Where they’ve come from
For over 100 years, NIVEA has been producing top quality skincare and body products. It all started in 1911 with the little tin of NIVEA Creme. Used as a body balm, shaving cream, aftershave and face cream, this multi-purpose product is a household staple all over the world, and one of the most successful skincare products ever. Today, NIVEA is known for its large array of trusty skincare, body care and sun care products.

Where they’re going
From humble beginnings to world domination, NIVEA products are currently sold on all continents and can be found across the world. A favourite brand among beauty editors and consumers alike, NIVEA continues to create bigger and better formulations and products, and to deliver only the best. From the tiny tub of multi-purpose creme, NIVEA has grown to produce a large selection of skincare, body care and sun care products, and are today well-known for the Q10 range.