Upgrade your hairstyling – downgrade the damage

Between bleaching, the sun and those savage heat stylers, our hair is easily more tortured than that dude from Homeland.

Luckily for us, a couple of innovators have said NO to styling that comes at the expense of healthy hair and have created a beautiful world where glossiness, sexy straightness, high ponytails and golden streaks can live together on one head.

Meet the products and brands we’ll be relying on to keep both our hair and hairstyles in great condition this year:

FHI Heat Mini Styler and FHI Heat 1 Inch Ceramic Textured Curling Rod
Using the power of heat for good, the tourmaline technology used on these stylers actually helps lock in moisture, fight frizz and protect hair from damage.

FHI Heat Hot Sauce
Turn heat into a hair health asset with this thermal conditioner, which infused with heat-activated jojoba crystals which fortify your locks with moisture.

Invisibobble Traceless Hair Rings
Perfect for the gym or a haute couture high ponytail, these hair rings distribute pressure evenly giving you the perfect pony without pulling or damaging your hair – or giving you a headache.

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray
Get beach-inspired waves even when you’re stranded inland. This gentle volumising spray creates casual, sexy waves without you having to spend hours in the damaging sun. But if you are an outdoors kinda gal, there’s more good news.
The formula is also packed with powerful UV protectors and Provitamin B5 – a few quick spritzes will not only style, but also protect against sun exposure, fading and dehydration.

Marc Anthony Easy-Lites Instant Highlighting Spray
Say goodbye to the expensive, the time and the ridiculous looking foil at hair salons, and hello to instant summery streaks at a fraction of the cost and the damage. Suitable for all hair colours, just separate pieces, spray and flat iron to activate your highlights. LOVE!

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