The Top 5 Fashion Trends Over 2022!

Every year comes with new trends. Some are HOT, some are NOT 😬. You can be the judge of that, but we believe that fashion is one of the best ways of self-expression, so we love and appreciate the different styles and trends that are created every season. Here are some of the top trends we have identified for 2022:


There is power in a suit! Suits for women are on the rise again. Suits were a classic trend in the 80’s, but now they have come back with less shoulder pads, but with a little bit more chilled swag😎. Power suits are now preferred loose and with more colour. Here are some examples of ladies SLAYING their power suits. YOU GO GIRLS! 😍



Sustainable wear includes repeating and choosing vintage and pre-loved clothing, as well as supporting local ethical brands. A big part of sustainable wear stems from fashion brands that use recyclable textiles. Recycling textiles is a big contribution to moving towards a more sustainable world, as it decreases waste in the fashion industry. In the long run, recyclable textiles could transform the fashion industry into a circular economy, making it much more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Sustainable fashion is growing so much and we can’t wait to see how it continues to grow in the future.


Piled on pearls, vibrant chunky earrings, gold jewellery, rings, crafty beads and even body jewellery like belly chains and anklets have proven to be a growing fashion trend in 2022. People are more fearless to play around with their accessories, and are always trying new ways to dress their jewellery. Here are some of the cool ways people have styled their accessories. 💋


Cardigans are back and even better! They have become the new ‘jackets’ in many people’s closets. Cardigans are no longer seen as the boring items worn by matured adults; they are now seen as a fun piece to add to an outfit. Whether it’s hot, or cold, we are certain there is a way for you to rock a cardigan! Look at some of our inspiration below. 🥰



When you think of wide-leg pants, what comes to mind? When we first think of wide-leg pants, the ’70s or early 2000’s come to mind. For some other people, hippies and a beachy style comes to mind, but for the past few years, this flattering and fun trend has made a major comeback for every day, an evening out and even work-wear fashion. Here are some of the ways wide-leg pants can be styled:

There you have it, our top 5 fashion trends for 2022. Do you think they are HOT or NOT? Let us know in the comments below💋

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105 thoughts on “The Top 5 Fashion Trends Over 2022!

  1. Patience T. says:

    This fashion trends are 100% hot, I have no fashion sense but I definitely can tell when someone looks good… You feel good when you look good,you will even have so much confidence in yourself. Just realised that it’s not about the money you have but how you can put everything together that really suit your body. I’m a lover of cardigans, easy to wear them with anything and still look so good

  2. Kathy W. says:

    These trends are definitely HOT! I am currently obsessed with wide leg pants😍..I also like incorporating cardigans in my looks and I definitely want to hop in on the power suits looks..

  3. Sheron Penlope D. says:

    I have been wanting the power suit for a while but the ones I want have been soo expensive and couldn’t afford them. Even wanted a nice blazer it really does up your look especially when going to work. Don’t really like the wide leg pants, not really for me. I have always loved the cardigans and love the colour selected in the pics plus especially now that the weather is so crap, its ideal to have a cardigan in your wardrobe. Loved reading this article and will be slaying these looks soon

  4. Chane W. says:

    I am so inspired by this beautiful pictures in this article. I can’t wait to try out all of these designs and different textures and colours. So so amazing. Thanks rubybox for this informative article and great ideas. Let’s go out there and try it out ladies

    • Nthabiseng M. says:

      The power suit definitely does it for me,I love making statements,I love the boss look and also the fact that a suit can never go out of fashion,You can style it in so many ways.