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It’s Spring! Watch Us #GlowUp & Watch Us Blossom with Bernini

Spring is here and it’s time for us to #GlowUp and Blossom with Bernini! Bernini has launched their NEW 500ml cans for their Bernini Real Sparkling Spritzer Made from Wine, that allows for more convenience, better value, and a #GlowUp for any occasion. Take Bernini with you to add the #Glow on your Spring adventures […]

7 Benefits of Dry Brushing 🤍

It is very inexpensive and takes only 2-5 minutes a day, we’re talking about dry brushing. What is dry brushing and what are the benefits? The idea behind dry brushing is to get your lymphatic system moving, which helps your body metabolise and get rid of toxins lingering inside. Lymph congestion is a major factor […]

What does your coffee reveal about you? ☕️

What does your coffee reveal about you? Did you know that the type of coffee you drink may reveal more about your personality than you think? Have a look below and see what type of person you are according to the coffee you drink Drink Personality Traits The Light Side The Dark Side Black coffee […]

Are you quiet quitting?

Are you quiet quitting? Many employees are looking to “quiet quit” their jobs. This doesn’t mean that they are actually looking to leave their jobs. They are simply limiting their work to the signed contract hours they agreed to when starting the job. Nothing more, nothing less. This trend has been recognised by users going […]

9 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water 💦

The most common skincare tip I think we have all heard before is – ‘Drink More Water’!! Not only does water benefit our skin, it helps our body function better, and basically survive. The average adult body is made up of between 55-60 percent water, which is why it’s so important to replenish and refresh […]

How to form a new habit (and stick with it) in 7 steps 📓

Have you ever set a goal, small or big, and gave up on it mid-way? We all have and there is nothing to be ashamed of. We live life and we learn – BUT that is what we are here for, to stand together, lift each other up and help one another achieve their goals! […]

[WIN] Everyone Everyday Needs Sun Protection

As women we all love to follow a routine. Be it a haircare routine, makeup routine or a workout routine. No matter the routine we do them so we can feel in control and beautiful and to achieve the best results possible for those areas of concern. We all know that if we skip a […]

Giving you the ‘lighter’ life this Summer with Vawter Hard Seltzer

Yay for warmer days and earlier rises. Summer is officially heading our way and what a better way to celebrate its arrival then with Vawter Hard Seltzer. Staying on the ‘lighter’ side of life this Summer is definitely where it’s at and Vawter Hard Seltzer makes it so effortless and easy. We all want to […]

3 Ways To Become A More Conscious Consumer

Most of us don’t consider the lengthy process that a product goes through to get to store shelves.  From production to packaging to transportation, every commodity has an impact on those involved in its manufacturing and the environment.  In a world where the cheap reigns supreme, this impact is often negative. Conscious consumerism is defined […]