The Pits – 5 Easy Ways to Manage or Avoid Underarm Irritation from Shaving 

The Pits – 5 Easy Ways to Manage or Avoid Underarm Irritation from Shaving 

 Itchy, dry, and irritated underarms are a can be caused by many factors including shaving.  

Our underarms have delicate skin that is more prone to reacting after shaving, which can cause a bumpy or a sensitive armpit rash.  

Luckily, with just a few steps, you should get them back to beautiful so you can bare them with confidence! Here are the 5 ways you can handle or avoid underarm irritation from shaving:  


Showering before shaving helps you minimise the damage that can be done by shaving dry armpits. Spending a few minutes under the shower and thoroughly dampening the underarm area softens and raises the underarm hair, making it easier to shave without catching or cutting the skin.  


We know right, who would’ve thought the direction of shaving would make such a huge difference?  

Well, it does. You must always try to shave in the direction of hair growth. This means that you must stroke the razor from the root to the tip of the hair. This causes less friction and disturbance to the skin, so you are less likely to provoke your skin to break out into a rash or have any sort of irritation.  


Sometimes your armpits are not strong enough to handle deodorants with alcohol or any harsh properties. If your armpits are more sensitive, try using a non-irritant deodorant that’s specifically designed to be mild on skin as well as being able to revitalise your skin if it has been damaged.  

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Using the right deodorant is a great tool against inflamed ingrown hairs. The active ingredients in the deodorant will help you soothe the skin, whilst killing the bacteria that may potentially cause any irritation or infections.  


If your pits are still in the pits after attempting these tips, please see a medical professional to make sure that everything is okay. Many rashes are harmless, but some can be symptoms of conditions like psoriasis, which may need medical advice. 

And there you have it beautiful! We sure hope our tips will help get your pits out of the pits. 

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60 thoughts on “The Pits – 5 Easy Ways to Manage or Avoid Underarm Irritation from Shaving 

  1. Natasha S. says:

    I definately found these tips helpful! I have surely learnt this the hard way with sore irritated underarms so I always make sure I have a good shower and to shave in the right direction. I then tried everything on the market and came to realise Dove was the only non-irritant deodorant which works perfectly for me so I have been using it for years now. I would LOVE to try the NEW Dove Go Fresh Anti-Perspirant Deodorant and am convinced it is just as good😉

  2. Thembekile m. says:

    Thank u for the tips. I found them very helpful there is this one brand that used to damage my pits very badly whenever I used it my pits would painful and raw due to the too much alcohol in deodorant.

  3. Annah teto R. says:

    I usually shave before showering and after taking a shower I put Vaseline on before I use my deodorant to avoid skin irritation, but now I know how to do it properly thank you rubybox for the great article.