brow Bar)

Edgars Eastrand 011 8232501 (Brow Bar)

Red Square Sandton 011 685 7131 (Brow Bar)

Red Square Clearwater 011 288 5000 (Brow Bar)

Red Square Eastgate 011 621 2981 (Brow Bar)


Edgars Menlyn 012 753 9102 (Brow Bar)


Red Square La Lucia 031 572 3676 (Brow Bar)

Edgars Westville 031 265 0522 (Brow Bar)

Edgars Gateway 031 566 5662 (Brow Bar)

Red Square Westville 031 275 8584 (Brow Bar)

Red Square Pavilion 031 265 0522

Red Square Gateway 031 583 1329 (Brow Bar)

Red Square Musgrave 031 202 8505 (Brow Bar)

Red Square Ballito 087 920 1397 (Brow Bar)

Edgars Pavilion 061 265 0522

Terms & Conditions:

- Valid at the Benefit Brow Bars at selected Edgars & Red Square stores.

- The voucher holder is only entitled to ONE free Brow wax & styling session.

- The voucher is only valid upon presentation of this printed voucher image.

- This voucher can not be exchanged for cash or any products.

- This voucher can not be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers.

- Subject to availability of an appointment time.

- Valid from 22nd July 2017 - 22nd August 2017.

- No guarantees on any voucher, strictly first come first service basis.


