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Shalom Blac’s Everyday Glam Routine

Shalom Blac’s Everyday Glam Routine article

You know how much we LOVE a celeb beauty routine! Beauty influencer and burn survivor, Shalom Blac, who you might know from her very well-known Instagram account and her stunning makeup looks – is spilling all her fabulous beauty and makeup secrets. Tag along and find out how the beautiful Shalom creates her everyday airbrushed-like […]

Liza Koshy’s skin secrets and go-to bold eye

Liza Koshy's skin secrets and go-to bold eye

Oh, how we love a good ‘get ready with me’ with our fav celebs! The hilarious and quirky actress, television host, comedian and YouTuber, Liza Koshy, spills the tea on her skin secrets and her go-to bold eye look! We can always count on Liza to make us laugh and brighten up our day a […]

73 Questions With Lizzo

73 Questions with Lizzo

We all know and love her dearly! Fabulous American singer, rapper, songwriter and flutist, Lizzo, shows us around her award-filled LA home and answers Vogue’s 73 rapid-fire questions. Lizzo shares her thoughts on collaborating with Liza Koshy, voting, and how she calms her nerves before a show. (Source: 73 Questions With Lizzo | Vogue. Shared […]

Kat Graham’s Beauty Routine

Vampire Diaries fan? Then the gorgeous Kat Graham needs no introduction! The American actress, singer, dancer and model spills the tea on her daily makeup routine, plus how she styles and treats her gorgeous locks! 😍 (Source: Kat Graham’s Natural Hair Beauty Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue. Shared directly from here.) Do you love […]

Guide to Dewy Skin and Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Guide to Dewy Skin and Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Who doesn’t love watching their fav celebs beauty routines and getting some tips from them? Singer-songwriter, Alessia Cara, shows us her beauty secrets! She shares how she achieves her pearl-like complexion and her easy trick for an effortless cat-eye. For more celebs, fashion and everything beauty subscribe to the Vogue YouTube channel. Want some tips […]

Naomi Campbell’s 10-Minute Beauty Routine

Naomi Campbell’s 10-Minute Beauty Routine

The gorgeous and legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell shares her quick skincare routine and beauty tips which gets her ready to take on the day. Naomi’s skin prep and beauty routine includes various interesting products like zinc spray, a microneedle roller, Vitamin C powder and much more! (Source: Naomi Campbell’s 10-Minute Beauty Routine | Beauty Secrets […]

The Best DIY Beauty Tips from Vogue

Is everyone also feeling the post-lockdown pinch like we are? Yeah, we feel you because keeping up with the beauty game isn’t cute when you don’t have the extra cash, however, we’ve been ahead of the game to try hunt down some cost-free beauty tips that you can try at home. Who doesn’t love a […]

Kehlani’s everyday quarantine skin-care routine

Kehlani's everyday quarantine skin-care routine

The stunning, Kehlani, shares her dry skin skin-care routine and how she keeps her skin hydrated while indoors. She also shows her gorgeous sunset-inspired makeup look and shares some tips on how to glow even when stuck inside! (Source: Kehlani’s Everyday Skin-Care Routine and Guide to a Glowing Face | Beauty Secrets | Vogue. Shared […]

73 Questions with Cardi B

73 Questions with Cardi B

We are 11 days into lockdown and what an achievement that is! Catch up with Cardi B as she answers 73 questions with Vogue. Joe from Vogue asks Cardi a range of questions from her favourite restaurant to her favourite song. He even asks her if there was anything that she wishes she could re-do […]