heatless curls

Heatless curls using only a robe tie!

Beauty YouTuber, Shonagh Scott, shows us how to create gorgeous voluminous curls using NO HEAT! Robe tie heatless curls have gone viral on all social media platforms and girls all over the world are obsessed with this easy, super effective method. Shonagh, shows us how she uses this method, but with her own twist to it.

(Source: Heatless Curls Tutorial | Shonagh Scott. Shared directly from here.)

Have you given this a try rubies? Share a picture of your gorgeous bouncy curls with us in the comments♥︎

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4 thoughts on “Heatless curls using only a robe tie!

  1. Natasha S. says:

    Wow what an amazing and simple Technique to achieve the most Beautiful Curls I’ve seen in a while I’m Totally blown away with this heat less curls and using no products that’s a bonus for sure ☺ I’m most definately going to give it a go this weekend!! Love that the curls starts from the root looks so natural and for sure VOLUMINOUS. Thank you Shonagh Scott for sharing your great Technique☺ I Love Love Love it 😇

  2. Jo-Anne M. says:

    Wow I love your curls! I have tried this with some leave in conditioner and thinner robe but my curls were a bit heavy and smalll. Will try the thicker robe today and with no product on my hair. I am excited to try this
    Thx for sharing