Tip Tuesday #55 – Part 1

What Type of Lip Shape Do You Have?

Last Tip Tuesday we had a few comments and questions from our rubies asking “what lip colour do I wear for my lip shape”. Below we will briefly discuss the different types of lip shapes, as well as what colours to wear with each type.

Full Lips

Both top and bottom lips are full in volume. These are the lips most women (and men) crave. Angelina Jolie is well known for her voluptuous lips, and our very own Bonang Matheba has a beautiful pout as well! This lip shape can pull off any colour – it just depends on your personality. Gorgeous full lips really do look great in any shade – be daring and rock your beautiful pout 😉

However, if you want to ‘tone-down’ a full lip you can achieve this with a dark matt colour lipstick. Dark plums and reds with help make your lips appear thinner.

Thin Lips

These lips have noticeably less volume in both top and bottom lips. A well-known celebrity who has thin lips (and hides them very well with good colour choices) is Courtney Cox.

To make your lips appear fuller always go ‘lighter’ (nudes) and ‘glossier’ – the reflection of light will give the illusion that they are bigger/fuller.

Thin on the bottom – Full on the top

The best of both worlds – Tyra Banks is a well-known celebrity with this lip shape. Although this can look out of balance – make-up comes in handy when masking this shape.

Wide Lips

One of the most famous smiles in Hollywood – Julia Roberts – shows us that with the right colours and tricks you can easily work with this shape and even out your lips so they don’t look out of proportion.

Bowed Lips

These lips have a natural curve that makes it seem you are smiling – even when you are not. A home grown honey has this lip shape – Charlize Theron.

The Cupids Bow

Pretty much ‘perfectly proportioned’ lips with the right amount of curve on the upper lip. Taylor Swift has a Cupid Bow set of lips.

So rubies there you have it. If you know your lip type you can work on your lips and shape them better to get the look you want. With different kinds of cosmetic products, changing your lip shape and type is not a problem anymore. You just have to know the right technique for the type of lips you have.

See you next Tuesday x