Tip Tuesday #30

Here are some tips to give you that extra va-va voom you sometimes really just need. Try out one of these tips everyday and please let us know if you get that extra-boost you are looking for…

Going to the gym or for a walk? Trade your old t-shirt (that we know you love to train in) and tattered athletic pants for gym-bunny gear: body-skimming yoga pants and a sexy tank top. You’ll want to stay at the gym longer and will feel a lot more confident!

Tuck a picture of yourself from a favorite vacation (maybe that one of you relaxing on the beach in a daring bikini after a great diet) into your wallet or an image of you at your happiest time. Pull it out any time you need a boost and remember just how gorgeous and loved you are.

Don’t just stride – strut. Swaggering like a bombshell is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You know how fresh and gorgeous you feel first thing in the morning? By the midafternoon that feeling starts to fade, so put on some pretty gloss to restore your “I am gorgeous” self-confidence

Go online and buy a bottle of massage oil (passionfruit.co.za). Studies suggest that just thinking about a fun event (like a full body rubdown) can give you the energy to power through a slump.

Mute your cellphone at 9 p.m. Hearing your phone, or even thinking that you hear it, can make you restless and put you on edge.  You’ll be more likely to recharge if you don’t feel hunted and that the boss is calling you every 5 minutes.

Put a little fluffy rug underneath your desk. Midway through the day, take off your shoes and scrunch your toes into the soft, comforting material. You can also use a tennis ball should you want to do some at-work-reflexology.

Skip the happy hour, and order a flute of champagne or Italian prosecco instead. With its classy reputation, bubbly has the power to make you feel like a celebrity on any ordinary evening.

Upgrade that bottle of water you have on your desk by adding a few slices of lemon and cucumber – it’s tasty and your skin will thank you for it. Nothing says gorgeous like glowing skin.

There you have it rubies, wishing you a love filled Valentines weekend x

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