Ways to Improve YOUR Mental Balance

Ways to Improve YOUR Mental Balance

Who doesn’t need some help in this department with the current state of affairs that we are all experiencing? Times are tough and right now if we can be honest with ourselves there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of this tunnel anytime soon. Despite that being said we all need ways to help cope and improve our mental health.

If one things for sure is that you shouldn’t ever feel stuck or alone in your mental state – we are here for you and have researched a few tips to help improve this. We would recommend implementing at least a few of these in order to see positive improvement in your daily lives.


  • Mediate daily – we promise it helps to set your intentions for your day ahead
  • When you start feeling more anxious than normal spend time in nature and peaceful environments
  • Create a relaxation corner in your home or office space
  • Exercise daily – even if it’s just taking your dog for a walk around the block
  • Develop a strict sleep schedule
  • Try catch yourself when overthinking and try come back to the present
  • Find soothing ways to relax alone
  • Create healthier habits
  • Be kind to yourself – it all takes time
  • Listen to mental health podcasts
  • Learn to focus on the present moment and find the good in every day
  • Develop a relaxing hobby – painting, yoga or knitting
  • Eat more foods rich in Magnesium, Vitamin B and C group vitamins
  • Use essential oil to calm your mind – Lavender is great for this!
  • Do a digital detox challenge – remember no one posts their worst on social media
  • Enjoy some sunshine daily
  • Take a relaxing bath once a week – light candles and everything
  • Try to socialize a little regularly
  • Budget a few indulgences or pleasant purchases and spoil yourself a little every month

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So rubies will any of you be using these tips and tricks and implementing them into your daily routine? Let us know in the comments section below. Remember to always make time for yourselves it’s super important.

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29 thoughts on “Ways to Improve YOUR Mental Balance

  1. Zuriena Sasman says:

    Great article👌will definitely be using these tips and tricks and implementing it into my daily routine. Needed this… Thank you #rubybox

  2. josephinekhabi says:

    Thank you rubybox,I have a relaxing hobby which is crocheting☺️whenever I do that time flies,no over thinking about anything and no watching television,peaceful moments.

  3. faithgabaza says:

    Thank you for this article, the Season we are in has had us overthinking and at one time I had an anxiety attack, i never want to experience that again,I really needed this

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