John Frieda®
Full Repair Range
Hair Texture All
Hair Concern Dry/damage, Fine/limp, Hair breakage
Rescue hair from distress. Protect delicate, damaged strands, and keep breakage at bay.

Full Repair Strengthen + Restore Shampoo & Conditioner. Reverse the look and feel of damaged hair with every use.

Fortified with Inca Inchi Oil, this strengthening shampoo and conditioner duo helps to restore weak, damaged and brittle hair fibres with every use. The Omega-3-rich formula has been expertly blended to ensure each delicate and damaged strand is protected, to reduce the risk of further breakage and split ends, without weighing your hair down.

Available in: 250 ml size from Clicks Stores with a RSP of R115.95 each

Hydrate & Rescue - Deep Conditioner. Get powerful repair. Intense restoration for over-styled and brittle strands.

Intense repairing formula, with lightweight Incha Inchi Oil, penetrates deep and repairs the look and feel of overstyled hair , reducing the risk of breakage. Damaged hair becomes silky and full. Safe for colour-treated and chemically-treated hair.

Available in: 150 ml size from Clicks Stores with a RSP of R115.95


  • Diketso
    Pricey But Reasonable - 4 Dec 2018
    John Freida is Amazing hair repair product, Saw it on my friend. I would Love to use it too. Price is a consent but It is reasonable cos It does wonders.
  • illze
    Damage Hair - 9 Nov 2018
    Thanks to my friend for introducing me to John Frieda Product. i went thru alot of sress and due that my hair fall out and it is was really thin every time when i comb my hair a lot of hair falls out , but after 3 washes with this product my hair his stronger it smells good and no more hair fall out..John Frieda Product thanks for giving my confidence back
  • Nicky
    awesome product - 11 Sep 2018
    My hair has been flat and dull for a while now. After using John Frieda repair it totally changed. My hair feels much thicker and healthier.
    Definitely a must buy!
  • Tamarin
    John Frieda Full Repair Range - 10 Sep 2018
    I dont usually buy John Frieda, but i discovered it by my cousins house one day when i went to shower, I used it and absolutely loved it, ever since then i have made sure i keep one on hand. Well done to this product
  • wandile
    try it - 28 Aug 2018
    tried this product and it works wonders. repaired my hair and restored its moisture.. would really recommend it for someone with dry hair
  • S'bonisile
    Freda touch - 9 Aug 2018
    What a beauty of a product from the very first wash you feel the difference every human being deserves to have this product in their life
  • Julia
    Full Repair - 24 Jul 2018
    I tried this product out after bleaching my hair. I loved this product from the first wash! My hair immediately felt softer, my scalp was less itchy and breakage became minimal! It has such an enticing fragrance that lasts until your next wash! It definitely lives up to what the product states it should do and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has chemically damaged hair!
  • Leshe'
    John Frieda the ultimate long lasting hair stylist - 26 Jun 2018
    John Frieda is the perfect brand for my hair type which strengthen and restore my hair leaving it with a long lasting shine and moisture and adding volume to my hair and flawlessly straight for my damaged and delicate hair leaving it repaired and silky and full of volume
  • Agnetia
    I give the John Frieda Strenghten and Restore Hair Treatment an honest 10/10, it made a huge difference in my brittle bleached and coloured hair that gets styled every day. And I am going to be honest, any product that keeps me further away from a scissor happy hairdresser, is a 10/10 in my books.
  • Joy
    Good for those with dry hair - 18 Jun 2018
    John Frieda has a lovely new range which is perfect for hydrating dry winter hair. John Frieda has brought out a new full repair strength and restore range which is made up of a shampoo, a conditioner and a hair mask and I am pleased with the result. Over winter hair can often feel brittle and dry, especially when combined with the extra heat we have to apply to get dry hair in the cold weather. The products truly do leave your hair feeling nourished.
  • Jennifer
    John Frieda Full Repair - 13 Jun 2018
    I am blown away by the difference this range has made on my hair in a short period of time. My hair breakage is noticeably different and the texture and manageability of my hair has also improves. I would recommend this range to anybody who uses heat styling on their hair and suffer from dry & damage hair due to heat styling!
  • Patience
    Restoring my crown - 15 Jan 2018
    I had really good hair then when I fell pregnant in 2016 my hair started falling. Eventually had to chop off whatever was left because it had become embarrassing. After I had my baby the hair still wasn't growing enough and I tried several things before I got a recommendation fro a friend to try John Frieda full repair. I wasn't expecting a shampoo and conditioner to change my life! I have witnessed radical transformation in my hair since I commenced using JF products. My hair is growing and the new hair is thicker and healthier than what I lost. I am absolutely thrilled. I know it might seem pricey but its absolutely worth it. I absolutely recommend and will never be without my shampoo and conditioner!
  • simone
    One of a kind - 15 Jan 2018
    John Frieda is a little pricey, but my mom bought it and I actually used when I stayed over at her place. it's the most amazing product you will ever find!

