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[Bloggers Review] LUX Even-Tone Beauty Bar 🫧

LUX has created the Lux Even-Tone beauty bar that is targeted to women looking for even-toned, glowing skin. This beauty bar is made up of bentonite clay particles, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C which together help achieve even toned healthy glowing skin. Along with floral beauty oil, cocoa butter and lily extracts that help achieve […]

ruby reviews & ratings: Nivea Beauty Essence Deodorant

Beauty Where You Least Expect It We are all self-conscious about a part of our bodies but your underarms should be the least of your worries. What’s unique about the Nivea Beauty Essence Deodorant collection is that it combines 4 skin benefits: skincare, shave care, beauty and naturalness in order to achieve beautifully even, silky-soft […]