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7 Benefits of Dry Brushing 🤍

It is very inexpensive and takes only 2-5 minutes a day, we’re talking about dry brushing. What is dry brushing and what are the benefits? The idea behind dry brushing is to get your lymphatic system moving, which helps your body metabolise and get rid of toxins lingering inside. Lymph congestion is a major factor […]

The Pits – 5 Easy Ways to Manage or Avoid Underarm Irritation from Shaving 

The Pits – 5 Easy Ways to Manage or Avoid Underarm Irritation from Shaving   Itchy, dry, and irritated underarms are a can be caused by many factors including shaving.   Our underarms have delicate skin that is more prone to reacting after shaving, which can cause a bumpy or a sensitive armpit rash.   Luckily, with just […]

Foods That Soothe Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin? Food intolerance, weather, eczema, genetics and very dry skin can actually increase your skins sensitivity. Signs that your skin could be reacting to the above may be bumps, become inflamed, flush, and have weakened capillaries that cause thread veins. We’ve rounded up the top super foods to heal from within […]

Is Beauty Sleep Really a Thing?

Have you ever heard of the expression “I need my beauty sleep”? Well according to specialists the benefit of enough sleep is remarkable. Here is why you should get enough sleep.. Less wrinkles – The skin produces new collagen when we sleep. The more collagen your body has, the more elastic your skin is and therefore […]

Are Everyday Habits Giving Us Wrinkles?

Do the words “if you pull a face like that, it’ll stay that way” ring a bell? Turns out our moms may have been onto something. Dr Janet Wu, a respected dermatologist, believes that our muscular movements contribute to skin ageing. Dr Wu explains that the way we manipulate our faces can cause wrinkles, and as a […]

Feminine Hygiene Mastered

Did you know that a Healthy, Happy Vagina is a pH-balanced vagina? Measured on a pH scale that runs from 0-14+[7a], a healthy & happy vagina maintains an ideal slightly acidic pH balance of 3.8-4.5.[7b] This Ideal pH Balance keeps good bacteria optimal & bad bacteria (that could cause infection, discomfort) to a minimum.[12a] Using […]

Fragrance 101

Fragrance 101 We may not be wearing a whole lot of makeup due to staying indoors most of the time, but it’s certainly a great time to find our signature fragrance.  (Scroll further down for an incredible discount on Fragrance this July) Perfume can be incredibly powerful, and can even end up becoming an essential […]

Getting Rid of Ingrown Hairs

If you shave or wax, you’re probably no stranger to ingrown hairs. These inflamed red hair follicles are unsightly and sometimes even painful, which can cause some insecurity and discomfort. Not to worry – they’re totally normal and there are ways to treat and prevent these pesky bumps. The direction that hair is supposed to […]

Should You Be Shaving Your Face?

There are all sorts of crazy beauty trends to be found on Tiktok. Lately, videos of women shaving their faces have been popping up left right and centre! This might sound strange if you haven’t come across it before, but it isn’t a new craze. It’s called dermaplaning, and it’s been one of influencers’ many […]