  • Elizabeth
    Sisters But Not Identical Twins! - 16 Aug 2017
    Yes eyebrows are indeed sisters but not identical twins. I was happy that the stylist managed to make them look fierce! I must say the silk wax method is less painful than threading. So overall good experience at the V&A Waterfront!
  • Sohana
    Chante was the best! So professional, so informative, SO FUN!
  • romila
    red square - gateway - 16 Aug 2017
    thank you for the voucher .... the technician was super friendly and made waxing so fun with little to no pain!
  • Melanie
    My brows are sisters again - 16 Aug 2017
    First off, thank you Rubybox and Benefit, I really needed to get my brows sorted. I made an appointment at Benefit,Sandton as I had an event there later yesterday and wanted to get on fleek before that. I was assisted by the amazing Michelle as I waited for Yolandi to start. Yolandi is amazing by the way, she took me through the entire process of brow mapping and I learned so much. After completing the first brow she showed me and asked if I'm satisfied etc. So many people walked by and couldn't believe it's my own brows, a clear compliment to her skills. After she finished with both, she styled it with some of their amazing products and I didn't even recognise myself afterwards. I didn't buy anything because I had to make a return Uber trip but will definitely by soon as I have my eye on the duffelbag that they have on promo for when you buy products for R2000 or more.
  • Jaecqueline
    from furious to fabulous - 16 Aug 2017
    so called Red Square Clearwater Mall to be told they have no clue but someone will call me the manageress nogal calls me back tells me I must be smoking something she has no clue what im talking about blah blah etc stupid person you then a nice lady calls back apologising all excuses but I book. get there oops sorry they have no wax and send me off to Edgars. get there very nice lady do a bang up professional job and happy smiley me with gorgeous brows.
  • Liezel
    V & A Edgards Browing - 16 Aug 2017
    Went for my first ever wax at the Benefit counter at the V & A Waterfront. Was quit a present experience, my brows came out very nice. My friend also went said she got a tint and wax. I only got the wax and shaped a bit. But i was still very impressed and i could do all of this in my lunch time ♥
  • Eleni
    WOW - 15 Aug 2017
    I won't lie, I have been petrified my whole life to get my brows done but due to this voucher, I gave it a shot. I went to the V & A branch and it was an amazing experience. The Brow Specialist was really accommodating and made my experience really pleasant. I will definitely be returning again in the near future. And most of all, my brows look amazing AF! :D
  • Saeeda
    Miracle workers! - 14 Aug 2017
    I went for my free session at the Edgars Canal Walk counter 3 hours earlier than my booked time slot and was happily accommodated. The Brow specialist Washiela explained everything I needed to know and as it was my first time doing a brow wax I was a bit apprehensive but constantly reassured by her and made completely comfortable! I had caterpillar brows before, miracles were performed and now have beautiful bold brows. the only downside is that one of my brows was waxed slightly thinner than the other but she showed me how to fill them in correctly. Thank you rubybox for your best promo yet!
  • Kaegan
    Thanks for the voucher - 14 Aug 2017
    I really appreciate the voucher I received. The brow station was absolutely fabulous!!
  • Labeeqah
    Brows were on fleek - 14 Aug 2017
    I am so happy with the way my brows looked. As soon as I arrived I was offered a complimentary sparkling juice by Zodwa who did my brows. She was so friendly and so comforting as I was a bit tense before getting my wax. Not only did she wax my brows but she filled them too and put make-up on my face, telling me exactly which colour suits my complexion and eye brows. I will definitely go back there. I felt like a million bucks and took about 100 selfies because my face and eye brows were on fleek :) I just had to show them off
  • Brenda
    Brow Wax - 14 Aug 2017
    I went to Red square in Sandton City. For a first time getting a wax of any kind, It was worth it and I enjoyed the experience. Now I look more girly with my nicely shaped brows! Thank you Ruby Box.
  • Rajshree
    Benefit Brow Bar - 13 Aug 2017
    The service I received from benefit brow bar at Red square Westville was super excellent. I was truly mind blown. The wax is from Italy. Minimal pain and effort with maximum payoff! My eyebrows look so awesome that I do not want to wash my face, lol. It was transformed from untidy and almost non existent to fabulous! My consultants name was Vanessa, she was so pleasant, professional and super friendly and an awesome saleswoman. I bought soooooo many Benefit products which I am so excited to use. Thank you Rubybox for the opportunity to have such an awesome experience.
  • Mymoena
    BROWS ON FLEEK - 13 Aug 2017
    I'm extremely happy with the outcome of my benefit brow wax and styling session. Eyebrows shaped with a very natural look just how I wanted. Thanks rubybox!
  • Kerry
    Wow Brow! - 13 Aug 2017
    My friend and I took advantage of the amazing voucher from Rubybox and headed off to the Benefit Brow bar for brow styling. We had a great time. Our consultant Ramon was just too wonderful for words. He explained everything from measuring brows to colour and style. He even went so far as to touch up my makeup and give me a little bit of a make over. My brows look fabulous and I will definitely be going back in future for my brow needs. Thank you Rubybox and Benefit for this spoil!
  • Roberta
    Brow wax - 12 Aug 2017
    I went to edgars clearwater mall and the experience was tops. My eyebrows are on point and shaped nicely, it surely was a nice experience and the ladywas really proffesional. I will definately go again.
  • Karen
    Awesome brows! - 11 Aug 2017
    Thank you Chante at the BrowBar, Red Square, Canal Walk for the awesome brow shaping session! Excellent, I definitely recommend going there!
  • Nonto
    Brows on Fleek - 11 Aug 2017
    Im really over protective over my brows since the day my cousin shaved them off when we were kids, so i rarely ever change my wax lady but imma have to leave her for benefit. what i dream i was truly impressed.. they have a proper idiot proof product which makes your feel like a brow pro at home.
  • Melanie
    EXPERIENCE AT BROW BAR - 11 Aug 2017
    I visisted Benefit Brow Bar at Red Square in Canal Walk. Chante, the consultant brows. Absolutelty incredible service. She was very informative about the products and has great people skills which is cricial in this line of business.
    Really happy with the result and I will definitely be back there in 3 weeks for my touch up! Will be buying the brow kit for my daughter
  • Anneline
    Experience at Benefit brow bar - 10 Aug 2017
    Hi Rubies..
    I am amazed with the brow bar at gateway red square.Rish did justice too my brows. It was a great experience and friendly service. Learnt a lot about brow mapping and styling. Will definitely go back. Excellent experience
  • Robyn
    #BrowsOnFleek - 10 Aug 2017
    I went to the Benefit Brow Bar at Red Square in Canal Walk. Chante was the Benebabe that did my brows for the afternoon. She did an incredible job, the was was painless and fast and for the first time my brows look more like twins then distant cousins.
    Really happy with the result and I will definitely be back there in 3 weeks for my touch up!
  • Cary
    Benefit Brow Bar - 9 Aug 2017
    So today I cashed in my free Benefit Brow Wax and Styling Session. First impression was very exciting, bubbly and clean. I'd never seen a benefit Brow Bar before, as we don't have one near where I live so it was such a treat!

