This Is What Happens When You Learn To Love Being Alone

We tend to forget how important it is to actually spend time alone along with all the great benefits alone time brings.

So if you are recently single or longing for a bae, here are a few reasons why life gets better when you learn to love being alone.


You feel more energised 

Have you ever noticed how exhausting making conversation can be? Screaming back and fourth across a crowded bar really can begin to take its toll. So why not try skipping out on that Friday happy hour and have a full night to recharge your batteries and avoid feeling hungover come Saturday brunch.


You won’t have to compromise 

Think about how long it takes to decide on a restaurant or never mind what series you and bae are going to stream n Netflix. When you are solo, there is no hassle you can watch whatever you heart desires and even better you do not need to work around anyone’s schedule when it comes to wanting to try that new restaurant you have been eyeing out.


You value your relationships more 

When you love being on your own, making plans with people means that you choose exactly who you want to spend your precious time with, and it also makes you aware of who your true friends are and who is or isn’t worth giving up your free time for.


Your conversations are better

Now that you won’t be making plans for the sake of making plans, you will have more to talk about when you actually do meet up with people. Unlike when you have seen the same person/people for the past couple of weeks straight.


You become more productive 

Scheduling alone time in your life has actually been linked to an increase in productivity. By allowing yourself to relax, you essentially are allowing your mind to recharge making tomorrow’s to-do list a lot easier to accomplish.


You get to know yourself 

We often think we know ourselves, when in actual fact we don’t. But once you take a step away from everyone else’s agenda’s, you soon get a deeper idea of what you really enjoy doing and what you have actually just been tolerating.


You feel less judged 

Loving your alone time means that you don’t need anyone’s approval when it comes to making plans you can do whatever your heart desires with zero judgement from others.


You go on better dates 

When you learn to love being alone, the idea of giving up a night to yourself at a bar with a stranger seems rather ridiculous. You tend to become more selecting of who you’re giving your free time to, you therefore probably have got a better chance of having a successful first date. Of course, you can’t dodge all the bullets but you can avoid a lot of bad dates this way.


You feel more confident 

After you learn to love being on your own, you become more comfortable with yourself and your ways. This is because as soon as you stop seeking validation from others, your confidence automatically skyrockets. A great way to learn to love yourself is by incorporating daily affirmations into your daily routine as well as getting rid of those toxic people in your life, click here to find out more.


You have more freedom 

You will begin to stop looking at free time as something you need to fill with plans and people and instead recognise it as something that is full of possibility. Gone is the stress of trying jam pack your weekends and rather allow yourself the freedom to spend your time however you please.


Rubies do you have any tips when it comes to learning to love your alone time. X


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