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Make Beautifully Soft Skin an Essential with the NEW Dove Nourishing Body Care Collection

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Make Beautifully Soft Skin an Essential. With so many things on our minds, it can be easy to forget self-care, so we want to make sure we’re here for you. To stay healthy and nourish our bodies we make sure we drink water, eat our vegetables, and keep active. We feel great when we look […]

This Is Why You Should Be Using A Day & Night Cream [WIN]

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Why you should be using a day & night cream? We’ve all heard about skincare routines and different products we need to apply at different times of the day, but for some, this can be overwhelming when it comes to all the products available. Back to basics of skincare and the two most important products […]

DIY honey masks for healthier skin

DIY honey masks for healthier skin

(Banner images from Audrey’s Instagram) Running out of things to do in your beauty routine? I know it’s becoming increasingly impossible to entertain yourself as this lockdown continues and going back to normal life seems like a distant dream. Thank goodness for people like YouTuber Audrey Victoria, who keep us feeling entertained by trying new […]

Dr Mona Vand’s Facial Exercises that Beats Botox

Dr Mona Vand's Facial Exercises that Beats Botox

We are all so focused on exercising our bodies, we forget about doing the same for our face. It’s time to channel that discipline we have for our bodies to our forty three muscles in our face. What are face exercises? Face exercises is like resistance training but for your face and instead of using […]

Breaking down what’s behind your breakouts

Breaking down what's behind your breakouts

(Banner images from here and here) Don’t you just love waking up in the morning to find a new spot on your face? Yeah, neither do we. When spots come we are sometimes quick to blame hormones, right? However, our eating habits can also affect the condition of our skin. Our skin is a lot […]

Gross blackhead removal videos we can’t stop watching

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When someone says don’t think of a pink elephant what do you think of? A pink elephant. The same goes for gross blackhead removal videos which we can’t stop watching. These videos are stomach-turning, vomit-inducing footage that beauticians have shared with the followers on Instagram. Dr. Pimple Popper was the first time many were introduced […]

Lockdown stress has you breaking out, here’s your go to guide for every type of spot

Lockdown stress has you breaking out, here’s your go to guide for every type of spot

With the lockdown stress and the changing of the seasons it very normal for your skin to be having a minor meltdown. Whether your skin has been super dry or producing a lot more oil you can definitely guarantee a breakout. When there is a change in seasons it is important to alter your regime […]