    The Benefit consultant was lovely and very sweet. She did an amazing job and my eyebrows look amazing! My only issue was that she was a little messy with the wax and got some in my hair and on my cheeks. But this review is about the brows and that, she waxed to perfection, did a thorough explanation about how to style them to suit my face, was super impressed!

    The product was so soft and I didn't react to it at all(my very fussy and sensitive skin). Their eyebrow range is fantastic, there's something for everyone! I walked out of there with three products myself:)

    Thank you Rubybox for the fantastic experience!
  • melissa
    Benefit brow Sesh.. - 9 Aug 2017
    I had a sweet experience for a first timer. I've never had my brows did and i liked the fact that i had no pain and it looked very natural.
    Benefit Brow experience - 7 Aug 2017
    Excellent service at the Benefit Brow Bar Red Square Pavillion! Quick, easy and painless experience with the most friendly staff. Had the pleasure of purchasing the Gimme Brow which is now a new addition to my daily make up essentials.
  • Bianca
    Brows On Fleek With Benefit - 7 Aug 2017
    It was my very first time having my brows waxed at the Benefit brow bar and this will definitely not be the last time.

    I absolutely love how neat and clean everything was and that they take the time to find out if I am on any medication or treatment that would effect the sensitivity of my skin before starting. I have not been anywhere where they first find out these details.

    I liked how a brow mapping was first done to determine the shape of my brows and how my brow lady first checked if the temperature of the wax was fine for my skin.

    So much goes into each brow session therefore you get your best brows. Not only was it a waxing but my brows were also filled in and styled after. The entire experience was fun, insightful and enjoyable and I will definitely be going back to get my brows on fleek again :)
  • Hilde
    Fantastic Benefit Brow Wax Session - 7 Aug 2017
    I had a lovely brow wax session with my free Benefit Brow Wax Voucher. The products are very soft on your face and the session was very relaxing. I hardly felt any pain or soreness! I also had my brows tinted. I felt pampered afterwards and I would recommend a session like this to anyone! Epic!
  • Mira
    Eyebrows done - 7 Aug 2017
    I had initially made an appointment at Centurion Edgars to get brows done and when I got there, nobody was there to help. The next day I went to Menlyn and got them done nicely. The lady explained the different brow types and was so gentle and friendly.
  • Jenniqua
    Excellent! - 7 Aug 2017
    Hello Rubies! I haven't had a chance to use my voucher yet, but i have had the pleasure of having my brows done by the Brow bar in @ Edgars in East Rand Mall. The service is excellent, the ladies are amazing and they truly make you feel like a beauty queen and a million bucks when you are done. I would really recommend this to all women who want to look amazing at a reasonable price. Really great innovation and service. LOVE IT!!!!!!
  • Adri
    Benefit Brow Wax & Styling Session [FREE VOUCHER] - 7 Aug 2017
    I went to Edgars RS Canal Walk on Saturday the 5th of August.
    Chante was wonderful and made me feel very comfortable. I will go back soon. Great experience and great service. Love the new look
  • Serena
    Benefit Brows on Fleek - 7 Aug 2017
    Hi Rubies

