Woman used R389 to buy seeds 2 years ago, she now employs 40 people and exports veggie

Women buys seeds instead of going to the hairdresser & now exports produce to Dubai

Ntando Thabethe never intended her backyard to become a full-time business.

Ntando left the company she was working for as the company had to relocate from Pinetown to Johannesburg and she could unfortunately not move as well.

As Ntando’s husband was now the only breadwinner for their family, she saw an opportunity in her backyard to grow crops for food. Ntando says “My husband gave me money to do my hair, but I decided not to go to the salon. Instead, I bought seeds worth R389 with it, and when I got home, my husband was surprised by my decision.”

In a matter of months, Ntando was known for her sanctuary garden and businesses around the community approached her to supply for them!

At this time, Ntando has been in the industry for 2 years and has established her business ‘Elite Crop’, supplies 8 tons of vegetables to Oxford Fresh Markets’s three stores, signed a contract with a company in Dubai to supply dried production, has been awarded funding by the Agribusiness Development Agency (A.D.A.), is planning to rent a farm in Zwelibonvu AND has given jobs to about 40 people with plans on employing more!

What an amazing and inspiring story to see Ntando grasping an opportunity and RISING UP! ♥︎

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(Article and images source: FEEL GOOD | Ntando used R389 to buy seeds 2 years ago, she now employs 40 people and exports veggies. W24)


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