Panado® Paediatric Syrup 5 ml sachets

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Panado® is trusted by South African families to offer fast, relief of pain and fever associated with headaches, toothache and colds and flu.1-7,8a

If you have little ones, you know there are always times when you need to soothe away hurts and pains, and even fever, but if you are away from home you may not have what you need on hand.

Panado® 5 ml sachets contain the well-known and trusted1 Panado® Paediatric syrup in peppermint flavour but in a convenient sachet that you can carry in your bag when you are out and about.6 If you have Panado® sachets on hand you will be ready for your little one’s pain and fever anytime, anywhere.

Grab a pack and always keep a few on hand for convenient relief on the go.

Panado® contains paracetamol, which boasts over 150 years of clinical experience9c and offers a dose of care for the whole family, from tiny tots to grandparents.2-7 It gets to work quickly to relieve pain and fever and is gentle on tummies.8a,9b,10d,e

There is a wide range of Panado® products suitable for both adults and children including capsules, tablets, effervescent tablets and syrups.2-7

Always administer using a medicine measure or a syringe. Panado® PaediatricSyrup 5 ml Sachets are for single use only. Discard remaining contents of sachet after administration of the correct dosage.


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Panado® Paediatric Syrup 5 ml sachets

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