    thanks to Chante of Benefir @ Red Square Canal Walk - i now have Fleek first time waxing my brows and it was a very enjoyable experience, not as sore as threading, I will definitely be back
  • Chigoziem
    Excellent - 5 Aug 2017
    The service was great, I have uneven and unruly brows which I can't tame but I walked out of that chair with brows that made me want to have a night out. It was just amazing
  • Nolene
    Amazed - 5 Aug 2017
    I love my Beautiful Brows made my next appointment. This is awesome
  • Justine
    Brilliant brows! - 5 Aug 2017
    I was very surprised in the difference of my eyebrows as mine are naturally tame, dark and stay in shape with no maintenance. The difference was was the difference in the other clients I saw. I would consider going regularly even though I don't really need it!!!
  • Dineo
    Thanks to Rubybox - 5 Aug 2017
    I had my brows done today and wooow, I'm impressed and I think will keep the same look going forward. I love it!!!
  • sanelisiwe
    The best - 4 Aug 2017
    I actually took a video but you guys dnt seem to have video reviews. I did my eyebrows at redquare la lucia mall. Done by Sinisha. Few minutes n glam on fleek. Was so glad coz i had a break up last 2 months n my sister has been looking for a pick me up. I havent had time to beautify me so this came at a right time. N guess what?? After my brow wax n styling...... i got myself a date for tomorrow. Brows are the best thing that happened. Hopefully this guys is on 'fleek' and i can get a 2nd date. Thank you ruby box.
  • Charlene
    Brows on Fleek! - 4 Aug 2017
    Finally booked my brows appointment at Redsquare in Canal walk. I was running late, as I underestimated the dreaded CT traffic, but when I arrived I did'nt get the cold shoulder at all! :) The gorgeous #benebabe Chanté was super accomodative with me, and still gave me her full time and attention which made me feel very relaxed.

    Work station was small, but neat and they had the cutest props for photo ops! My session was very informative, probably because asked alot of questions. Lol I'm used to getting my brows done, but I have not done the statement bold brow look yet so I was excited to try. She explained everything being done and also the products used. Chanté is very passionate about the brand which made me interested to know more.

    The packaging of the products look a bit cheap to me, but The quality it produced was well worth it.
    End result! Loved it! Mostly because I could see a magical transformation and the fact that brows can be highlighted was an extra plus for me!
    Thank You Benefit and Rubybox for the spoils!

