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LUX Even-Tone Beauty Bar [Ruby Ratings]

LUX has created the Lux Even-Tone beauty bar that is targeted to women looking for even-toned, glowing skin. This beauty bar is made up of bentonite clay particles, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C which together help achieve even toned healthy glowing skin. Along with floral beauty oil, cocoa butter and lily extracts that help achieve […]

Glow on up, unapologetically with LUX Even-Tone beauty bars!

rubies, it’s time to #GlowUnapologetically this Spring with LUX Even-Tone beauty bars. Being a woman is always a reason enough to celebrate but with LUX Even-Tone, there is even-more reason and opportunities to celebrate the skin you’re in! Often, we as women are only seen for our physical appearance but we’re here to tell you […]