Fragrance 101

Fragrance 101

We may not be wearing a whole lot of makeup due to staying indoors most of the time, but it’s certainly a great time to find our signature fragrance. 

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Perfume can be incredibly powerful, and can even end up becoming an essential part of how we present ourselves to the world, they can also bring back powerful memories, as the part of your brain that processes scents are directly connected to the part that stores memories.

This can be a really beautiful thing and also help you to stick in people’s minds.

Finding your perfect fragrance can be tricky since different scents will interact differently with your body’s chemistry. Everybody has a different natural smell, and you should find something that compliments you as an individual.

You will have heard about fragrance notes, which can be overwhelming as they may seem hard to identify. It’s actually easier than you think!

There are two primary scent families – warm and fresh.

  • Warm scents include things like fougere (fern), leather, and oriental smells. Oriental is quite a broad spectrum. It tends to include sweet and spicy sensual smells such as cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon, jasmine, orchid and orange blossom. You’ll sometimes hear warm fragrances being referred to as “winter perfumes”, though perfume isn’t season exclusive.
  • Fresh scents include citrus, floral and aromatic smells. These are your “summer perfumes”.
  • There is a category that is a mixture between the two, and these are generally woody and more earthy scents.

Ever sampled a perfume and noticed how its scent changes over time? This is because of the different fragrance notes that it’s made up of. Understanding fragrance notes is the last step and perhaps the most complicated. Once you know what to look out for, however, you’ll be able to identify them with ease.

Here, we’ve got our top notes, heart notes, and base notes. Fragrances are multi-layered and will reveal new smells as they fade. Some perfumes are a mixture of both scent families, so keep that in mind when identifying each note.

  • Top notes are your grand opening. This is the first thing that you’ll smell. They evaporate quickly but are essential to the makeup of the perfume.
  • Heart notes are what you’ll smell once the top notes have faded. They are generally considered to be the main event, and they last longer than the top notes. They’re often full-bodied.
  • Base notes are the finale. This is the smell that lasts the longest and will linger, making them the most memorable. They mingle with the other notes to create a lasting impression.

Make sure that you’re playing with all sorts of scents that you love to figure out what compliments you best.


One of our current favourites and one that we highly recommend is La Vie Eau de Parfum by Justine.

This playful, feminine scent will have you connecting to and celebrating your womanhood with confidence, and it suits pretty much everyone. It contains a multitude of beautifully complementary scents. Make an impression with top notes of grapefruit, apple, and pink pepper before revealing a light yet well-rounded mixture of jasmine, lily, and orange blossom.

Wear to reveal a base of sensual vanilla, vetiver, orris, and patchouli. Being a mixture of both warm and fresh scents, it’s perfect for any season and is an absolute steal – grab it while it’s on special during the month of July.

You save R184 when buying  La Vie Eau de Parfum – 50ml – the normal price is R439, but for the month of July you pay only R255!

Buy it online via Justine’s website and SHOP NOW

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  1. andiswangqume says:

    It looks so alluring and elegant, I hope it smells just as it looks. I’ve tried Justine facial products but none of the perfumes. This I’d like to try out.

  2. Melissa Osborne says:

    Looking forward to testing this mesmerizing scent.

    If I don’t get to be a tester, I would just have to purchase the perfume.

    It sounds like a winner.

    Thank you @rubybox

  3. Mrs_Lookus says:

    Great article. I thought I was the only one wearing perfume whilst working from home. It makes me work better and like things are back to normal again. I also put on lipstick so when I catch my reflection on the mirror I look nice for myself. After all I am my greatest asset

  4. Refilwe Modisaesi says:

    I filled in the opt in form knowing it’s a perfume but it turned out with alcohol related questions but yah we will see what’s in the package…I hope I get chosen 🙌🙏🏾