What Is Milia?

Milia is a skin condition which according to dermatologists it is often mistaken for whiteheads, as they tend to be yellow or white in colour.

When in fact Milia are tiny keratin-filled cysts which develop on the surface of the skin. They are hard balls of keratin, opposed to liquid sebum and bacteria which make up pimples. Milia is extremely difficult to remove and cannot be squeezed.

These hard balls of keratin are due to a build up of dead skin cells and your skin’s natural oils. You will be able to identify milia bumps from their placement as they are commonly found around the eyes, nose and on your cheeks.

Milia is often caused due to a lack of skin cleansing. It is therefore essentially to cleanse your skin properly twice a day. Thick face creams can also lead to milia as they clog facial pores. If you suffer from milia it is advised that you switch to a lightweight water-based moisturiser.

Follow these three steps if you suffer from Milia:

Exfoliate often – Regular exfoliation will help with removing dead skin cells as well as it will help tone down your skins oil production. When it comes to exfoliating the key is to start slowly in order to not irritate your skin by only exfoliating once a week and then gradually beginning to exfoliate twice a week.

Invest in retinol – Retinol increases your skin-turnover and therefore helps to bring cells to the surface to prevent their formation.

Leave it to the professionals- Do not try to squeeze at home. As there is a thin layer of skin which covers the buildup, so nothing will come out and you will risk scaring your face if you forcefully try and squeeze the little bumps.

Let us know if you suffer from Milia and if you have any at home remedies? x

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