Beauty where you least expect it! [NIVEA Beauty Essence Deodorant]

Feeling self-conscious about your underarms? Most of us don’t think of this area as a beautiful one, just as another part of our bodies. NIVEA’s NEW Beauty Essence Deodorant range is here to shut that thought DOWN! Your underarms can be even-toned, soft, smooth, have character and make you feel great when you uncover them.

NIVEA’s NEW Beauty Essence Deodorant collection combines 4 skin benefits: SKINCARE, SHAVE CARE, BEAUTY and NATURALNESS for beautifully even, silky-soft & protected underarms every day. Formulated with precious milk essence, vitamins and minerals, it helps recover your natural skin tone and protects the skin’s moisture for silky and smooth skin.

The NIVEA Beauty Essence Deodorant range consists of two fragrances, White Musk & Jasmine Petals OR Waterlily & Apple, available in both Roll-On and Aerosol formats. The range contains 0% alcohol and instantly absorbs, with 48-hour protection.

We have carefully selected a group of profiled rubies to test & review NIVEA’s Beauty Essence Deodorant Roll-on White Musk & Jasmine Petals for 2 weeks.

To follow their journey, keep a lookout for the below hashtags and upcoming ratings and reviews on rubybox! #rubybox #rubyboxdeobeauty #NIVEASA #deobeautyessence

477 thoughts on “Beauty where you least expect it! [NIVEA Beauty Essence Deodorant]

    • masegomabuso says:

      Dark underarms are a nightmare! I’m glad I Wil flaunt mine this coming summer thanx to the new Nivea. #rubybox#rubyboxdeobeauty #NIVEASA#deobeautyessence

  1. Dimpho Natasha says:

    Been struggling from dark underarms and this will be a game changer
    Me and my girls can’t wait to try these out

  2. Sandisile Zungu says:

    I would really like to test this product, i don’t know how many products i have tried for my dark dull underarms and nothing works, even tried bleaching creams but it get worse and very smelly.

    #rubybox #rubyboxdeobeauty #NIVEASA #deobeautyessence

  3. chwayitaphangwa says:

    #rubybox #rubyboxdeobeauty #NIVEASA #deobeautyessence

    My underarms are so reluctant when it comes to deodorant I sometimes have to hide my armpits in pictures with emojis because of how dark and dry they look, I feel like this new deodorant will pick up my down self-esteem from the ground. having normal armpits like everyone would be a great thing it will boost confidence wearing dresses with long sleeves wont be my thing again..

    Thank you #NIVEASA for always creating space for every skin type and differences.

    #rubybox #rubyboxdeobeauty #NIVEASA #deobeautyessence

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