    It gives your hair the shine and look of healthy looking hair. not to mention the smell is out of this world.

    I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has damaged, dry and frizzy hair. you'll see miracles after one use.
  • Carly
    Repeated use = results. - 13 Jan 2018
    I'm not a avid buyer of John Frieda as the price is a little out of the monthly budget range. However recently I got the latest conditioner for my hair and we feels completely spoilt. My hair feels alot more alive after a few uses. Happy customer.
  • mari
    Hair miracle - 24 Dec 2017
    Tried the Shampoo and conditioner after I bleached my hair and it made it super soft and manageable.Definatly recommend John Frieda`s products!
  • Tersia
    Best Ever! - 17 Dec 2017
    Hands down to the John Frieda Full Repair Range, I have tried this product at first my hair felt brittle but just after one wash my hair felt healthy, shinier and luxurious and I must say it gets better with each wash. I will continue to use this product.
  • Kaelyn
    A Hairsaver - 12 Dec 2017
    John Frieda Full Repair Range

    So a week ago I received the John Frieda Full repair range to try out & review!

    The packaging of this product is more on the elegant vibrancy side. The bottle itself being red & black with a transparent cap, for Me it ultimately compliments the packaging , and with the John Frieda hair care you are quick to recognize their products as they are so beautifully and uniquely packaged!

    One of the things I noticed just from opening the lid was the heavenly sent! I absolutely love the smell of this range , it is very lightly sented and leaves your hair not only feeling fresh but smelling amazing! ( I’d buy this range just for the smell to be honest)

    Week 1 :

    I ultimately love love love this range! So back when I was 16 I decided to dye my hair turquoise, which may have looked amazing but it lead to dull and damaged hair in the long run as well as the use of straightens , curling irons and blow dryers my hair lost its radiance - but don’t fret because this product has absolutely revived my hair , from root to tip it’s made my hair look and feel more smoother , Raident and stoft , once again with a fresh smell to it , if I had to describe the smell it would be a very floral- perfume kind of smell ( I promise you’ll love it , it is is not overpowering like most hair products and doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry )

    Week 2:
    This range has beat all the other hair care products I’ve tried, from high end to drugstore! I am completely Inlove ! - I must say out of the three the deep conditioning masque is my favorite, I know that if my hair needs a quick pick me up this product will come to my hairs rescue! All in all this range is definitely my new Top fav and I highly recommend this range! As mentioned you can find this range ( and many others from the John Frieda line) at Your local Clicks at a very reasonable price! So whats you’re excuse ? Go out and see the magic happen on your own hair !!
    The range came with a shampoo , conditioner and hair masque - all which are must haves , after my first wash I immediately noticed a difference in the texture and look of my hair , it was as if my hair came back to life ( I’m aware that sounds weird but that’s the best way to describe it )

    The shampoo washes my hair brilliantly ( I’m sure this is the cleanest my hair has been in months ) I normally put a bit of the product in my hand and then massage it into my scalp ( not forgetting the back of the head by the neck which most people don’t pay attention to)

    The conditioner I normally only apply to my ends as that’s where it is needed the most and can I just emphasize how soft my hair felt when combing through it in the bath!

    The deep conditioner is my ultimate holy grail , I know that if my hair is ever in a lifeless state I can pop that on and rely on it to restore my hairs raidence and health!

    All in all I’m Inlove with this range , John Frieda definitely knows what they’re doing! I would highly recommend this to anyone who has even remotely damaged / lifeless hair - I am so thankful to have stumbled upon this item !

John Frieda®