The Most Attractive Scents

Scents can be incredibly powerful things. Not only can they make you feel confident and become an integral part of your identity, but they can create an impression and help you to stick in somebody’s mind potentially forever as scents are strongly connected to memory recall.

We all know that when we smell a nice scent on somebody, it can be really attractive. There are definitely certain scents that will make you alluring and could even potentially bag you a partner if you manage to entice them with a nice fragrance.

We all have our natural scents. Our bodies release pheromones, which are chemicals that  give off a smell that will stick subconsciously in the minds of others. They play an essential role in attraction.

You can enhance your natural pheromones by using fragrances. Everybody has a certain perfume that’s just right for them, even if you haven’t found it yet. Fragrance can really capture your personality in scent, and contributes to your aesthetic which is one of the first things that others will notice. Consider whether you prefer lighter, more floral scents or deeper and spicier smells. You’ll often be able to find perfumes that layer both. You’re a multi-faceted woman, so why shouldn’t your perfume be too?

Here are 10 scents to make you even more enticing and confident than you already naturally are!


This delicate floral scent has been called the “perfume of love” – can’t get any better than that! Jasmine is one of the most powerful and varied scents, with over 43 different types.


Roses have been a symbol of love for literally centuries, so it only makes sense that we’d make a psychological link between their smell and attraction. Since it’s a relaxant, it’ll soothe both you and the others around you to make you super approachable.


This sweet scent can be pulled off by anyone and is a very common ingredient in many perfumes. It’s a nostalgic smell for most people, which makes it relaxing and comforting.


This spicy smelling root has been proven to be particularly effective on men. It’s often used in aromatherapy and has many therapeutic benefits, making it enticing.


Smooth and woody, this highly stimulating smell is proven to boost your mood and energy levels. Perfect for someone who wants to be the life of the party!


We’ve all heard of the therapeutic benefits of lavender by now. Not only will you feel comfortable and relaxed while wearing the gentle scent, but you’ll make friends and potential partners feel the same. Great for a relaxing evening in.


This invigorating scent is used as a herbal stimulant that increases energy levels, making it perfect for mornings and use at the office.


The antioxidants in this fragrance provide a warm freshness that’s reminiscent of a sunny summer’s day. It’s sure to boost mood and even induce pleasant nostalgia.


Another beautiful floral scent, lily is perfect for connecting to your femininity. Light and not overwhelmingly sweet, it’s the perfect spring or summer scent but can be used in combinations to make it work all year.


A bold and spicy oriental scent, cinnamon is said to improve mood and energise. Commonly used in cooking, this is another scent that’s nostalgic and comforting for many.

Perfumes are an amazingly effective tool to assist you in connecting to your femininity and presenting yourself unapologetically as you are to the world. Being a woman is a powerful thing, and we should never be ashamed to show it! Using scents to highlight how layered, interesting and beautiful you are is just another tool to help boost your confidence and proudly announce who you are to others.

La Vie Eau de Parfum is a perfume designed for women that are not afraid to embrace who they truly are.

This perfume exudes confidence and believes that each women’s unique femininity is their confidence. While wearing La Vie Eau de Parfum you are encouraged to be truly you and indulge in playful spontaneity because life is a celebration. With warm oriental vanilla scents, you’ll have everyone turning heads when you walk past.

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97 thoughts on “The Most Attractive Scents

  1. Wendy P. says:

    I definitely agree that certain scents are very evocative. For example, the birth of my first child was long and traumatic and I could never wear Red Door without the memories of it all flooding back in. I now prefer a light, fresh fragrance. #RubyBox

  2. Bukeka M. says:

    I would really try the Jasmine delicate floral scent that’s called the “perfume of love” as I go completely all in where I love.
    This has been an informative article about different scents I’ve grasped so much and will know when to use which

  3. Natasha S. says:

    Agreed that scents are strongly connected to a memory that happens to me over and over again. Citrus is my kind of go to scent the fact it reminds one of a sunny summers day is why I Love it so much. Great launch price for La Vie Eau de Parfum definitely a must try then. Like I mentioned before I never leave the house without Pazzazing myself with a few shots of my favourite perfume, it is part and parcel of one’s outfit. I am enjoying all your reading material Rubybox keep up the great work! #Thank You Rubybox Loving the tips and looking forward to the next article! ☺