  • Kerishini
    My eyebrows never looked better. - 4 Aug 2017
    I just went into Edgars and stopped by at the Benefit counter. I spoke to a young lady named Roxy, who was extremely friendly and warm. I didn't book an appointment, so she asked if I want to book an appointment or do it right then. I chose to do it right then. She took me to a chair and I sat down. She then gave me a talk about the different styles I can have done. I chose natural because that's how I usually do my eyebrows. I asked if I can do it with my makeup on and she said it's perfectly fine. First, she used a prewax gel on a cotton pad on my eyebrows and I could see that it was also to remove my makeup. She then told me about this little gadget to measure where to wax (where to start, where the arch was going to be, and where to end). She told me that eyebrow shapes depend on the individual face shape. It seemed very fancy. It definitely felt like a full service. She then waxed one eyebrow at a time, and applied cooling gel straight after. The pain was like nothing compared to getting it done elsewhere (eg Perfect10). She then styled my brows and applied brow filler. She gave me a makeover by trying out different Benefit products on me. She's definitely an amazing sales person. I think that where you go definitely makes a difference to how it gets done. I recommend going to Roxy. Roxy is fabulous. I would love to get my eyebrows done with her every 2 weeks, unfortunately, it's too costly for me. But I definitely understand why it's costly because it's a full service. If I had the money, I would definitely pay for it. My mum always says that my eyebrows never looked better.
  • tasneem
    Brows on FLEEK!!! - 4 Aug 2017
    I must say I was very two minded about getting my brows done by someone else but I can honestly say that I am extremely pleased with the results. My eyebrows have a natural shape and Im so happy that the stylist only cleaned my brows and never reshaped them. Thank you so much Ruby Box!!!
  • Nomcebo
    Amazing - 4 Aug 2017
    The experience was utterly amazing, refreshing and a learning curve. Stacey was very kind, professional and informative. The atmosphere and environment was tidy, calm and serene. Felt at home. Will definitely go again. Mind-blowing.
  • Nadine
    Benefit brow wax & styling session - 3 Aug 2017
    Hi Rubies!!!
    So I noticed everyone is raving about their free eyebrow wax & styling sessions (I'm busy envying over here). Unfortunately, I am from the Eastern Cape and we do not have Benefit brow wax & styling facilities at any of our Edgars stores, at least in my surrounding area. I would have loved to go for a wax & styling session as my eyebrows are so not on fleek. In the meantime, I'll add my voucher to my wish list and hope that the next beauty makeover includes the E.C as well. I saw people's reviews and photos and I am very impressed.
  • Charne
    HAPPY CUSTOMER - 3 Aug 2017
    omw what an awesome experience, first time using Benefit i was a bit skeptical, but after having Michaela assist me, i will definitely recommend them to friends and family. GREAT EXPERIENCE
  • Khetho
    Fleeking brows - 3 Aug 2017
    Wow what an aamzing experience! Rish at the Benefit taught me so much that I didn't know. And walked me thought he whole process! Definitely recommending to my friends. Guess who's making regular visits?
  • Susan
    Benefit Brow Bar - 3 Aug 2017
    This was an amazing experience. Every one should try it! The beauty technician was excellent and friendly and the Benefit counter looked amazing.
  • Raeesa
    Best promo ever - 3 Aug 2017
    I had the most amazing experience at the Red Square in Canal Walk with Chante. She was such a doll and I enjoyed every single moment with her. My end result was exactly what I wanted and I will definitely be going back to keep my brows in shape. The best part of this whole experience was the fact that I did not feel pressurized at all into purchasing any products. I do already own a few benefit goodies, however this session was literally obligation free. As much as Chante did explain the benefits of some of the products, I really felt that purchasing them would be MY choice. Well done to Rubybox and Benefit on this amazing experience.
  • Chanel
    Free? Always amazing - 3 Aug 2017
    Anything for free is always great, but when the product is this amazing, it's a double wammy! The beauty technician was absolutely amazing and the Benefit counter looked amazing. Th session went by so quickly and the result was amazing.
  • S
    Benefit Brow Bar - 3 Aug 2017
    The experience was wonderful. The brow bar specialist was so friendly and professional and the wax was almost painless . If you haven't gone yet, don't wait any longer.
  • Ra-eesa
    Hi Rubies
  • Emily
    Amazing experience. - 2 Aug 2017
    This is definitely worth trying out ladies. If you're a busy go-getter woman and in desperate need of some TLC, I honestly recommend this for you.

    I found it so handy that it's located in store so you can just walk in, sit down and relax for 15 minutes. Yes. 15 minutes, that's how long it takes. I loved it because it just became a part of my shopping list: eggs, milk, eyebrow wax, bread. I didn't have to make an extra effort of going to find a beauty salon.

    As for the actual waxing, I've always been a little scared of it. After having this done I feel a bit silly, not only did it not hurt at all but I came out looking glamorous. I received a tonne of compliments and they've stayed looking glamourous almost two weeks later, which is a lot longer than my normal plucking routine would last.

    If you haven't gone yet, I highly recommend you do.
    Wow - 2 Aug 2017
    What an awesome experience. So informative as you get to learn which having your brows be transformed.
  • Bernice
    Brows on Fleek - 1 Aug 2017
    Unfortunately I am not able to use my voucher at the selected store for Pretoria as it is a far drive from me but from what I have seen al over the blogs and videos from members I am impressed with the professionalism of the staff as well as the good quality products and great service. I think this is a fantastic idea and service to the public. A job well done to all the ladies from the Brow Bar.
  • Paroeshka
    Thank you and well done to Edgar's Canal Walk - 31 Jul 2017
    So I went to do my shopping last Thursday and decide to pop in at counter to make a booking. Washiela the assistant had left already but I was told she would call be back. The very next day she did and we booked for 2 hours later. I arrived to a viby Beautiful helpful Assistant. She made me feel extremely comfortable and was not shy to interact at all. I had grown my brows, my hair was a mess and my skin looked like something the cat dragged in. Not once did she make me feel uncomfortable at all and she done a very good job. She also tried link selling a product I would definitely go purchase once I can afford it.

    The counter is also situated in the back of the store so you have minimal foot traffic past you. The section where we waxed also has a raised section so people don't see you and you have some sort of privacy which I absolutely love.

    So thank you for my voucher and well done to Washiela Edgar's Canal Walk
  • Nicky
    Best waxing experience so far - 31 Jul 2017
    I have very bushy eyebrows. I HAVE to wax them otherwise I look like a caveman. But I was never satisfied. I thought maybe I have one of those untameable eyebrows. Born free, free as wind blows type thing.
    I got a voucher from rubybox for a free brow wax and shaping at the benefit brow bar. I went to the Red Square in Canal Walk.

    When I got there, a very friendly and helpful lady Chante greeted me. I didn’t expect much. Thought I will get the same result like all the other waxing. Man was I wrong. She whipped these born free puppies into shape. My brows look fantastic. Beautifully shaped and neatly done.

    The experience was also great. The waxing is almost totally painless. They trim the eyebrows (a LOT of places don’t do this when they should). And then style them with the benefit brow products. Benefit really trains their employees to deliver the best results. I am definitely converted.
  • Courtney
    Great and Insightful - 29 Jul 2017
    Went to the Canal Walk Edgars, where I was warmly greeted and asked about my current eyebrow routine.
    By the end of the consultation I had fantastic looking brows, had learnt a few tips and tricks that I did not know that I needed (and were so easy to pull off) and was suggested products that would suit both my face and current beauty routine.
    It was a super insightful experience that I learnt quite a lot from, and am really happy with the product that I ended up purchasing!
  • Natalie
    Benefit eyebrow style and wax - 27 Jul 2017
    I went to the East Rand Mall Edgars. Upon arriving at the Benefits stand I was greeted by the lovely, friendly and spunky Mbali. She did an outstanding job on my brows and showed me some products I didn't even know existed. Such professional service I would go back to Mbali in a heartbeat.
  • Foyin
    Amazing Service! - 27 Jul 2017
    Let me start this by saying that I've never had my eyebrows waxed or tinted before, and even the thought of anyone doing my eyebrows makes me break out in a cold sweat. That said, when I went to the V&A Benefit counter, I was treated to brow waxing, tinting and styling by the lovely attendant. She made me feel very comfortable and now, a week and a half later, my brows still have the lovely shape and tint to them! It was relatively painless - like yes, waxing hurts a tad but it wasn't excruciating pain, just a small pinch and then it's over! Overall, it was a pleasant experience - my only note is that for waxing and tinting, it costs R280, which is a bit pricey! But the Benefit service was amazing.
  • Sameera
    My Experience at the Benefit Brow Bar - 26 Jul 2017
    Hi Rubies ❤️

    Firstly, I'm not one to get my brows done by just anyone .. I mean brows are the most important feature right? So to be honest I was alittle nervous! ..But I cannot get over the pleasant experience Benefit gave me. The ladies at the Benefit counter were so warm, friendly and made me feel super comfortable.. making sure that I get exactly what I wanted with my brows.

    The wax was painless. The tint came out so beautiful and natural! The shape turned out to be exactly what I wanted. Honestly it was such a pleasure!

    Definitely go ahead with it! I am SO pleased with the results, I will definitely be visiting the Benefit brow bar again!
  • Timita
    My Benefit Brow Experience - 26 Jul 2017
    I had such an amazing experience! They are so friendly and so talented. I learnt so many new techniques and so many things that I didn't even know about my own brows! My brows have never looked better and I could not be happier.
    Check out my full experience and a few little video clips on my website -
  • Bianca
    Benefit Brow Bar Experience - 24 Jul 2017
    In a nutshell, such an amazing experience! They are so professional and your brows are definitely on fleek! Read all about my experience on